Phantom Forces supports respective commands that can be typed into the old world chat. They always begin with a forwards slash /, and arguments are delimited by colons :. Where multiple optional arguments exist, these can be ignored by typing nothing, then adding another colon. For model, using the “ function ” command, let ‘s assume the player wants to have a customs score restrict without specifying a time terminus ad quem : /map:Production:Desert Storm:tdm::20 This command would start a round of Team Deathmatch on the current version of Desert Storm with the default option time limit and a score restrict of 20 kills. Please note that staff members may be given these permissions globally. however, staff commands will not be covered in this article.

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none of these commands are for players to abuse, particularly the kick control, as false votekicks can be extremely irritating for the musician on the experience end .

Global Commands

The surveil commands can be used by anyone, anywhere .


report players for cheating/exploiting. Do not use this for players who are being toxic in chat–use the Roblox report creature for this. /report:player:reason:evidence

  • player
    The player you are reporting. They must be in the server if you only want to type a partial name.
  • reason
    A short summary of what that player is doing.
  • attest
    Any evidence you have of the player’s actions, such as links, videos or links to screenshots.


Scale the game ‘s GUI to be smaller, larger or even disable it. A value of 1 will reset the scale back to normal. For larger screens such as HiDPI or 4k panels, use a larger value like 1.5. /uiscale:number

  • count
    A number that is zero or greater.


Start a vote to kick a actor from the server. They will be ineffective to join if the vote-kick is successful. There is a cool-down between vote-kick attempts regardless of which player started it. /votekick:player:reason

  • player
    The player you are trying to vote-kick.
  • reason
    A reason for why you want to vote-kick that player.

Private Server Commands

These commands can alone be used by players who are in private servers .


Returns a foliate list of the available map databases. This arrangement separates old versions of maps from newer ones. /databases:pagenumber

  • pagenumber
    The page you are trying to access.


Returns a foliate list of the maps that can be switched to. This includes certain bequest maps and Call of Robloxia maps. The format is paginated, so increase or decrement the number to look through the respective pages of maps. /maps:database:page

  • database

    Read more : Smoked Pork Shoulder

    The database you wish to look through.

  • page
    The page of maps you are trying to access.


Returns a foliate tilt of the gamemodes presently in Phantom Forces. It is recommended that you use this to figure out how to select a gamemode, as some gamemodes have shorthand while others do not. /modes:pagenumber

  • pagenumber
    The page of modes you are trying to access.


Switch teams. It ‘s equally childlike as that. This command supports partial names, so you can type phosphorus for Phantoms and guanine for Ghosts. /switch:team

  • team
    The name of the team to join.


Returns maps which contain a match of the substring from all function databases with a optional page iterator for many results /search:mapname:page

  • mapname
    The name of the map to search

Private Server Owner Commands

These commands can only be used by players who are in secret servers and are the owner of that individual server .


Kick a actor and prevent them from rejoining until the server shuts down. This command has the same effect that vote-kicking does, good without the procedure of voting to kick person. /hardkick:player

  • player
    The player you want to hard kick from your server.


Kick a actor out of the server. They can rejoin after they have been kicked. /kick:player

  • player
    The player you want to kick from your server.


An all-in-one command to tell the plot which map to switch to and which gamemode to play. /map:database:mapname:gamemode:time:score

  • database
    The database that the game should search for the requested map in. It must be the exact name of the database. You may wish to use /databases to get the exact name.
  • mapname

    The name of the map that you wish to switch to. It must be the exact name of the map. You may wish to use /maps to get the exact name.

  • gamemode
    The name of the gamemode that you wish to play. It must be the exact name of the gamemode. You may wish to use /modes to get the exact name.
  • time
    This field is optional.
    Accepts a number.
    The round time, in minutes, that the round will run for.
  • score
    This field is optional.
    Accepts a number.
    Sets the score limit for the round. For example, setting score to 250 in Flare Domination means a team must earn a total of 250 points. This also controls Gun Game’s gun count.
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