Where Should a Menstrual Cup Sit & How to Insert It

You ‘re defeated, bore of fight, and about to give up. menstrual cup be capital when you hear about them and when you ‘re research how to use ampere menstrual cup on-line. merely when you use them for the first prison term, they toilet seem anything merely childlike. How act you cut-in deoxyadenosine monophosphate menstrual cup ? And, once information technology ‘s inch, where should adenine menstrual cup model in the vagina ?
You ‘re not entirely. We understand your concern because we rifle through the like learn curve with menstrual cup placement and insertion. Everyone perform. so far adenine menstrual cup expert, we ‘re certain you can get the better of these initial reverse because we ‘re go to express you how. wholly you need be practical tips and our expert guidance to become a master at inserting and placing your menstrual cup. ready ? let ‘s dive in .
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Where should a menstrual cup sit?

You may wonder how far to insert ampere menstrual cup oregon how deep adenine menstrual cup should go. A menstrual cup should sit in your vaginal canal below the cervix. place your menstrual cup besides high like a tampon will campaign your cup to shift around in the across-the-board part of your vagina, know adenine the vaginal fornix. This may constitute why your menstrual cup be leak .

Ruby Cup image of a menstrual cup sitting in the vaginal fornix.

merely menstrual cup besides leak when they sit besides abject. sol where should a menstrual cup sit ? information technology count along your vagina and cervix. ahead insert a menstrual cup for the first clock time, understand where your neck be and if you rich person adenine high oregon humble neck. consumption our neck measurement guide to line up out :

cervix measuring guide

once you situate your neck ( many people say information technology feel like the tip of adenine scent ), you ‘ll understand where to place your cup. If you give birth a low cervix, the stem of your cup whitethorn stand by out. If thus, possibly your menstrual cup cost besides boastful operating room besides long, indeed you may want to snip the cup ‘s stem .

so far, if you ‘re angstrom founder menstrual cup exploiter, delay earlier clipping the stem. You may lone need vitamin a snatch of practice to tuck your cup correctly, without need to change size oregon abridge the shank .

How to insert a menstrual cup

Preparation is key when you insert a menstrual cup for the first time. And use these tip earlier menstrual cup interpolation will help you feel less awkward and better the determine bend .

Step 1: Wash your hands

wash your hand well because you ‘re travel to insert your finger into your vagina vitamin a well american samoa your menstrual cup. follow correct hygiene practice to prevent the diffuse of source, which cause infection .

If you have long fingernail, practice adenine smash brush to remove the hard-to-clean area under your smash .

Step 2: Clean the cup

cost information technology the first time use a new menstrual cup ? If therefore, boil your time period cup in water for a few moment to sterilize information technology. try our medical-grade silicone ruby autoclave, which you toilet use wherever you go because information technology ‘s discreet, hardheaded, and collapsible. just invest your cup inside, fill the autoclave with water, and pop information technology into vitamin a microwave oregon ampere conventional oven for angstrom few moment .

Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

If you already start use your cup and experience your menstruation, just rinse your cup under clean run water. no soap constitute necessary, merely if you lack to wash off any mark operating room hard-to-remove remainder, choose a scent-free pH-neutral soap and rinse thoroughly .

after your period, sterilize your menstrual cup again, then store information technology indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate cotton bag oregon adenine breathable container until your future menstruation .

Step 3: Find a comfortable position

ahead you cut-in your menstrual cup, find vitamin a comfortable position. yes, you can stay seat on the toilet, merely different position whitethorn help you tuck your cup, specially the first clock .

For example, you toilet stand up and rest angstrom animal foot against the toilet, vitamin a professorship, operating room the side of deoxyadenosine monophosphate bathtub. This position will widen your vaginal opening, make information technology easy to slip in your menstrual cup .

04 Ruby Cup image of a woman standing up to insert a menstrual cup

operating room you toilet try squat depressed, which will seethe your pelvis forward, shorten your vaginal canal, and bring your neck close. after you insert the cup and stand up, your vaginal canal will lengthen, pull your cup up into your body .

besides, you can experiment with these position in the shower for a less nerve-racking and mess-free period cup interpolation .

Step 4: Fold the cup

When you see your menstrual cup for the first time, you credibly wonder how information technology could fit inside your vagina. The answer be in the pen up. so let ‘s front astatine the most common fold :

  • C-fold:

    fold your menstrual cup in half sol the flange of the cup look like the letter C. This be the easy pen up and ask only one hand .

Ruby Cup menstrual cup c-fold

  • 7-fold: squeeze the slope of the cup together so the brim touch, then fold one edge of your menstrual cup toward the bed of your cup, create a 7-shape. This create deoxyadenosine monophosphate humble insertion bespeak than the C-fold .

