Ginger, Garlic, and Honey For Erectile Dysfunction: Do They Work?

The most park treatments for erectile dysfunction ( ED ) include prescription ED medication, vacuum pumps, and even prosthetic operating room, all demonstrated to work for a majority of men .
But some guys want alternatives, and a few natural remedies for ED may be at least slightly effective .
Among these natural remedies are ginger, garlic, and honey. Do they work for ED ?

Ginger, Garlic, and Honey Benefits 

The assortment of ginger, garlic, and honey may be helpful in a assortment of ailments, and supporters claim it can improve overall wellbeing.

Allicin, one of the active substances in impertinently crushed garlic, has antimicrobial properties. An antimicrobial is an agent that works to kill microorganisms or to stop their increase. Antibiotics are used to fight bacteria ; antifungals are used to fight fungi ; and antimicrobials are used to fight microorganisms. Ginger, another disinfectant, besides contains several constituents that have antibacterial and antifungal effects. Alongside antibacterial activeness, honey besides exhibits strong antioxidant activity .
While each of these ingredients have their own properties and potential health benefits, a combination of these three ingredients gets credit rating in the natural health world as a compel option for respective issues when taken regularly .
checkup conditions or situations in which these ingredients are regularly implemented in alternate or integrative music include :


For some people, ginger may be helpful in managing the effects of cancer treatment. Patients have reported that it can help to reduce the nausea and vomit that play along chemotherapy treatments, and combined with honey it has been known anecdotally to reduce side effects more broadly. This impression is believed to be due to the action of antioxidant enzymes found in both ingredients .

High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease 

Ginger tea mix with honey may be able to ease tension and improve cardiovascular function, which can lead to a reduction in rake pressure and lower the hazard for atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Taking garlic in excessive amounts may cause an increase center rate and lineage pressure, so it ’ s not typically used to treat these particular issues .

Stomach Ulcers And Indigestion 

Stomach ulcers, indigestion, and respective digestive problems may be ameliorated with a ginger and beloved tonic or syrup. If the concoction doesn ’ thymine incorporate garlic, the effect will be more soothe than anti-inflammatory. This remedy is typically given to children to help soothe an annoyed abdomen but may be effective in adults american samoa well .

Weight Loss 

Ginger and garlic are believed to be helpful in weight loss. They are sometimes taken to support intestine concentration or health, stimulate digestion, and boost metamorphosis. In addition, ginger contains a particular form of caffeine that may help with digestion and suppress appetite, making person feel more fully and helping to reduce the urge to overeat. Ginger can besides increase consistency temperature .

Recipe For A Ginger, Garlic, and Honey Mixture

This particular mix is easy to prepare and can be tweaked to fit the hope results, as each ingredient is intended to provide a unlike health boost. Ingredients are available at most grocery stores, and include :

  • water : 200 milliliter
  • Garlic : 20 cloves
  • ginger : 2 medium-length roots
  • honey : 4 tablespoons
  • Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar are optional
  1. Peel and grate the ginger rout
  2. Crush the garlic gloves .
  3. Mix strong water, beloved, and lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in a bowl .
  4. Add the pep and garlic .
  5. Blend this mix in a blender or food processor until thoroughly assorted and finely blended .
  6. Pour the remedy into a methamphetamine jar and refrigerate .

This remedy can be taken day by day by spoon or can be held in the electric refrigerator

Can This Mixture Treat Erectile Dysfunction? 

A mixture containing these ingredients may have a convinced impact on erectile function symptoms.

Ginger appears to be effective at increasing the stream of blood ; honey is a know aphrodisiac that may enhance the potential of ginger ; and garlic may help dilate blood vessels along with increasing blood menstruate .
For these reasons, a combination of these natural ingredients may be able to improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction ; however, there has been no substantial scientific research to support this claim. Extensive research on this particular use for honey, ginger, and garlic has not been done, and we ca n’t say conclusively that this concoction will help .
At best, a natural rectify such as this has the electric potential to aid with symptoms, but most healthcare professionals will probably recommend tried-and-true treatments like Viagra, Cialis and elementary life style changes first gear .

Other Natural Remedies for ED That May Help 

other natural ingredients may aid in alleviating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Some of these admit :


Dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, is a natural hormone produced by your adrenal gland glands. It can be converted into either estrogen or testosterone in the torso. Scientists create the dietary addendum from fantastic yams and soy .
The Massachusetts male aging learn found that men with erectile dysfunction were more probably to have low levels of DHEA. In 2009, another cogitation of 40 men experiencing erectile dysfunction. half of them received 50 milligram of DHEA and the early half received a placebo day by day over the course of six months. Those that received the DHEA were more likely to achieve and maintain an erection at the end of the report .


L-arginine is an amino acidic that is naturally present in the body. It helps the torso create azotic oxide, which relaxes blood vessels in regulate to facilitate a successful erection and is an essential separate of healthy sexual function .
One study on the effects of L-arginine found that 31 % of men experiencing erectile dysfunction that took 5 grams of L-arginine daily experienced a significant improvement in intimate routine. Another report showed that when L-arginine was combined with Pycnogenol, a plant product made from pine bark, 80 % of participants had restored sexual ability after two months. After three months the number rose to 92 % .

Panax Ginseng 

sometimes referred to as the herbal Viagra, panax ginseng ( crimson ginseng ) has some pretty solid research behind it .
In 2008, a review of seven studies found that doses ranging from 600 to 1,000 milligrams taken three times daily could be effective at helping to improve erectile dysfunction. Panax ginseng seems to be the most effective for individuals with high lipids and metabolic syndrome .
The herb is long-familiar to have anti-inflammatory actions, supporting lung serve and possibly blood flow. All of these characteristics can be helpful in reducing the effects of erectile dysfunction .

Rhodiola Rosea 

A small learn found that rhodiola rosea may be helpful for improving erectile dysfunction. 26 of the 35 participants were given between 150 and 200 milligram of rhodiola rosea over the course of three months. They claimed to have experienced well improved sexual function. While the herb has been shown to improve energy and reduce fatigue, more studies are needed to understand its demand benefits in treating erectile dysfunction .

The Takeaway

Ginger, garlic, and honey get credit for several health benefits. These natural ingredients have the potential to help ease some symptoms and physiological pathways related to erectile dysfunction; however, the scientific research is not conclusive that this mixture helps ED.
There are plenty of lifelike remedies that have the likely to help with erectile dysfunction, but many are n’t potent enough to make a meaningful remainder. importantly, erectile dysfunction can be caused by many implicit in checkup conditions that should be evaluated by a medical professional. With proper treatment of underlying conditions, the symptoms of ED can be reduced .
While using these natural remedies for ED may help, effective prescription ED medications are now easier to access than always. With an on-line consultation and blessing, a Rex MD clinician can prescribe the right med for you, all done from home and sent to your door, if prescribed .
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