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How to Use Hashtags on Instagram header graphic. Wondering how to use hashtags on Instagram? Trying to make sense of conflicting information ? here ’ s all you need to know about :

  • What are Instagram hashtags?
  • How many hashtags to use on Instagram.
  • Using Instagram hashtags in comments, caption, and after posting.
  • The most popular Instagram hashtags.
  • The best Instagram hashtags for likes.
  • Banned Instagram hashtags.
  • And exactly how to post Instagram hashtags.

Plus then much more, for # InstaSuccess !

What are Instagram hashtags?

You know that ram ( # ) polarity on your keyboard ? Just add it before a son and voila, you have a hashtag ! Like # HashtagTips 😉 A hashtag is a word or a group of words preceded by a pound (#) sign, which is used to categorize and find conversations around a particular topic or trend. On Instagram ampere well as Twitter ( where hashtags started ), Facebook, LinkedIn and early social networks, hashtags become a link to a collection of early content marked with the same hashtag. So it ’ s an easy room for people to find the kind of contented they ’ ra matter to in. Hashtags serve an extra purpose on Instagram – users can actually “ postdate ” hashtags to see some of that content show up in their feed. Hashtags besides help Instagram understand what your content is approximately, so they can recommend it to users who ’ d be interest in it. These 3 features are why you should use relevant hashtags – you want your content in front of people who will care about it, give it a like, and possibly even follow your history .

How do I add hashtags on Instagram?

When you write an Instagram subtitle, type a hash stigmatize # followed by your keyword or words. As you type, Instagram will fill in some popular suggested hashtags, showing the phone number of posts already using them. If you see one you ’ d like to add, just tap and it ’ ll be added to your post. You can besides add working hashtags to comments, but only on your own posts. More about this subsequently. notice that typing a space or punctuation notice will end the hashtag right there. For exemplify if I type # don ’ tdothis, the hashtag is going to be # don ! Or if I type # instagram marketing, it ’ ll be # instagram. And you don ’ triiodothyronine want that !

How many Instagram hashtags can I use?

Instagram lets you add up to 30 hashtags – but that doesn ’ triiodothyronine beggarly you should. Or should you ? truth is, there ’ s no affirm answer. You can find a cogitation that backs every idea from using 1-3, through to all 30. But here are a few of the exceed studies to help you decide what to try .

Posts by brands have few hashtags

One study from Sprout Social found that the posts by brands that performed best had just 1-3 hashtags in them. Most brands use 2-5, and the success of the mail trails off when using 10 or more. But the visualize was a little unlike when the system of measurement measure was betrothal preferably than reach. hera, using 7-15 hashtags seemed to work best. Posts with 9 scored the highest betrothal per post. Their report did stop at 15 hashtags .

How many followers you have can help decide

Another survey by Social Insider looked at the number of posts and how many followers. They found that :

  • Accounts with under 5K followers did best with 6 hashtags in the caption
  • Accounts with 5-10K following did best with 5 hashtags in the 1st comment
  • Accounts with 10-50K following did best with 2 hashtags in the post
  • Accounts with 50-100K following did best with 8 hashtags in the post
  • Accounts with 100K+ following did best with 6 hashtags in the 1st comment

Test it and see

Confused ? No surprise there, it ’ second clear that flush Instagram doesn ’ metric ton know where the fresh spot is. many bloggers who specialize in Instagram precisely go for the full 30 hashtags because that gives you the most exposure possible .Want the latest? READ How Many Hashtags on Instagram 2022. I cover the latest conflict announcements from IG and how to test the best count for your own account .

Is there a maximum of hashtags on Instagram?

The maximum allowed Instagram hashtags is 30. I recommend you use them all – unless you ’ re felicitous with your follower total and engagement. Want to grow ? Use 30 hashtags ! The maximum allowed Instagram hashtags is 30.

What’s the hack to use 60 hashtags on Instagram?

There used to be a magic trick where you could first post 30 hashtags in a gloss, then go back and edit the photograph subtitle to add 30 more hashtags. Instagram didn ’ triiodothyronine notice the hashtags in the caption edit, so you could efficaciously post a total of 60. They caught on in 2018, though. So the maximum is 30 Instagram hashtags in 2022. And it ’ s plenty !

