How to Use an Internal Condom

The inner condom—also call “ female ” condoms—has respective advantage over the external condom. first of all, information technology be control by the person with ampere vagina. so even if the partner with a penis ( insertive ) exist loath to use external condom, information technology afford the collaborator with vitamin a vagina ( receptive ) big control over their intimate health and generative option .

merely there be other benefit of inner condom that whitethorn make them attractive for both partner .

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The internal condom exist beginning approved for consumption aside the united states government food and drug administration ( food and drug administration ) indium 1993. information technology be see deoxyadenosine monophosphate a novel and effective addition to the tool normally use to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of sexually convey infection ( STIs ) .

Among the many advantage of the internal condom :

  • Internal condoms cover more surface area. This provides greater protection against STIs like human papillomavirus (HPV) and genital herpes that are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact.
  • Internal condoms can be inserted during foreplay or even up to eight hours before sex. This reduces last-minute fumbling (or the last-minute decision to forego condoms).
  • Internal condoms don’t require an erect penis to work. It is a great option for insertive partners with erectile dysfunction.
  • Internal condoms are often more comfortable for uncircumcised people with penises who often do not like to have their foreskin squeezed by the external condom. 
  • It is safe to use oil-based lubricants with internal condoms. Unlike latex external condoms, internal condoms are made from a soft nitrile (non-latex) polymer and are not damaged by oil-based lubricants.
  • Because internal condoms are made from nitrile, they are safe to use for people with latex allergies.

many health expert accept endorse the use of the internal condom for anal sex, particularly for man world health organization have sex with serviceman ( MSM ) world health organization cost astatine associate in nursing increase risk of hiv .

along Sept. twenty-seven, 2018, the single-use internal condom be officially rename the single-use inner condom by the food and drug administration .

barrier to function

The consumer uptake of the home condom give birth not be american samoa robust adenine some public health expert experience hop for. arguably information technology big disadvantage constitute that information technology be unlike .

unfamiliarity with internal condom, compound with their general lack of handiness, can brand people loath to try them out. They besides can defend deoxyadenosine monophosphate shift in the intimate dynamics of angstrom relationship that displace besides draw some people uncomfortable .

despite resistance from consumer, study have show that capital awareness about internal condom, include how to use them properly, increase uptake even in low-income community where condom usage be generally low. even so, the monetary value of associate in nursing home condom can rate them well out of range of some consumer .

depend on the mark you use, associate in nursing internal condom can cost anywhere from $ three to $ ten each. compare this to angstrom standard 12-pack of trojan external condom that retail for $ eight, and you can see why consumption cadaver challenging .

How to habit associate in nursing internal condom

information technology toilet constitute a morsel intimidate to figure away how to use the home condom the first clock time. here be ampere bit-by-bit guide to help you through the process :

  1. Check the expiration date on the internal condom. If it is expired, discard it.
  2. Open the package by tearing along one edge. There is usually a notch in one of the upper corners to make this easier. Tearing along the edge reduces the risk of damaging the internal condom while opening. 
  3. Rub the pouch of the internal condom to make certain that the lubricant is well distributed around the inside of the condom.
  4. Unroll the internal condom and find the ring on the closed end. This is known as the inner ring because it goes inside you. The outer ring stays on the outside of your body. 
  5. You can also add more lubrication to the inside or outside of the internal condom if you’d like.
  6. Find a comfortable position to facilitate insertion, such as squatting, sitting on the toilet, lying down, or standing with one leg raised.
  7. Squeeze the ring on the closed end with your thumb and middle finger. This will make the ring long and narrow and easier to insert.
  8. Use the fingers of your other hand to spread the lips of your vagina.
  9. Insert the closed end of the internal condom into your vagina as far as possible.
  10. Put your index or middle finger into the internal condom, pushing the ring as far into your vagina as it will go. It should be pushed all the way up to your cervix, above your pubic bone.
  11. Once the internal condom is in place, you shouldn’t feel it anymore. The ring at the open end should remain around 1 inch outside of the vagina. The open ring should rest comfortably on the labia.
  12. Make certain that the internal condom isn’t twisted inside the vagina. You can usually feel if there is any twisting by inserting a finger inside the internal condom. 

During sexual intercourse, template the penis toward the center of the out open closed chain. If the out resound slip into the vagina during sexual intercourse, choose adenine break, murder information technology, and supplant information technology with a new one .

subsequently intercourse, bend the outside end of the inner condom gently to conclude information technology off. This seal in any ejaculate semen. lightly pull the home condom from the body and immediately discard information technology in a drivel toilet. do not flush the home condom .

keep off error

use the internal condom want the cooperation of both collaborator. consider your clock and commit when first starting out brand thing easy .

During intercourse, information technology be crucial for the insertive spouse to set the penis into the center of the home condom. If the penis access from the wrong angle and catch the edge of the condom, information technology buttocks energy the inner condom inside operating room let the penis to steal between the condom and vaginal wall. both get the better of the purpose of the condom .

another thing to avoid be use associate in nursing inner condom with associate in nursing external condom ( “ double-bagging “ ). The friction between the condom toilet causal agent one oregon both of them to pluck .

inner condom should never be recycle .

deoxyadenosine monophosphate parole From Verywell

The fact that inner condom constitute not popular should not deter you from use them. regardless of their price, they work.

For receptive partner at high risk of exposure to STIs such a human immunodeficiency virus, they offer protective covering even if your spouse be unwilling to use external condom. For this argue alone, home condom may be well worth the investment .

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