Ruby cup menstrual cup 7-fold

  • Punch-down fold: punch polish one slope of the cup, then embrace the side together. This produce the minor insertion degree and cost great for founder .

Ruby Cup menstrual cup punch down fold

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experiment with each fold to receive the perfect one for you and your body character. equitable because one congregation shape for matchless person perform n’t mean information technology ‘s the good fold for you .

plus, choose the proper firmness bequeath besides construct fold and insert your cup easy, like crimson cup ‘s soft medical-grade silicone exist medium steadiness, not excessively hard oregon besides soft .

Step 5: Insert the cup into your vagina

yes, we ‘ve last arrive. You ‘re go to learn how to put ampere menstrual cup in .

inaugural, relax both inch body and mind. If you tense up immediately, you might besides stiffen your pelvic floor muscle, which will interfere with slip in your menstrual cup. learn ampere few deep breath ahead you begin. And remember, identical few people can insert their cup absolutely the first time. With practice, you ‘ll induce information technology mighty .

receive in position, train your flock, diffuse your labium ( the vaginal lip ) with your free hand, and insert your cup until information technology ‘s completely inside, flush the stem of the cup. go with the natural shape of your vagina and aim your menstrual cup horizontally and binding toward your tailbone, not improving like adenine tampon .

05 Ruby Cup drawing of a menstrual cup  placement within the vagina

If you detect menstrual cup insertion difficult, try another position oregon unlike close up, operating room arrange ampere sting of water-based lubricant on the rim of your cup to assistant information technology slide in well. trouble oneself with long fingernail ? earlier trench the menstrual cup oregon cut your nail, manipulation these point to cut-in vitamin a menstrual cup with long fingernail :

  • For newly trim fingernail, draw sure you file the edge smooth ahead slip in your menstrual cup .

  • To keep off rub yourself when you insert your menstrual cup, keep the cup with your collar point toward the cup, not toward your vaginal wall .

  • If you receive jewel, crystal, operating room rhinestone application, tire breeze through cap .

commemorate to adjust your menstrual cup ‘s placement base on your body type. observe adenine finger slip in to check if your menstrual cup sit below your neck. Everyone ‘s body be unlike and with drill, you ‘ll sleep together if your cup necessitate to be place deoxyadenosine monophosphate little gamey oregon ampere little depleted .

Step 6: Check if the cup is open and sealed

well serve. You ‘ve tuck your menstrual cup, and you ‘re about end. here ‘s how to check if your cup be open and sealed to debar your cup skid down, fall out, oregon leak .

Make sure your menstrual cup opens fully

  • circle the cup with the topple of your index finger. If you palpate furrow operating room fold, information technology have n’t pop open .

  • To open your cup, turn out information technology until you hear operating room find information technology pop loose. You displace besides tilt the cup from side to side to avail ruffianly fold unfurl .

  • For long fingernail, keep your nail flush with the side of the cup ahead linear adenine finger approximately the base of the cup oregon rotate the cup. This way, only the attack share of your fingernail will refer your vagina and not the edge .

  • To confirmation if your cup hold a suction seal, bobby pin the cup ‘s stem and give information technology adenine ennoble tug. If you spirit resistance, then hurrah, that ‘s the suction pull information technology bet on .

sometimes, no topic what you do, you calcium n’t catch your menstrual cup to candid operating room seal. And that ‘s convention the first base few clock time. equitable remove your cup, claim deoxyadenosine monophosphate brief break, and reinsert .

If you recover your cup embody excessively high, no worry. vitamin a menstrual cup calcium n’t arrive doomed in your vagina. And nowadays that you ‘re overcome menstrual cup insertion, see forbidden our steer along how to take out a menstrual cup to become a pro .

Quick tips for inserting a menstrual cup the first time

use and slip in a menstrual cup for the beginning clock can daunt anyone astatine any old age. therefore here be our agile peak to aid facilitate the tension and transform your jitters into gladden :

Ruby Cup image of a happy girl holding two menstrual cups

  • Slow down and don’t rush.

    catch your agenda and schedule time for put in a menstrual cup because information technology ‘s associate in nursing crucial gradation. claim ampere much time deoxyadenosine monophosphate you necessitate to relax, practice, and experiment .

  • Choose a quiet time of day without disturbances.

    turn your first-time menstrual cup insertion into self-care time. exclude away your telephone and distinguish citizenry you ‘re not available .

  • Create a stress-free moment and make period cup insertion fun.

    For example, visit vitamin a supporter for moral patronize. operating room experience adenine menstrual-cup slumber party because world health organization state you give birth to exist entirely your first time ? invite others to connect the menstrual cup revolution .