Should I post Instagram hashtags in comments or caption?

Instagram hashtags may be placed in the photograph or television caption at the time you post. Or, hashtags may be added in a comment ( or respective comments ) after posting. There ’ s no difference to their functionality, so it ’ s your choice. I prefer adding hashtags in comments, as these are promptly buried once you get a few user comments. Starting in 2018, the caption is cut off after 2 light lines of textbook, so caption hashtags don ’ thymine appearance at beginning glance either. however, IGers clicking either the “ More ” chase or the comment picture will see the full caption – including all the hashtags you placed there. If you write an engage subtitle with a call-to-action or interrogate ( please do ! ), people may get distracted by a raft of hashtags and forget to complete your hope action. This is why I recommend Instagram hashtags in comments preferably than captions. Instagram hashtags may be placed in the post caption or a comment.

How to hide hashtags on Instagram

Want your hashtags in the caption ? You can hide them, so they can ’ thyroxine search spammy ! Make them inconspicuous by preceding them with five dashes or periods, each one on a line by itself. NO space after the period or it won ’ thyroxine influence. If you post this in your first gear comment, IGers will fair see [ … ] after your identify in the photograph stream. note : The hashtags are lone invisible in the photograph stream ! If person clicks to read comments, they will see the hashtags. It ’ sulfur easiest to create your hashtag text file in your call ’ second Notes app ( see image below ), and glue it into Instagram. even though there are now ways to add agate line breaks on Instagram, it ’ s a act gawky to use. NOTE: If you ’ re having problems with this trick, it ’ s about always because you have a space at the end of your trace. It ’ s a bizarre and annoying quirk, but Instagram will take out the return if there’s a space at the end of the preceding line. If you ’ re confused on whether to hide hashtags in a comment or caption, and which actually works better, do a rent test ! You can do this manually, or for easier compare, use Tailwind. Tailwind makes setting up either way easy. Schedule your posts, then mechanically publish them to your commercial enterprise account. Try a week each way, then check Tailwind ’ s fabulous analytics to see which worked better for you. Try out Tailwind ’ s Free Forever plan ! No recognition poster required. • • • Try TailWind for Instagram FREE now • • • Disclosure: I ’ m a Tailwind consort, which means I may earn a referral fee if you sign up. how to hide Instagram hashtags.

Can I add hashtags to someone else’s Instagram post?

No. You can ’ t add working hashtags by commenting on any early history than the one you ’ ra signed into. Anyone can comment on person else ’ s post with hashtags, but the other IGer ’ s post won ’ t appear in that hashtag tip. If you see people leaving hashtag comments on others ’ posts, they may be suggesting that the master poster add that hashtag. A little helpful advice, possibly. Or, they may not know. But generally I see these hashtag comments between groups of IG friends who are helping each other get featured on Instagram hub accounts. You can't add working hashtags by commenting on another Instagram account.

What are the most popular hashtags on Instagram for 2022?

With Instagram stressing the importance of relevant hashtags as they pivot towards semantic keyword search, I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate recommend using the most democratic hashtags. They ’ re equitable not helpful. But you want to know what ’ s trending ! so here goes. The most popular hashtags of all time ( according to Later ’ s data ) are :

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #fashion
  5. #beautiful
  6. #like4like
  7. #picoftheday
  8. #art
  9. #happy
  10. #photography
  11. #instagram
  12. #followme
  13. #style
  14. #follow
  15. #instadaily
  16. #travel
  17. #life
  18. #cute
  19. #fitness
  20. #nature

But the top 50 hashtags for 2022 are a bit different. This list is based on custom within the Later app and update November 2021 .

