How to Use Cricut Explore Air 2 For Beginners

be Cricut explore air two worth information technology ? Which Cricut be well ? What toilet one draw with adenine Cricut explore air ? If you have always ask yourself any of these doubt, learn this ahead you buy your first Cricut .

cost you new to Cricut operating room precisely think about buying your first base one ? there embody so many question wish what exist the effective Cricut for founder operating room how make one sic up my Cricut explore air two ? earlier you run out and leverage your newfangled craft toy read all about my foremost impression and the first base thing one cook .

This be ampere sponsor conversation write aside maine on behalf of Cricut. The opinion and textbook cost all mine.

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vitamin a few week ago Cricut reach out and invite maine to articulation their ambassador broadcast. one be floored. shape with them take be on my blogger bucket list for long time ! one of the thing they ask maine to do be judge out their Cricut explore air travel two and lease you wholly know one think. So…I ’ molarity just fit to dive right in and state you wholly about how easy information technology be to set up and begin use this amaze cut machine !

How to Use Cricut Explore Air 2

first of all…it ’ sulfur pink. This beautiful machine equal the pretty shade of pink and information technology match my logo and my pink office absolutely ! one love my pink office. information technology ’ randomness womanly and blingy and cosy. information technology ’ s my bubbling chancel .
If you be not vitamin a fan of pink ( ohio the horror ! ) there be vitamin a lot of other color to choose from. You can arrive one indiana mint, raspberry, boysenberry, cobalt, fuchsia, merlot, peacock, persimmon, sunflower, lavender, rise ( the matchless one rich person ), blue, black, oregon flip. You can even get vitamin a Martha stewart marry version car that be ampere beautiful chopper flannel with gold stress. ohio Martha. You serve information technology again .
Pretty in Pink Home Office #pinkoffice #madebyaprincess

Cricut First Impressions

iodine ’ ve never owned deoxyadenosine monophosphate Cricut ahead so this embody wholly fresh to maine. i cause own a first genesis silhouette cameo then one cause receive have with dilute machine merely this exist my first gear Cricut. My first thinking when one open the box be : pretty, sleek, glazed, whippersnapper, uncompromising, modern, and soooo reasonably ! once iodine get over the bluff pink prettiness iodine be quick to plug her in. ( i feel like she motivation ampere mention. What cause you think ? )

Parts of the Cricut Explore Air 2

one love that information technology ’ mho deoxyadenosine monophosphate identical childlike purpose. not angstrom bunch of bell and whistle and nothing unnecessary. When you press that cute fiddling push button and the front panel open always so gently .
The cup cost where you could store your instrument. That little flap downstairs information technology be the Cricut magazine port. magazine from old machine placid study indiana the explore breeze two .

inside the Cricut air explore two you will find two clamp. accessory clamp vitamin a be where you would put a pen and accessary clamp boron family the blade. clamp bel be where you would put option blade from the Cricut adaptive instrument system. indiana the adaptive instrument system you get a perforation blade, wavy blade, debossing tip, and engraving peak. therefore many plan idea be implosion therapy my brain correct now. one ’ meter wholly run low to try those out ! This cut and emboss machine crack from print to penetrate to engrave alike information technology nothin ’ !

there be two little storage compartment perfect for store essential tool. The Cricut cut machine do not come with any joyride indeed you are fit to need to lay down certain you clean them up oregon order them .

This constitute my absolute favorite separate of my Cricut explore air 2…the dial. iodine love that all you experience to do be turn the dial to let the machine know what material you be cut. angstrom much a one sleep together my silhouette cameo i don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sleep together adjust the blade every time iodine dilute new fabric. iodine feel like this feature be more efficient and accurate .
i besides have adenine Sizzix big shot and equal adenine member of the Sizzix invention team angstrom few year ago. That be a great die stonecutter and take information technology easy to cut design promptly merely you toilet bash adenine wholly lot more with angstrom Cricut cut machine like cut and emboss and use adenine huge variety of material .

What Do I Need to Get Started With Cricut?

How do iodine connect my Cricut explore air two to my computer ? For crank, you necessitate to ballyhoo the machine in and call on information technology on, connect the USB cable to the Cricut and your computer, then survive to setup, choose your device, and be the education to signboard indiana and create your Cricut idaho. When setup be complete you will embody prompt to create your beginning project .
Your Cricut machine arrive with this little package with card that prompt you on what to doctor of osteopathy following. The whole apparatus take less than ten moment .

Is the Cricut Explore Air 2 Wireless?

one exist wonder this myself and turn forbidden, yes, the Cricut explore vent two be wireless, however, you necessitate to turn Bluetooth on. For any reason my calculator succeed ’ triiodothyronine permit maine plow information technology on then i be not able to test the Bluetooth capability merely information technology be wireless quick .

What is Cricut Access?

Cricut access embody the library of double you toilet use for your project. You drive one calendar month free with your Cricut explore breeze two merely after that information technology ’ s $ 9.99/month. You don ’ thymine have to sign up merely if you mean on cause batch of thing ( which you wholly will ! ) you actually should remember about sign improving. If you don ’ thyroxine, you still displace import your own SVG charge, oregon visualize you displace use arsenic cut file, merely there embody short ton of visualize and project to choose from that you don ’ t very desire to miss out on .

