The Only Notion Tutorial you’ll ever need

Looking for a elementary Notion Tutorial that will get you up to speed with this buzz-creating productivity tool ? But you don ’ t have the clock time to watch countless hours of Youtube videos piecing together information ? Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry, here ’ s a accomplished Notion tutorial that you can finish in 10 minutes ( or less ) .
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Why even use Notion?

Getting your shoes fixed at the cobbler is a reasonably straightforward task, easily handled by any disturbance list app. Yet in the viral Buzzfeed part on Millennial Burnout, Anne Helen Petersen struggles to figure out why “ small, aboveboard tasks on my disturbance list felt so impossible. ” My theory : we ’ rhenium suffering from app tire and productivity paralysis ? We ’ re overwhelmed by the bluff bulk of apps out there aimed at making slivers of our lives more productive. But there ’ s a new app in township, one that promises to streamline your disturbance number, note-taking, calendar, kanban, wikis, spreadsheets, and databases into a incorporate chopine : meet Notion .

Why Notion feels complicated at first: Legos without the instructions

My 6 year old is getting truly dependable at Legos and has mastered the 500-piece sets that recreate an integral township. The number of pieces international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate daunting thanks to the across-the-board instructions that come with each put.

notion is like a giant located of lego – by putting the respective components together, you can create a simple tree house or the Eiffel Tower. The use cases are across-the-board, ranging from temper boards, web worth trackers, and personal liveliness dashboards. But there ’ s a catch – open the app and you ’ ra greeted by a blank page. Literally, equitable a flash cursor .
Wait, this is the game-changing app that will enable us to create a corporate wiki, a net worth tracker and adviser splashboard ?
well, you could check out the template gallery to kickstart your workspace. Or you could head to Notion ’ s across-the-board Help and Support section or you could follow along with the tutorial under and build your first project encompassing all of Notion ’ s key features .

Your first Notion Tutorial

We ’ ve created an interactional guide ( think case study ) with two purposes : teaching you how to use each part ( or feature ) while having you build your own Notion workspace so that you can master the Notion app yourself .

1. An introduction to Notion

I ’ ve got a track record of spotting game-changing productivity tools. Omnifocus in 2008. Evernote in 2010. Airtable in 2015. My obsession with productiveness is quite elementary. When I ’ m not organized, I ’ megabyte anxious. And when I ’ molarity anxious, I don ’ triiodothyronine show up for the most crucial parts of my life : my family, my health, and my business. Notion last gave me the pieces to unify all my disparate systems .
Watch Video 1 : introduction ( 1 minute )

2. Notion Tutorial First Steps

Before you get started, make surely you take the following 4 steps :

  • Download the app (iOS and Android)
  • Download the Desktop App (Mac and Windows)
  • Install the Notion Web Clipper
  • Grab your share link (to earn referral credits)

Notion Tutorial: WebclipperThe Notion Clipper lets you add any site to your workspace Watch Video 2 : bring set up ( 1 minute )

3. Navigating the Sidebar and your Workspace

In this video, you ’ ll memorize about the sidebar, on-page navigation, and manipulating blocks. Your left field sidebar will serve as your hub for navigation, acting like a Finder/File Explorer. Your clear sidebar will besides facilitate seafaring with breadcrumbs and search .
Watch Video 3 : Navigating your Workspace ( 2 mins )

4. Understanding Blocks

Moving on to the adjacent separate of this Notion Tutorial : Blocks. Everything is a pulley – text, headers, images, databases, quotes, and early pages. What makes blocks particular is that they ’ rhenium recursive, meaning that a jam ( i.e. a table can be comprised of other pages ) can contain another blocking .
hera ’ s a list of Notion ’ s basic blocks :

  • Text
  • Headers
  • Images
  • Toggle Lists
  • To-do lists
  • Tables
  • Call-outs
  • Embeds (Video, Maps)

Notion Tutorial Blocks Watch Video 4 : It ’ randomness all about blocks ( 1 min )

5. Understanding how “Pages” work

Pages are where you aggregate all the blocks listed above and are Notion ’ s equivalent to files. As we ’ ll late see, pages are the core build up blocks of Tables and Databases .
As you write, you can highlight text to add bold, italics, and pre-formatted code. You will besides notice that you can insert a fresh obstruct by simply typing the “/” command.
Watch video recording 5 : How pages work ( 2 mins )

6. Notion’s File System

Notion combines a traditional hierarchical file social organization with the hyperlinked structure of the web. The cool share is that if you move pages ( i.e. files ) around, the hyperlinking adjusts automatically. The easiest place to look at your file social organization is via the leave sidebar ( while expanding the toggles ). You can besides move any block into another page by right-clicking the block and choose “move to.”
Watch video 6 : How files work ( 2 mins )

7. The Versatility of Pages

Pages are more than merely collections of words and headers. They can include all types of embeds, dividers, files, pictures, disturbance lists. You can besides drag-and-drop any block to move them approximately or create columns .
Watch television 7 : The versatility of pages ( 3 mins )

8. The Magic of Toggles

Toggles are a simple but new and innovative manner to organize your think and one of Notion’s most powerful (yet under-appreciated) features. here are a few ways toggles can improve your think and work flow :

  • Prioritize/de-prioritize text
  • Visualize ideas as you go from draft to final
  • Interact with your reader (i.e. FAQs)

Watch television 8 : The magic of toggles ( 4 mins )

9. A Wonderful User Experience

The app is beautifully designed like the iPhone. little finishes go a retentive way in inspiring your creativity, boosting shareability, while getting out of your manner so that you can create your best work .
Watch video 9 : A delightful UX ( 3 mins )

10. Sharing is caring

Sharing documents is blank and crisp. Your friends will think you ’ re a secret network architect
Watch television 10 : sharing is caring ( 2 mins )

11. Notion Tutorial: Finally understand tables

Tables are like Google Sheets on frigging steroids. They ’ ra crafty to learn, but help you structure, visualize, and organize your data. ( here ’ s how a Tiger King uses tables. )
here are some of the data types you can use in tables :

  • Links
  • Emails
  • Numbers
  • Check boxes
  • Single-select tags
  • Multi-select tags
  • Images
  • Formulas (here’s our complete reference)
  • Files

Watch video recording 11 : initiation to tables ( 5 minutes )
If you want to see the world power of Notion ’ south tables in action, check out our GTD video ( queued to 15:26 ) :

12. Manipulating Tables with “Views”

As if tables weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate well enough, you can take the data and deliver it in different views while applying sorting and filtering. ( here ’ s an example of how you can use Notion to recreate Evernote using views. )
Notion Tutorial: Views Watch Video 12 : table views ( 2 mins )

13. Using the Web Clipper

We made it to the end ! here ’ s a bonus video recording on taking any vane page and importing its full contents ( including all textbook, images and formatting ) into any postpone of your option .
You could take this exercise and create an algorithmic Pocket/Instapaper that surfaces up relevant understand notes .

Watch Video 13 : Using the web limiter ( 6 mins )

Next step…

If this was your beginning meter learning about Notion, congratulations on making it this far ! I hope this guide has fueled your excitement for productiveness with Notion .
next hold on on your travel is to learn how to take note taking to a newfangled degree with Notion. Or if you plan on using Notion professionally, check out our Ultimate Guide to Notion For Business .
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