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How to Use a Charcoal Smoker (7 Step Guide)

nowadays that you ’ ve got your supply tilt quick, let ’ s run through the 7 steps to using your charcoal smoker ! 1. Get Your Charcoal Ready
2. Fill Your Water Pan
3. Light Your Charcoal
4. Add Your Meat
5. Add Your Wood
6. Temperature Control
7. Smoke Your Meat

Step 1: Get Your Charcoal Ready

Whether you ’ re using briquettes or swelling charcoal, you ’ ll want to get them ready. You want to get adenine a lot charcoal as you can in there without disrupting airflow. Don ’ t pack it down ( I learned this the hard means ).

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Step 2: Fill Your Water Pan

Use cool water system and fill a pan of body of water about center. A water pan helps with controlling the temperature and providing more moisture to the air to keep your kernel damp .

Step 3: Light Your Charcoal

Using a charcoal lamp chimney or all-natural firestarters makes this much easier. Avoid using lighter fluent. You don ’ t want any of that taste on your food. If you ’ re using a lamp chimney, add your hot, literature coals to the rest of the coals now .

Step 4: Add Your Meat

Because we ’ ra smoke with indirect heat, put your kernel immediately on the grill grates. If you have multiple racks, use the highest one to help keep a consistent temperature ( avoid the bottomland getting hot than the circus tent ). Quick Tip >> Allow at least 30 minutes from when you add seasonings or rubs to your kernel to when you put the kernel on the grill grates .

Step 5: Add Your Wood

Because your kernel can only take in so a lot smoke, add your wood chips or wood chunks now. You do not have to soak your wood before putting it in the smoker.

Some do to help it not burn cursorily, but soaking your forest barely creates steam until it ’ sulfur dry enough to create smoke .

Step 6: Temperature Control

For most kernel you ’ ll smoke first gear and slow, you ’ ll want to keep the temperature between 220ºF-275ºF. The vents, or dampers, on your charcoal smoker allow you to control the temp. If you have buttocks vents, those allow tune to rush in and make your coals and wood burn hot, increasing the temperature. On the pass side, the peak vent allows air travel to escape easier, which cools the temperature. Use your smoker ’ mho built-in thermometer to help gauge where your temperature is and try to keep it in the sweet descry .

Step 7: Smoke Your Meat

When you ’ re using a charcoal smoker, you should have your expectations aligned with reality. It ’ sulfur going to take awhile to get big food from a stag party. Ribs normally take 6 hours, specially if you follow our 321 method. Briskets can take a long as 20 hours depending on the size. I always recommend using a meat thermometer. not merely does it help keep the meat at a safe internal temp, it tells you precisely when your food is done.

You can use an instant-read thermometer and continually check it when you believe your food is about done. Another option is to keep a digital kernel thermometer ( or meat probe ) in your kernel during the entire fume to monitor advancement throughout the smoke process. A meat probe besides helps avoid lifting the eyelid and letting all of the hotness escape your charcoal grill.

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