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Learn how to use turmeric in cooking, baking or as a accessory ! We talk about what turmeric is, why turmeric is healthy, and how much turmeric to take and more !
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Turmeric has become a major health tendency in the past few years, but I think a distribute of people still are n’t indisputable what to do with it. We chiefly see the classical turmeric lattes, or have turmeric in our vitamin/supplement everyday, but turmeric has been used for thousands of years as a spice.

The turmeric that we ‘re familiar with – the bright yellow powder – is made from the settle of the turmeric plant. The plant is in the lapp family as ginger and is native to India and Southeast Asia. The roots are harvested, dried and then prime into a powder which is then used in cook .
traditionally, turmeric is found in these cuisines : indian, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and tied some african countries. But as I said, it ‘s become ace trendy over here after people started learning more about the health benefits of turmeric, and it has now pretty much found its direction into everything .
sol today ‘s post is all about how to use turmeric – not good as a caffe latte, but in your casual cooking. It ‘s an perplex spiciness, with capital season and tons of different applications !

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What are the Health Benefits of Turmeric?

The main reason why turmeric has become so popular in the by few years is because of the health benefits. Turmeric has a specific colonial inside called curcumin which has been said to fight ignition. It ‘s said to help reduce ignition all over the body, including joints, digestive system and more .
I fully believe that turmeric can help with excitement, however, there have been many clinical trials and studies done that ca n’t prove it one or the early. My see is this : since it ‘s a naturally derived fabric and has been used for thousands of years, it ‘s probably not going to hurt !
You ‘ll probably notice that turmeric is now sold a million unlike ways : in capsule shape, as a drink in mix, as a chewable vitamin. There are tied pet supplements immediately with turmeric !
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What Foods Taste Best With Turmeric?

In terms of cooking, turmeric does have a fairly impregnable flavor and I think a little can go a long room. That being said, there are therefore many ways to use it !
late on in this post, I ‘m giving you 7 examples of how to use turmeric in your fudge and bake, but I chiefly use turmeric in things like soups, stews, curries, indian inspired meals, and turmeric lattes if I ‘m feeling it .
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Other Common Turmeric Questions

How much Turmeric Should You Take in a Day?
How a lot turmeric you should take in a day kind of depends on what you ‘re going for. I ‘d say that around 1/2 a teaspoon per day is wholly fine. And 1/2 a teaspoon is easy to get into reasonably much any recipe ! No necessitate to take a pill or vitamin when you can fair as easily add it to your food .
How is Turmeric Best Absorbed?
To activate the beneficial compound in turmeric – curcumin – it ‘s said that it ‘s best absorbed with black capsicum. Again, I do n’t think this has been scientifically prove, but all you need to do is add good a equal of black pepper to your recipe. even if you ‘re making something dessert, the pepper will help with assimilation and I actually find it adds to the spirit adenine well !
Where do you Buy Turmeric?
That ‘s easy ! You can buy turmeric at most major supermarkets. I personally like this one from Simply Organic spices because it comes in a glass jar, is responsibly sourced and is organic !

How to Use Turmeric in Your Kitchen

Alright, so now that you ‘re basically a turmeric adept, let ‘s talk about how to use turmeric in your everyday biography. As I said, you can wholly take a addendum, but I think adding it to your food is the way to go. I ‘ve got 7 unlike ways to use turmeric, but keep in mind, there are a million more possibilities !

Creamy Coconut & Turmeric Wild Rice Soup

1. Soup

My favorite way to use turmeric is in soup. I add it to tons and tons of my soups, but I specially think it pairs well with anything coconut flavored. If you ‘re making a soup with a coconut milk base, I highly recommend adding some turmeric to the desegregate !
Soup recipes with turmeric:

2. Curry

Since turmeric is traditionally used in indian and south asian cuisine, it pairs extremely well with curries. Whether you ‘re going for an indian style curry or a more Asian-inspired dress, turmeric is ( and should be ) one of the spices. sometimes I besides like to add newly grated turmeric root to my curries – it adds a different, bright spirit !
Curry recipes with turmeric:
Turmeric Overnight Quinoa

3. Oatmeal

If you want to see how to use turmeric in something early than a savory smasher, try adding it to your oatmeal in the good morning ! Whether you ‘re making nightlong oats or a warm oatmeal bowl, turmeric can be a bang-up addition. I like to pair it with coconut milk ( or yogurt ), maple syrup and sometimes some orange zest !
Oatmeal recipes that use turmeric:

4. Eggs

not an oatmeal sports fan ? How about adding some turmeric to your eggs ! If you ‘re making scrambled eggs, a frittata or even scrambled bean curd, turmeric can be a great addition. It will make the coloring material actually toss off and I do n’t find that you can flush truly taste it. It works specially well with scrambled bean curd as it makes them look like scrambled eggs !
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5. Dressing

Fifth on our list is dressing. I love, love, LOVE adding turmeric to my dressings. It can be anything from a creamy tahini dressing to a sweet oil-based dress, turmeric works amazingly well. I find that it pairs truly nicely with tahini – my fave – and it ‘s an about casual accession to my salad dressings !
Salad dressing recipes that use turmeric:
How to make Healthy Energy Balls

6. Sweet Treats

Think turmeric is only for breakfast and lunch/dinner ? Think again ! Turmeric can besides wholly be used in baking and gratifying treats. I do n’t personally have that many turmeric inspired dessert recipes on the blog, but I ‘ve seen everything from turmeric granola, golden muffins, healthy cookies and more !
Dessert recipes that use turmeric:

7. Golden Milk

And last, golden milk ! Golden milk has taken the internet by storm and it ‘s the perfect wind-down swallow. I think you have to in truth like the spirit of turmeric to enjoy a golden caffe latte, so it ‘s not my darling thing in the global, but they ‘re decidedly a dainty, quick drink to cozy up to ! And I want to contribution my recipe for a aureate milk caffe latte with you in case you want to try one for yourself !
Golden Milk Latte Recipe

  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon cardamom
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup/honey
  • Crack of black pepper
  • 1/3 cup almond milk (optional)
  • 2 cups hot water

Add all the caffe latte ingredients into a blender and blend on high until smooth and creamy. Add to a countenance and enjoy it immediately !

Turmeric Latte Recipe

How Do YOU Use Turmeric?

We ‘d love to know if you have any playfulness or favorite ways to use turmeric in your cooking/baking. If you have any recipes you love – or any you ‘d like to see us make – drop them down in the comments !
How to Use Turmeric
How to Use TurmericHow to Use TurmericHow to Use Turmeric

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