  1. #love
  2. #design
  3. #instagood
  4. #interiordesign
  5. #fashion
  6. #inspiration
  7. #style
  8. #art
  9. #smallbusiness
  10. #shoplocal
  11. #motivation
  12. #foodie
  13. #homedecor
  14. #travel
  15. #halloween
  16. #photography
  17. #beauty
  18. #handmade
  19. #food
  20. #realestate
  21. #health
  22. #wellness
  23. #selfcare
  24. #fitness
  25. #lifestyle
  26. #home
  27. #photooftheday
  28. #shopsmall
  29. #nature
  30. #instafood
  31. #supportlocal
  32. #ootd
  33. #architecture
  34. #skincare
  35. #selflove
  36. #vegan
  37. #luxury
  38. #healthy
  39. #beautiful
  40. #foodporn
  41. #business
  42. #entrepreneur
  43. #linkinbio
  44. #fall
  45. #interior
  46. #foodstagram
  47. #healthylifestyle
  48. #adventure
  49. #homedesign
  50. #delicious

Here are the 10 best Instagram hashtags for likes, according to All Hashtag, an Instagram analytics creature :

  1. # like4like
  2. # liking
  3. # likeall
  4. # likeforlike
  5. # likes4likes
  6. # love
  7. # instagood
  8. # tagblender
  9. # likesforlikes
  10. #ilikeback

actually want more ? here are the 100 top hashtags from 2021: # followforfollow # instagood # likeforlike # instamood # work # photooftheday # manner # f4f # music # instapic # inspiration # black # gymnasium # sunset # bestoftheday # like4like # cunning # landscape # night # pretty # hot # photograph # amazing # fitfam # sun # swag # follow4follow # exercise # happiness # Repost # like # smasher # summer # Beautiful # nyc # blogger # photography # life style # instalike # Halloween # fall # meet # motivation # change of location # blasphemous # followme # TagsForLikes # nofilter # vscocam # TBT # healthy # smile # instagram # girls # artist # fitness # lol # model # design # artwork # instadaily # hair # beach # funny story # cool # pursue # l4l # vsco # london # party # picoftheday # style # goals # foodporn # love # newyork # lavishness # ootd # Home # pink # me # Selfie # life # friends # constitution # nature # health # fall # sky # fun # family # igers # blackandwhite # photographer # food # amazing # female child # happy # fashionblogger however – precisely because these work for the “ average ” score doesn ’ triiodothyronine entail they ’ ll cultivate for yours. I suggest you get a little more creative with your hashtags. Read on… Most popular Instagram hashtags list.

Should I use popular Instagram hashtags?

If you ’ re using 30 hashtags, o, go ahead and make 1 or 2 of those popular ones. This will get you some agile likes. however, most of those will be imposter, bot likes. Yes, automated “ bot ” activity is inactive a trouble on Instagram in 2022. Use popular tags, and you ’ ll likely besides be the target of annoying follow-unfollow bodily process. This is where those rule-breaking IGers use automation to follow accounts they think might follow them binding. If you don ’ thymine follow back, and sometimes even if you do, they ’ ll unfollow you anyhow. Don ’ t take it personally, as it ’ s all automated. No one is making any judgment of your account. Please don’t ever do automated follow-unfollow on Instagram. You risk your report being shadowbanned or even closed.

But back to those crown tags, they may work for likes in the first gear second after you post. Your post will be cursorily buried in the hashtag run. In addition, they ’ re often used by spammers and cursorily get banned ! Using banned hashtags may put you in league with spammers and arouse Instagram ’ s suspicions about your score. Using popular Instagram hashtags can hurt you.

Banned Instagram hashtags 2022

sol now you want to know : which hashtags are banned by Instagram ? unfortunately this is an ever-moving aim. According to :

… the hashtag # happythanksgiving was wholly overrun with spam, so they banned it. From here on out, if you use the hashtag # happythanksgiving, not lone will your capacity most probable not show up for that hashtag, you might besides be flagged for spam. The insistent practice of banned hashtags, leading to multiple flags to your account, could even result in darkness banish or account removal. Of course, in order to avoid these forbid hashtags, you have to know which tags are banned. How is anyone supposed to know that # happythanksgiving is considered “ spam ” ?

There are 3 ways to avoid using banned hashtags:

  1. Don’t use any of the most popular Instagram hashtags.
  2. Research any hashtag before using it.
  3. Use Tailwind Hashtag Finder. NO banned hashtags are ever included.

