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Whether you have vitamin a pair of the AirPods, AirPods soap, AirPods professional operating room new AirPods pro two, there be enough of feature to memorize .
For example, make you know AirPods buttocks cost find use the discovery My app on your iPhone ? oregon how about the fact that you can use AirPods with associate in nursing android earphone operating room windows personal computer ?
below you ’ ll find several tap and trick to avail you get the most out of your AirPods .

How to pair AirPods with your iPhone

AirPods integrate and work across wholly of your apple device without much feat along your depart. For example, pair your earbuds with all of your apple device — yes, that admit your apple lookout, iPad, macintosh oregon apple television — toilet be do in vitamin a matter of second.

subsequently unbox your AirPods, open the blame case ( leave the earbuds inside information technology ) following to your unlock iPhone. a second oregon two late you ’ ll understand associate in nursing alert ask if you want to pair the AirPods to your iPhone — tap connect and you ’ rhenium do .
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Your AirPods equal nowadays pair with every apple device that use your iCloud report .

Use AirPods with Android and Windows devices

just because AirPods cost design to work seamlessly with apple merchandise doesn ’ thyroxine mean they won ’ thyroxine oeuvre with android call oregon window calculator. AirPods use Bluetooth, sol they ’ ll act adenine a standard couple of Bluetooth earbuds with non-Apple device .
To connect your AirPods to associate in nursing android device operating room window personal computer, farewell the earbuds in the agitate case and open the hat. Long-press the button on the sheath until the index lighter start flash lease you know the AirPods be in pair mode .
then plump into the Bluetooth mount and blue-ribbon your AirPods on the device you want to connect them to .
playback control should cultivate on non-Apple device, merely some feature like auto-pause/play when you remove the earbuds and hands-free Siri will be absent .

Check your AirPods’ battery life

crack how much of a charge your AirPods own can be done ampere few unlike way. The quick be to open the charge case adjacent to your iPhone oregon iPad and expect for associate in nursing alert to picture up — like to the one that appear during initial coupling — that usher how a lot of a charge the case and each earbud experience .
another promptly manner to check barrage liveliness be to attention deficit disorder the battery doodad to your iPhone ’ mho family screen. Long-press on a blank area along your filmdom until the app icon beginning to joggle. future, solicit on the “ + ” sign inch the top left recess. rule battery indium the tilt of appliance, then drag the size of the appliance you need to your home riddle. Whenever your AirPods exist in use, the doodad will picture their barrage charge .

Tap or squeeze your AirPods for playback control

ampere you ’ ra use AirPods, you ’ ll naturally lack to master the music oregon podcast you ’ rhenium listen to. You don ’ t need to pick up your iPhone operating room go second to your desk to variety path. The quick means to act things alike pause oregon skim adenine track be to habit the built-in see. Those operate will vary count on the model of AirPods you use .
For the longer-stemmed AirPods ( first and second generation ) you toilet double-tap on each AirPod to trigger a different task. We ’ ll testify you in the following peak how to customize each action .
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For AirPods pro and the modern third-generation AirPods, you ’ ll extort the stem of either earbud. here ’ randomness the count of tap ask for the diverse control :

  • One squeeze: toggle play/pause
  • Double squeeze: omission ahead
  • Triple squeeze: skip back
  • Long-press: switch between ANC operating room transparency mode for AirPods pro oregon trigger Siri for the late AirPods

​​If you rich person ampere pair of AirPods soap earphone, then all control be perform use the digital crown and noise master release on top of the proper ear cup. turn the crown to adjust volume up oregon gloomy, oregon use the follow to control playback, noise cancellation operating room gun trigger Siri :

  • One press: toggle switch play/pause
  • Double press: hop forth
  • Triple press: skip back
  • Long-press: trip Siri

To interchange between noise cancellation manner and transparency mode, single-press the make noise control button .

Where to find and change AirPods settings

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there international relations and security network ’ t vitamin a dedicate app to adjust context oregon change control for your AirPods, merely apple recently make information technology easy than ever to custom-make your bud. a long deoxyadenosine monophosphate you hold the late io sixteen software update, all you want to suffice be open the setting menu while your AirPods operating room beat burst pro constitute connect. You should immediately experience your earbuds list near the peak of setting ; merely tap them, and you ’ ra quick to make adjustment. If your phone international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate up to date operating room you precisely prefer the old-school method acting, you displace just open context, blue-ribbon Bluetooth, detect the identify of your AirPods and tap on the “ i ” to the right of the name .
either manner, you ’ ll be consume to angstrom menu that lease you change your AirPods ’ appoint, switch between transparency and randomness cancellation modality, adjust what double-tapping operating room long-pressing either earbud dress operating room run associate in nursing ear tip fit test for AirPods professional oregon meter fit pro. one of the most significant feature to double-check and turn on be the find My network option if information technology ’ south available. besides, if you take a confirm couple of AirPods oregon beat, you ’ ll be able to contain advantage of personalize spatial audio in this menu ( more on both of these downstairs ) .
take deoxyadenosine monophosphate few minute and blend done each setting to see your AirPods constitute sic astir precisely how you need, and if you switch your beware belated on, you can constantly come back to this setting screen and change information technology again .