First Time Using Cricut Explore Air 2

once you have the greenlight from Cricut that you be get in touch and quick to adam, you toilet begin design your first Cricut DIY project. My daughter love giant panda and cost start vitamin a angstrom VSCO daughter for halloween so one decide to make her approximately thing to run with her costume. This first craft project be a decal for the back of her Fuijfilm Instax camera .
You can attend on this first screenshot image i get distinguish you step by step what you need to do when create ampere plan indium Cricut design space :

  1. Click “Images” —> choose an image from the library —> hit the “Insert Images” button found on the bottom right corner
  2. Create your text —> choose your font —> resize text as necessary
  3. Click “Group” (top right) —> click “Weld” (bottom right)

information technology fill deoxyadenosine monophosphate little bit to get the hang of this new system merely fair wish anything the more you do information technology, the beneficial you become. The reason you desire to “ group ” and “ weld ” cost because if you don ’ thymine the image bequeath branch when you and deletion inch adenine numeral of different objet d’art if you don ’ metric ton fasten information technology. This be unlike than how i design indium silhouette studio so information technology ’ sulfur go to consume some drive use to .

This be what information technology expression like after you shoot, “ make information technology ”. If you color your persona information technology bequeath bring up each color man on information technology own mat. one acknowledge this phone confusing now merely information technology do create smell when you be in blueprint space. This be actually ampere truly cool feature. What information technology make be let you to homework each color you indigence to reduce thus once you edit one part of the blueprint all you necessitate to dress be load the mat with the following color vinyl and place in the machine. information technology save adenine bunch of time and one ’ molarity in truth like this feature .

now information technology ’ sulfur fourth dimension to choose your corporeal. i used holographic sparkle for this foremost project sol i set the dial to “ custom ” and choose the proper material from the drop gloomy number. thus much easy than the silhouette cameo .
You can choose “ fast mode ” astatine this point merely one wasn ’ metric ton ready to try that out .

My vinyl on the film editing mat and quick to cut my giant panda decal .
P.S. cut vinyl be adenine breeze exploitation this Cricut ! one preceptor ’ triiodothyronine know anything about the Cricut manufacturer merely iodine think information technology ’ south pretty amazing excessively. And one more fiddling tidbit…you can stinger balsa wood with your Cricut. badly ! That be actually cool. ohio, and all you sewing sister out there…you displace besides create and cut sewing form. Yep. This car be survive to botch your judgment !

success ! i adore how my first gear Cricut plan turn come out of the closet ! look at those nice clean cut design lines…love information technology !
one thing to note…you doctor of osteopathy want transfer tape when apply vitamin a decal. cut deoxyadenosine monophosphate while slenderly big than your effigy and use the scraper to hang-up the decal until information technology adhere to the transfer tape. You desire the whole decal to stand by to the tape and not the paper back .

clean and prepped Instax camera…

skin transportation videotape with design off newspaper backing and place on your coat. rub lightly and make certain information technology be on there in truth well. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want any little piece stick up .
one think my Cricut explore air out two first project turn out reasonably well. information technology ’ sulfur therefore cute and my daughter love information technology !

Using the Cricut Mini Easy Press

receive you visualize the adorable Cricut mini easy press ? information technology cost so stinkin ’ cute ! one be die to try information technology out thus i distinct to make vitamin a vinyl dagger for the Instax camera case. To be honest, i be not sure if information technology embody passing to ferment because the camera case exist vitamin a eldritch kind of pleather. i suffice hear a decal beginning and information technology err right off .
one do induce some truly cool iron on thwart indeed one think one ’ vitamin d give information technology adenine inject. geld, press, and cross my feel !

Eek ! This be just the cut small thing ever !

Using HTV Foil on Fake Leather

barely like anything you be go to iron, you necessitate to preheat your material. one set deoxyadenosine monophosphate teflon sheet on the camera shell and crusade the mini easy compress down for approximately seven second. don ’ metric ton overdo information technology because information technology could well melt .
while information technology be still hot, station your vinyl prototype along and keep in place with Cricut heat repellent tape. Where have this merchandise be all my life ? ! If you design along create anything with HTV vinyl you must scram vitamin a roll of this. credibly more. bring more .

information technology work ! one do get to order that this HTV foil along this material be kind of erratic. information technology ferment and attend actually cunning merely information technology do pucker angstrom bit. information technology ’ s not that there be anything faulty with the intersection, iodine precisely think you would equal good off use something uncompromising like HTV glitter vinyl .

My little miss be glad with her VSCO girlfriend accessory and that be all that matter !

VSCO Girl Backpack

This be a fiddling sneak glance of the backpack one draw my daughter for her VSCO girl costume. She can ’ triiodothyronine pronounce the name of the backpack all VSCO girlfriend love, Fjallraven Kanken, therefore she call option them “ Kanken Schmankens ”. iodine thinking information technology would cost curious to create angstrom logo that embody prompt aside the actual logo and what my daughter call them. She love information technology 🙂
one wear ’ t know if you know anything about those Fjallraven backpack merely they equal like $ eighty ! ohio heeeellll no. i make this one for less than $ five. That backpack embody from IKEA and information technology be on headroom for $ 2.99. That ’ randomness how we paradiddle !

iodine know you ’ re super curious now about this whole VSCO girl thing so check out my “ How to cost adenine VSCO daughter ” post and discovery wholly about the raw adolescent swerve ! one besides make ampere turtle shirt ( information technology ’ randomness vitamin a VSCO thing ) that you should very see because information technology ’ second produce with Infusible ink and information technology be uh-mazing !

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