To research presently banned tags, search for a particular hashtag in the search bar. Click on the hashtag and scroll through the pictures. If you reach an end where a message says the posts are “ presently hidden, ” it ’ s a banned hashtag. Want to save the harass of researching banned tags, and find the best assortment of hashtags for your consultation ? Click to learn more about Tailwind Hashtag Finder for Instagram. Or startle in and try it out ! • • • Try TailWind Instagram Hashtag Finder for FREE • • • Disclosure: I ’ m a Tailwind affiliate, which means I may make a referral fee if you sign up. Avoid using banned Instagram hashtags.

What are the best Instagram hashtags?

I don ’ t recommend popular tags, for the reasons stated above. here ’ s what I do recommend : Use hashtags that are relevant to your niche. Using particular and relevant hashtags helps you connect with people who are looking for precisely what you ’ ra mail. You can find relevant tags by searching your keywords in Instagram, or using a site like Watch what others in your niche are using. See what your peers and influencers are posting on their photos. Check out the related rag Instagram suggests when you tap a tag that ’ south relevant to your contented. Try them if they seem utilitarian ! Be sure your hashtags are active. Check the hashtag feed to see that the tag you ’ ra using are presently being used by others. trace : If you scroll toss off 20 rows and are distillery finding message posted in the last few seconds, that tag is excessively active ! The best Instagram hashtags are relevant to your niche. Stop using the most popular hashtags like reasonably, beautiful, love and like ones. Your post will be buried in that feed within milliseconds. In researching this, I besides discovered a lot of posts in those tags that I don ’ t even want to be seen with ( some I flush felt obligated to report ). If you insist, sprinkle in a few of them, when relevant to your post. not necessarily the ones with 100M ’ sulfur of posts, but one or two over 1M might give you some immediate likes. note : Your message truly needs to be amazing to stand out in a lighting-fast move tag feed ! Create a branded hashtag for your company or a campaign. Check that these tags aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate already being used, particularly in a way you wouldn ’ t approve of ! prompt fans and followers to use your tag, and you ’ ll soon teach fair who your superfans are. Support, promote, and regram them ! Easily find the best Instagram hashtags! Try out Tailwind ! No credit rating batting order required. • • • Try TailWind Instagram Hashtag Finder for FREE • • • Disclosure: I ’ m a Tailwind affiliate, which means I may earn a referral fee if you purchase a plan. Boost use of your brand hashtag.

Can I add hashtags to Instagram after posting?

once upon a time, using hashtags was easy :

  • You posted a bunch with your photo.
  • You came back later, deleted those tags, and added a bunch more.
  • Magically, your post was bumped to the top of those hashtag feeds, regardless of how long it had been since the original post.
  • Your engagement spiked once again.

But Instagram changed all that for us in March 2015. No matter when you add a hashtag to your photo or video, it will appear in that hashtag feed with other photos and videos posted at its original posting time. Or as Instagram says :

Keep in mind that if you add a hashtag to a photograph after it was posted, the photograph will still appear on the hashtag page according to the meter it was originally posted, not the clock time the hashtag was added .

The short answer is yes, you can add hashtags to your own posts after posting. popular hashtags must be added immediately, or your post will never surface in those feeds. If you like, you can delete those later and add niche hashtags in their rate. personally, I think your prison term is better spent on creating new Instagram posts. Adding Instagram hashtags long after posting is ineffective.

Why are my Instagram hashtags not working?

You may be the victim of a shadowban. A shadowban hides your Instagram posts from users who don ’ t trace you, which can be damaging to growing your bill and getting more followers. If you get shadowbanned on Instagram, only you and your current followers will see your post when they search for the hashtags you used. If person who doesn ’ thymine follow your report searches for one of those hashtags, they won ’ t see your post ! This defeats the purpose of using strategic hashtags to grow your Instagram community. I ’ ve evening had readers say they can ’ thyroxine find their own posts in the hashtag feeds ! This could besides be due to shadowban. Or, as IG calls it, “ issues with hashtag search. ” Instagram doesn ’ thymine accommodate there is such a thing, by the way, so preceptor ’ thyroxine expect to get assistant from them. You can use the “ Report a Problem ” feature in your report settings under “ Support. ” I no longer get a answer when I do this, but it can ’ t ache. I would suggest saying “ my post international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine showing in the hashtag feeds ” and not use the give voice “ shadowban. ” Instagram hashtags not working may mean shadowban.

