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An enchanting table can be used to create enchanted books. They can besides be purchased from a villager librarian with emeralds or looted using a fish perch. You can enchant the bible with multiple types of enchantments, but only those that are appropriate for a particular item type may be applied .
How to use enchanted books? Penn Book will provide you with all the details in the following article. Let ’ s become started !

How To Use Enchanted Books?

What do players want/need?

Players will need first to find an anvil, or trade one, to enchant with capture books. then find a topographic point to put it. Before they can use an detail, players will need to ensure they have the appropriate captivation levels .
You can increase your enchantment degree by participating in a variety of activities within the Minecraft global. There are many ways that users can increase their enchantment grade, including melting items, killing gang, or breaking blocks.

Gamers can place the enchantment onto the item by increasing their enchantment levels. The gamers will need to place their detail in the left box and the enchanted books in the in-between .
The output box located on the correct side will contain the finished intersection. Anvils can be used to place multiple enchantments onto a piece of equipment. Enchanting tables can not place more than one .
Creating an Enchanted Book

Part 1 Creating an Enchanted Book

1. You will need the resources. You will need the follow materials to create an hex storybook :

  • Four wood planks are needed to make a crafting table. They can be made from one log of wood.
  • Book: You can make three pieces of paper from three pieces of sugarcane and one piece of leather.
  • Enchanting table: Two diamonds, four obsidian blocks, and a book.

2. Open your inventory. hera you should find your crafting items .

  • To open your inventory in Minecraft PE, tap the… icon.

3. Make a crafting table. You will need four wood planks. These are made from one log placed in the craft power system .

  • You can click and drag your four wooden blocks to the two-by-2 crafting grid at the top in the PC Minecraft version.
  • To use Minecraft PE, tap the tab to the left of your inventory tab and then tap on the crafting table icon. This icon looks like a box with lines.
  • You will need to press the Crafting button on your console (X or circle) and choose a wooden box.

4. Place your crafting table on the floor. You will need to choose it from the hot cake at the bed of the filmdom to do this .
It would help if you foremost opened your inventory to replace any item in your Hotbar .
5. Open your crafting table. The crafting table will be opened to reveal a grid of three by three pixels .
6. Make a book. You will need to place three pieces of sugarcane on the middle course of your crafting grid. future, choose the wallpaper you want and place it in an L-shape at the top leave corner. The top middle box should contain your leather, filling in the L .

  • To use Minecraft PE, tap the book icon to the left of the screen and then click on the 1x [book] button to the right.
  • Select the book icon in the paper section of Minecraft’s console version.

7. Create an enchanting table. To create an capture table, you will need a book in your top middle box, a ball field in each of the middle left or middle right boxes, and obsidian in every early box in the bottom row. The enchanting table icon should appear on the right side of the crafting grid .

  • Select the enchanting table in the crafting area of the Structures tab for consoles.

8. Place the enchanting tables on the ground. This will be done in the like manner as you did with the crafting postpone .
9. Open the magical table. You will find one place to put your book .
10. Place the book on the table. Click and drag the record to the appropriate space ( personal computer ) .

  • To place Minecraft PE on your screen, tap the book on the left side.
  • Select the book from your inventory to use with consoles.

11. Choose an enchantment. Your level determines the horizontal surface of enchantment that you can place on your bible. You can select an enchantment to apply to your book and cause it to turn purple .

  • If you are level 3, for example, you can choose any enchantment that has a 1, 2, or 3 next to it.
  • Enchantments can be selected randomly, so it is impossible to choose a particular enchantment.

12. Choose your book. This will add the book to your inventory. once you have your enchanted book, it is time to apply it to an item .

  • To add a book to Minecraft PE, double tap it.

Enchanting an Item

Part 2 Enchanting an Item

1. Make sure you have all the materials needed to make an anvil. Anvils allow you to use your enchantment books to modify an item. The postdate items are required to make an incus :

  • Three iron blocks: For a total of 27 iron bars, each iron block needs nine iron bars.
  • Four iron bars: These bars bring the total iron to thirty one.
  • Iron ore is a grey brown stone with orange brown spots that can be used to create iron bars. It is added to a furnace that contains coal.

2. Open your crafting table. The crafting table will now open as it did previously .
3. Make an anvil. You will need to place three iron blocks on the top rowing of your crafting table grid. Three of the four iron bars are along the bottom row. The final iron bar is in the center of the grid. following, select the incus icon .

  • You’ll find the black anvil icon at the left of the screen in the PE version.
  • You’ll find the anvil icon under the Structures tab on the console version.

4. Place your anvil on the ground. nowadays you can start crafting an enchant item .
5. Open the anvil’s menu. It will reveal three boxes .
6. Add the item that you want to enchant. It can be placed in the army for the liberation of rwanda bequeath or middleboxes .

  • You might, for example, add a sword.

7. Add your enchantment books. It can go in the far left or middleboxes.

8. This is located on the right hand side of the anvil’s menu. This will allow you to add the enchant item to your inventory .
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How Do You Use Enchanted Books in Minecraft?

You can enchant another item with an enchanted Book once you have one :
1. Create an incus. place 3 Iron Blocks in the top row of a Crafting Table, 1 Iron Ingot in the middle box of the middle course, and 3 Iron Ingots in the bottom rowing .
1.Create an anvil.
peak : plaza an Iron Block in the crafting grid to make Iron Ingots .
2. interact with your Anvil on the grind to open the Anvil menu .
2.Interact with your Anvil on the ground to open the Anvil menu.
3. Place the item to be enchanted in the inaugural corner .
3.Place the item to be enchanted in the first box.
4. Put the Enchanted Book in the second corner .
4.Put the Enchanted Book in the second box.
5. Add the hex detail to your inventory by dragging it there .
5.Add the enchanted item to your inventory by dragging it there.
It is besides possible to combine Enchanted Books with the Anvil to create stronger enchantments. If the books have different effects, however, one of them may be lost .
Use Enchanted Books in Minecraft


Why can’t I use enchantment books?

Rename the sword. Try renaming the sword if all else fails .

What’s the point of enchanted books?

Anvils can be used to add enchantments to other books and items using capture books. They can add enchantments to items that an enchanting mesa can not enchant. For example, they can apply Thorns to boots .

How much experience do you need to use an enchanted book?

Combine them in your anvil. Place the tool you wish to enchant in one slot and the script you wish to enchant in another slot. The veracious slot will allow you to take your capture detail. What flat of have are you able to get ? You may need between 30 and 3 lapis lapis lazuli, depending on which enchantment you have .

Why can’t you add enchanted books to pickaxes?

It won ’ metric ton knead if you put the script on the left and pick on your right. The Sacrifice slot is on the right. This is where the script or early detail is destroyed. Its lastingness or enchantments are then added to the item or book on the leave. If it worked, it should destroy your pick and add enchantments to it .

How to use enchanted books in creative mode?

Enchanted books can be used in creative mood to make herculean items more easily. To use an enchanted record, first add it to your hot bar. then, hold the Shift key and left-click on the detail you want to enchant. A menu will appear with all of the potential enchantments for that item .
Choose the enchantment you want and press the Enchant clitoris. The item will now be enchanted !


If you ’ rhenium looking for a flying and slowly manner to enchant your items in Minecraft, using enchanted books is the room to go. You can either find them in chests around the world, or you can create them yourself using an incus and some lapis lapis lazuli.

barely keep in beware that once an item is enchanted, it can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be unenchanted, so choose your enchantments carefully !
Looking to get started with enchanting ? Check out this quick and easy steer on how to use enchant books. Thanks for read !
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