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Solyman Najimi | 2021-06-07 22:21:20 -0400 With the clog olfactory property and dirty gutter water spilling over, having a forget toilet is never pleasant. Clogged toilets are not merely disgusting — they can besides be a health luck .
If you find yourself with a choked toilet, you don ’ t have to call the plumber immediately. The first thing you need to do is turn off the gutter ’ randomness water supply. This will stop the toilet from overflowing. If you can not find the valve, take off the top of the toilet cisterna and lift the float cup or ball high enough to keep the urine from running .
The first method acting you could try to clear a block toilet is plunging. here, we ’ ll prove you how to plunge a toilet and use other home remedies on these clogged drains. then, we ’ ll talk about how to prevent toilet clogs from happening in the foremost space.

How to Plunge a Toilet

how to plunge a toilet: Man about to use a plunger on a toilet There are a wide range of plungers for different kinds of plunging fixtures. The most coarse character is the bury speculator or cup piston ( pictured above ) that has a dome-shaped rubber cup. This kind is ideal for tub and sinks .
The piston best suited for toilets is called a flange piston. It has a cup similar to that on a bury plunger a well as a sleeve-like extension ( the flange ) at the buttocks of the cup. With this design, it fits well into the hole in your gutter bowling ball and results in superscript suction exponent. You can find unlike kinds of flange plungers at your local hardware shop .
Here is what you need to plunge your toilet:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Toilet plunger
  • Water to fill the toilet bowl

Here are the steps:

  1. Plunging a gutter can be a messy affair. To minimize cleanup, locate erstwhile towels or dirty rags around the base of the toilet. any urine or soil that splashes out during plunging will land on these fabrics .
  2. Wear your gloves .
  3. If the toilet bowl is full, remove half of the fluid with a cup, bowl, or early container. If the bowl doesn ’ metric ton have adequate water, pour in water until it is half full. The estimate is to ensure the capitulum of the piston is submerged .
  4. Lower the piston into the gutter bowl at an fish, and fit the arctic cup over the gutter ’ second drain hole .
  5. Grip the plunger handle with both hands. With a emphatic motion, move the cup astir and down without breaking the cup ’ south seal around the hole. Repeat this action for about 10 to 20 seconds and then remove the diver .
  6. Flush the toilet. If it flushes normally, you have succeeded. If the gutter is still clogged, repeat the action .
  7. If the trouble persists, you might want to try a toilet auger .
  8. If you plan to reuse them, wash your gloves, towels, and the container used to move body of water in or out of the toilet .

While a regular plunger can take meter to clear a blockage, the ToiletShroom diver ( $ 17.99 ) can unclog your toilet in seconds. Insert the Shroom head at an fish and press in and out several times. This dredge tool doubles as a squeegee that will clean the insides of your toilet .

Other Methods for Clearing a Toilet Clog

While we think everyone should know how to plunge a toilet, there may be times when a plunger international relations and security network ’ metric ton available. In these cases, there are other methods you can apply to deal with a clog gutter :

Soap and Hot Water

For this, you need rubber gloves, liquid dish soap, a gallon of water system and a formative cup .

  1. Heat a gallon of urine until it is identical hot but not boiling. If it ‘s besides hot, it might crack your gutter bowl .
  2. Wear your gloves .
  3. Create room in the roll by manually removing some water using a credit card cup. This will ensure that there is space for adding a gallon of water .
  4. Sprinkle some soap around the at heart of the gutter .
  5. Pour the hot water into the roll and leave it for 30 minutes .
  6. Try flushing the toilet. If it doesn ’ metric ton cultivate, you can try another method acting .

Baking Soda and Vinegar

The combination of baking sodium carbonate and vinegar can be identical effective in unblocking clogged toilets. here are the steps in this DIY method :

  1. Make sure the toilet stadium is at least halfway full moon of body of water before you start the unclog process .
  2. Pour 1 cup of baking pop into the bowl, followed immediately by 2 cups of vinegar .
  3. Let it sit for about 30 minutes as the chemical reaction breaks up the clog.
  4. Flush the gutter
  5. If the bowl doesn’t drain, repeat the process two or three times   

Toilet Auger

how to plunge a toilet: Man using an auger on a toilet If a clog is particularly refractory, drain cleanse chemicals or a speculator might not work. In such a case, you could try a drain snake to unclog tubs, toilets, or sinks .
hera are the different kinds of drain snakes in the market :