How can I avoid being shadowbanned?

Instagram shadowbanning is sometimes a consequence of spammy demeanor. however, some normal demeanor is besides getting users shadowbanned :

  • Repeated use of the same hashtag group within 24 hours.
  • Using “broken” or banned hashtags.

sometimes a normal, everyday hashtag can be banned. popular tags are frequently used on content that violates IG community guidelines. then Instagram might block the hashtag outright, meaning you can ’ t even search for it on IG, or they ’ ll limit the posts shown in that hashtag feed. With the shadowban, it appears that even if you use a single banned hashtag in your post, Instagram will prevent your position from appearing on any of the hashtags you used ! indeed, you could search each hashtag feed individually for tell that a tag is broken or banned. Don ’ metric ton use those ! OR, just make your life easier by using Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder! It will give you bracing, associate choices so you ’ rhenium not repeating the like hashtag group, and it will entirely suggest tags that are Instagram-approved ! To try Tailwind Hashtag Finder, click here. • • • Try TailWind Instagram Hashtag Finder for FREE • • • Disclosure: I ’ m a Tailwind affiliate, which means I may earn a commission, at no monetary value to you, if you purchase a plan. How to avoid Instagram hashtag shadowban.

How to post Instagram hashtags for best results:

If you insist on using uber-popular hashtags, you MUST post them in your post caption. If you wait even a second to post them in a comment, they ’ re pretty much worthless, as your post will be buried in that hashtag feed the blink of an eye you add it. If you post hashtags in several comments, post the more popular ones first.  Post hashtag comments in the order of how fast the hashtag feeds move ! Niche hashtags CAN still be added at a later date! DON ’ T bother adding hashtags where the master go steady of your post would have it buried deeply in the tip – BUT there are some cool super-niche hashtags that have only several hundred to a few thousand posts in them. many of these even have avid fans ! For easiest hashtagging, keep groups of 30 hashtags in your earphone ’ second Notes app. Create and save a fixed of 30 tags for each type of post you make ( or less than 30 if you insist 😉 ). Copy your hashtag group before you make your IG post! then you have them ready on your clipboard to add in a comment immediately. No fumble, no wasting valuable seconds. Or, set up a textbook shortcut ! Keep Instagram hashtag groups on your phone notes.

Conclusion: Do This for Instagram hashtag success!

Make your Instagramming easy ! Sign up for Tailwind and see how simple stake can be. • • • Try TailWind Instagram Hashtag Finder for FREE • • • Disclosure: I ’ m a Tailwind consort, which means I may make a referral fee if you sign up. Use 11 to 30 hashtags to grow your account. Hide your hashtags in a comment with. and fall, 5 times. Use more hashtags relevant to your recess .

  • What are your keywords?
  • What are peers/competitors/influencers using?
  • What does Instagram suggest as related?

Use fewer ( or none ) of the most popular hashtags. Choose hashtags that are actively used ( but not besides active ! ). Instagram tip: Check the activity level on your hashtags. Click thru to blog to get your FREE guide! Create a custom tag for your mark or political campaign .

  • Be sure to check first to see if it’s already being used.
  • Promote your tag’s use by followers.
  • Engage / shout out your fans who use it!

Keep hashtag groups in your earphone ’ mho Notes app .

  • One group for each type of content you post.
  • Copy them to your clipboard before you post content.
  • Follow up immediately with hashtags in a comment.

Bonus tip: Your hashtags will magically work much better if you ’ re posting amazing visuals ! People are scanning those hashtag feeds, and you need to stand out.
well done ! Learning how to use hashtags on Instagram will help your report develop. Want more ? Learn how to grow your Instagram followers 10 more ways! how to use hashtags on Instagram pinnable graphic.

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