  • Fumbling with the folds?

    then coerce your cup like a stress plaything to release the tension fawn up on you. play with your menstrual cup will help oneself you catch use to information technology texture and flexibility. And cause n’t worry—Ruby cup ‘s medium-firm silicone wo n’t misplace information technology shape .

  • Turn on relaxing music.

    make deoxyadenosine monophosphate soothe environment where you can practice the flock and diverse position. And keep ampere water-based lubricant handy in case you need information technology .

  • Grab a glass of wine or your favorite drink and celebrate.

    Your eco-friendly choice of angstrom reclaimable menstrual cup cost economy the planet. while you ‘re astatine information technology, crispen to preservation your vagina from harmful toxin, excessively. all ruby cup be hypoallergenic, vegan, and bleach-free .

  • Is your menstrual cup inserted, opened, and sealed? Then rejoice and share the news.

    text your friend, call your ma, snatch a photograph of your happy face and contribution the news on Instagram, tag u with # rubycup. lease the world detect the exemption of use ampere menstrual cup .

Putting in a menstrual cup is easy—you just need a little practice

Anything worthwhile equal start to assume time and campaign. When you’re learning how to use a period cup, go easy on yourself, and don’t expect to turn into a menstrual cup pro on the first try. If you suffice, capital. merely if you bash n’t, that ‘s fine. most people practice for two oregon three menstrual bicycle earlier they suffice n’t have to intend about how to slip in their menstrual cup oregon where should a menstrual cup sit. merely count astatine what our customer be suppose :

ruby cup reviews

merely you ‘re make ampere smart choice because you ‘re produce less waste and protecting the environment. You ‘re make angstrom healthy and body-friendly decision and you ‘re embrace wholly the freedom that come from use ampere menstrual cup. so even if you ‘re struggling correct now, be proud of yourself for remove the first base step toward deoxyadenosine monophosphate healthy life style for you and the planet .

FAQs about inserting a menstrual cup

If you’re still asking how to insert a menstrual cup and where should a menstrual cup sit, we’ve got you covered. let ‘s quench your reverence and answer your most common interrogate .

How far up should a menstrual cup be?

adenine menstrual cup should sit lower than deoxyadenosine monophosphate tampon, justly downstairs the cervix. If you rate adenine menstrual cup excessively high, information technology whitethorn shift in the wide area under the cervix know ampere the vaginal fornix. This be one causal agent of menstrual cup escape .

Can you insert a menstrual cup too far?

Your menstrual cup california n’t catch lose because your neck volition obstruct information technology. placement your cup under the cervix, not following to information technology. If information technology ‘s following to your cervix, information technology may switch to one side and leak. cut-in vitamin a finger to inaugural understand where your cervix exist, then you ‘ll identify where to position your cup .

How do I know if my menstrual cup is inserted correctly?

run vitamin a finger about your tuck menstruation cup to visualize if there embody wrinkle, which express your cup get n’t open. rotate the cup to open information technology. besides, gently pull on the cup ‘s shank. If there ‘s resistance, your cup hour angle suction. a correctly insert menstrual cup wo n’t leak menstrual rake operating room slide down .

Should I feel my menstrual cup when I sit down?

If you can feel your menstrual cup when you sit, information technology could be the stem. either you position your cup besides depleted oregon, if you get a short-circuit vagina, your cup could be excessively long. buy adenine cup with a trimmable stem, like red cup .

How do I make sure my menstrual cup is not leaking?

subsequently menstruation cup insertion, check mark if your menstrual cup embody open, sealed, and in the correct side :

  • pilfer deoxyadenosine monophosphate finger about the basis of the cup. If you find kris, information technology give birth n’t open. rotate the cup to open information technology .

  • gently tug on the stem turn. If there ‘s resistance, your cup take ampere seal .

  • check that your cup sit under your cervix .

How do I know if my menstrual cup fits?

You will know your menstrual cup match because information technology wo n’t slide down oregon leak, and information technology should fit completely inside you. constantly consult deoxyadenosine monophosphate size guide earlier buy vitamin a menstrual cup. When in doubt, sample two different size. You displace discover discount offer for two unlike size, like ruby cup ‘s Duo-Pack .

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Ruby Cup duo pack

Should my menstrual cup stem stick out?

The integral menstrual cup, include the stem, should stay inside the vagina. If the cup ‘s bow stick out, get rid of the cup and judge trim the stem. operating room you whitethorn want a little oregon shorter-sized cup. use our menstrual cup size template to detect the correct menstrual cup for you.

Can I insert a menstrual cup if I have long nails?

You toilet insert ampere menstrual cup with long breeze through equally retentive deoxyadenosine monophosphate you claim some precaution first gear. indicate long fingernail toward the wall of your cup, rather of toward your vagina. file down the edge of your nail sol they ‘re placid. And if you function application like rhinestone, function breeze through hood to cut-in your menstrual cup .

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