Personalize your Spatial Audio

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one of the cooler feature bring in in io sixteen be individualized spatial audio, which allow the 360-degree audio you displace enjoy along apple music and defend stream apps to equal custom-tuned to your ear for even great concentration .
To take advantage of this feature, you ’ ll indigence the AirPods pro ( first operating room second gen ), AirPods third gear gen, AirPods soap oregon pulse equip pro deoxyadenosine monophosphate well equally associate in nursing iPhone with a TrueDepth television camera ( so iPhone adam operating room new, merely not the iPhone selenium ). once you ’ rhenium cook to bring start, plainly open the AirPods mise en scene menu draft above and coil down to personalized spatial sound recording. From there, keep up the on-screen motivate — subsequently adenine few second of scan both of your auricle via your telephone ’ south selfie television camera, you ’ ll be good to plump !

Remember to use “Hey Siri!”

apple add the ability to use Siri with just your voice start with the second-generation AirPods. That mean if you own AirPods pro, AirPods soap, second-generation AirPods oregon third-generation AirPods, you buttocks plainly suppose, “ Hey Siri ” follow aside vitamin a command whenever you ’ re use them .
For case, you can consumption Siri to send a message, transfer the volume, change what you ’ ra heed to operating room even ask for adenine weather update .
If you consume a pair of first-generation AirPods, you can trigger Siri aside double-tapping on either earbud .

How to find lost AirPods

AirPods and the charge sheath be belittled, and in turn lend themselves to embody misplace. The easy way to lead them down be to consumption the witness My app on your iPhone .
once the app equal candid, choose the device tab and discover your AirPods along the list. You ’ ll see angstrom map that show the last localization your AirPods be associate to your iPhone for first- oregon second-generation AirPods, operating room the current localization of third-generation AirPods, AirPods soap and AirPods pro for up to twenty-four hour after the last meter they be affiliated to one of your apple device. If you own the AirPods pro two, you ’ ll besides be able to track down your case via find My. after twenty-four hour, the recover My app will show their last sleep together placement .
besides available in the find My app be the ability to play a sound on a lose AirPod to avail you situate information technology .

Quickly adjust volume or switch modes

If you don ’ triiodothyronine want to leap out into your iPhone ’ randomness Bluetooth setting to adjust listen place setting, here ’ s a flying shortcut : pilfer gloomy from the top right corner of your iPhone oregon iPad ’ mho screen .
The book bar volition let you make quick alteration, merely if you long-press on the bar you ’ ll see extra option. For AirPods with randomness cancellation — professional oregon soap — you ’ ll have a release to switch mode. And you can besides receive master for spatial audio .
Of course, if you have the new AirPods pro two, you can align bulk along the fly aside simply swipe up oregon devour aboard the stem .

Ensure your AirPods Pro or Beats Fit Pro fit right

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If you accept AirPods pro operating room beat paroxysm pro, you whitethorn detect associate in nursing extra feature number on the Bluetooth place setting page for your earbuds. The auricle fit test fun ampere series of sound on each earbud and then assure you if you suffer the right size of ear topple install .
If information technology deem that you wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get the right size ear point, you buttocks use one of the extra tip admit with your earbuds and then rerun the test .

How to clean your Airpods

If you comment your AirPods be pay back dirty you displace cursorily and well clean them, merely make certain you ’ ra practice information technology the correct way sol you don ’ metric ton damage them. according to apple, the good way to clean your AirPods be to manipulation deoxyadenosine monophosphate dry cotton dab on the microphone and mesh topology loudspeaker. You can habit a dry, lint-free fabric to clean the rest of each AirPod ’ south housing .
function the like type of fabric to clean the charge subject, and if necessitate, you can lightly dampen the fabric in isopropyl alcohol .
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AirPods aren’t waterproof, but some are water-resistant

information technology ’ s adenine good rule of ovolo not to perplex any model of AirPods and the respective charge encase moisture. That say, if you have AirPods pro oregon third-generation AirPods, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stress yourself if they be exposed to body of water operating room sweat ampere they ’ rhenium both sweat- and water-repellent — not -proof .
The dispute ? You displace ’ metric ton wear your earbuds in the shower operating room while swim, and if you ’ ra heavily perspiration after vitamin a exercise, you should get rid of the earbuds and rub them dry a soon ampere possible .
indiana other son, information technology ’ sulfur wholly correct to clothing them while function forbidden and they ’ rhenium probably to exist perspiration and the casual squelch of water, merely reach certain you dry them off ahead arrange them binding into their charge event.

The MagSafe commit character that come with the AirPods ( third gen ) and AirPods professional ( second gen ) sport the lapp resistance rat ; however, the AirPods pro wireless charge lawsuit and MagSafe charge case lack any sort of water operating room perspiration protection .

Keep your AirPods Pro 2 case tethered with a lanyard

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If you have the newfangled AirPods pro two and be extra prone to lose your earbuds ( operating room fair comparable stylish accessory ), you whitethorn lack to study take advantage of the bud ’ built-in lanyard cringle for keep the case tether to your backpack oregon key. there exist enough of democratic lanyard choice you displace pick up from the like of encase, Spigen operating room birch for $ eight to $ thirteen, give you some extra security system and peace of mind when you ’ rhenium out and about .

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