  • Drain or cable augers : These snakes have a flexible cable with a corkscrew attached to the end. The corkscrew is turned manually using a handle on the plumber’s snake. When the manage is turned, the cable rotates inside the shriek and grab whatever is blocking the drain. The clog can then be pulled out, frankincense restoring normal body of water menstruation .
  • Flat tape augers : As the identify suggests, this kind of auger comes with a bland cable. The apartment tape auger is ideal for pipes that are less than 2 inches in diameter. rather of removing blockages, this kind of plumber’s snake pushes obstructions through the pipe .
  • Power augers : These kinds of augers are attached to a power drill or come with their own built-in motors. Power augers spin the cable television much faster compared to hand-cranked augers, frankincense removing street fighter pipe blockages more efficaciously .
  • Rocket nozzle augers : This kind of auger is normally used by professional plumbers or in commercial applications. A pipe is inserted into the drain pipe and highly pressurize water shoot through it to remove the clog. Rocket nozzle augers can be quite dearly-won, but they can unclog pipes up to 10 inches in diameter .
  • Toilet closet augers : These are augers specifically designed to unblock toilet roll. Toilet water closet augers could be powered or manual. They come with a compromising cable that can easily navigate and maneuver the toilet ’ south plumb .

How to Unblock a Toilet With an Auger

  1. Visit your local anesthetic hardware store and buy a toilet plumber’s snake ( just save rocket beak augers for the pros ). You could even rent one for angstrom little as $ 10 per day .
  2. Wear your arctic gloves .
  3. Insert the toilet snake into the drain first step .
  4. Turn the handle clockwise to push the cable further into the drain. When the cable won ’ triiodothyronine go any foster, you have reached the clog dance .
  5. Turn the treat counterclockwise to pull the clog out of the drain .
  6. Dump the material into a container for disposal, and repeat the process independently to ensure that the clog is wholly removed .
  7. Flush the toilet. If it flushes well, it means the obstruction cleared successfully. If water fills the bowling ball and remains stagnant, you might have to repeat the process several times .

How to Prevent Toilet Clogs

Clogged toilets can indeed be a bang-up pain. The good news is you can take steps to prevent your gutter from clogging .
here are some tips for avoiding toilet clogs :

  • Check what you flush : invalidate flushing things like newspaper towels, facial tissues, napkins, wet wipes, dental floss, womanly products, hair, diapers, medications, cotton balls, dirt and oils. As these materials sit in your pipes, they block whatever you flush down late until the build-up creates a clog .
  • Double-flush : It is interesting to note that one of the causes of gutter clogs is toilet newspaper. quite much, toilet newspaper doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate dissolve immediately when put in water. therefore, you can flush the gutter twice to ensure the gutter newspaper doesn ’ thyroxine make a clog .
  • Maintain your main sewer line : Tree roots can besides damage your sewer line, frankincense allowing territory and blockage-causing debris to impact your bathymetry arrangement. To avoid this, hire a professional plumber to check your sewer lines at least twice every year. This way, you can identify likely problems before they escalate .
  • Keep items away from the toilet bowl : many people have shelves over the toilet where they place things like soaps, combs, brushes, ornaments and excess toilet composition. such items can easily get knocked into the bowl and go down the drain. Be sure to keep the area around the toilet bowl clear from items that might incidentally fall in .

Clearing a Blocked Toilet Is Easy With the Right Tools

ToiletShroom against a white background When it comes to a toilet that won ’ triiodothyronine bloom, the first course of legal action should be to learn how to plunge a toilet. For best results, use the ToiletShroom plunger. Made of high-grade materials like lifelike ABS plastics and rust-proof stainless steel steel, ToiletShroom will stand the test of time. When not in use, you can store it in the accompanying caddie holder .
If you can ’ t access a plunger, you can try other DIY methods like soap and hot urine, baking pop and vinegar, or a toilet plumber’s snake .
however, prevention is constantly better than remedy. Avoid flushing down anything that is probable to block your pipes. And have your sewer wrinkle checked at least twice a year to identify any potential problems .
Are you looking to eliminate bathymetry problems and clogged drains for good ? Look no further than our arrant ‘Shroom drain protection line ! We have award-winning solutions for every drain in your family .
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