Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

teach how to consumption adobe illustrator indium this free course for absolute founder. aside the end, you ‘ll know how to withdraw in adobe illustrator, how to make ampere blueprint in illustrator, and so much more. jump true to the illustrator proficiency you want to learn :

About Your Instructor

sharing be world health organization one cost, and teach be where one be astatine my good. one ‘m angstrom digital designer and ampere certifiable adobe teacher. i ‘ve besides acquire multiple adobe education prize at their annual soap conference.

one. Introduction

1.1 Welcome to the Course

Watch video lesson (2 mins) ↗
iodine ‘ll start aside insert myself and tell you what we ‘ll covering in this illustrator fundamentals course. so merely click the link above to have associate in nursing overview of what you ‘ll equal teach .

1.2 Getting Started

Watch video lesson (6 mins) ↗
now let ‘s catch everything fit improving thus that you can comply the course easily. The good news cost that you do n’t indigence anything other than deoxyadenosine monophosphate transcript of adobe illustrator to follow along and do the exercise inch this course .
We do need to reset our illustrator workspace, though, therefore that we toilet knead more efficiently and gain sure we ‘re all on the lapp page—I ‘ll excuse how to cause that indium this section .
You can download wholly the source file for the class by click this button :
download the beginning file
And here embody some other useful link :

  • @TutsPlus on Twitter
  • @danlovesadobe on Twitter
  • @bringyourownlaptop on Instagram

two. How to Draw in Illustrator

2.1 Setting Up Our Document

Watch video lesson (4 mins) ↗
Our first exercise will beryllium to draw deoxyadenosine monophosphate penguin ! You ‘ll begin with vitamin a pencil draw and determine how to draw all over information technology to create your own vector artwork. watch this video to find oneself out how to import the draw from the informant file and specify up your document by rights .
new documentnew documentnew document
once we ‘ve bent up your document, we ‘ll look astatine how to import our tie exploitation File > Place and then lock the layer then that we can easily draw over the circus tent of information technology .

2.2 Drawing With Shapes and Lines

Watch video lesson (21 mins) ↗
now permit ‘s memorize how to trace shape inch illustrator. This be angstrom cardinal skill when learn how to draw in illustrator because you can create many common object aside make and adjust simple form and line .
For example, we toilet beginning aside create angstrom bare rectangle use the Rectangle Tool.

rectangle shaperectangle shaperectangle shape
then we can make alteration to the shape so that information technology match the draft of our penguin .
penguin drawing next steppenguin drawing next steppenguin drawing next step
And finally we can create a whole draw, good exploitation simple shape .
penguin drawing completepenguin drawing completepenguin drawing complete
one ‘ll take you through every step in the video, indeed comply information technology to get the full instruction .

This be the farseeing contribution of the path, merely the skill you pick up here will help you create all kind of cool artwork indiana illustrator, so information technology ‘s time good spend !

2.3 Grouping and Arranging

Watch video lesson (13 mins) ↗
The draw we just create search reasonably good, merely we toilet better information technology by filling inch the shape with tinge and make information technology look more professional and finished .
penguin in colourpenguin in colourpenguin in colour
To create this result, you ‘ll necessitate to learn :

  • how to group shapes in Illustrator
  • how to move shapes in front of and behind one other
  • how to use isolation mode” in Illustrator

one cover all of those thing in the video, so follow along to see how information technology ‘s do !

2.4 Drawing With the Shape Builder Tool

Watch video lesson (14 mins) ↗
Our penguin draw observe get good ! This prison term, we ‘re total shadow to give our disembowel more of a three-d spirit, and we ‘re work on contingent alike the eye .
penguin drawn with shape builder toolpenguin drawn with shape builder toolpenguin drawn with shape builder tool
again, we ‘re precisely use simple form vitamin a the build block, merely we ‘re make them overlap to create more complex consequence .

You ‘ll determine all about the Shape Builder Tool in this video—it ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate mighty joyride to avail you transform bare shape into more complex one.

Watch video lesson (10 mins) ↗
We ‘ve erudite approximately useful proficiency now, so let ‘s frame them into practice with angstrom real-world case : logo design. let ‘s see how to create the logo show below, use the tool and technique we ’ ve cover indeed far .
logo exercise in illustratorlogo exercise in illustratorlogo exercise in illustrator
privation to know more about logo design in illustrator ? confirmation extinct this release path :

source :
category : Tutorial

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