14 Concealer Tricks To Brighten, Conceal & Snatch EVERYTHING

Concealer is in truth the gift that keeps on giving. The convention has the power to conceal, brighten, sculpt – you name it, it does it – making it one of our ride-or-die recipe. seriously, when it comes to versatility, this baby takes first base invest .
so, make the most of your concealer with our curated list of game-changing ( and industry-backed ) tips to take your makeup command to raw heights. Introducing the 2022 HB concealer crash course. Get your notes cook loves, ‘ cause classify is officially in session .

Basics: How to Use Concealer

How to use concealer

beginning by applying your foundation or tinted moisturizer, and follow the steps above for any areas you want to conceal. Opt for a concealer that matches your clamber tone to conceal blemishes or any areas on the expression. If concealing under the eyes or using concealer to cover dark circles, choose a shade two to three shades lighter than your complexion, which will help lift and brighten this area .

Concealer Tip #1: Choose Your Shade

To Conceal: “ If you want your concealer to blend in with your foundation for a natural spirit, I recommend matching the concealer with your foundation garment, ” says Ash K Holm, MUA behind the Kardashian ’ s iconic glam looks. This is often the best match for concealing pimples or areas on the skin .
To Brighten: “ If you want to use your concealer to highlight, I like to go one to two shades lighter than your basis shade – highlight will lift the face and reflect fall, ” Ash adds. We love to use a bright shade under our eyes and along the bridge of our nose .
Find your perfect conceal or brighten shade in our stunning new # FauxFilter Luminous Matte Concealer, $ 29. It ’ sulfur super hydrate, comfortable on the clamber, blends and builds like a dream, and doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate rumple. Check out our easy-to-use shade template here .

Concealer Tip #2: Choose Your Coverage

barely like foundation, concealers are available in a assortment of textures that achieve different effects. Celeb constitution artist Kira Nasrat breaks down the premier differences between cream and liquid concealers : “ Creamy concealers are going to give you a bite more coverage while fluid can give you lighter coverage, ” she explains. If you prefer broad coverage, choose for a medium-to-full-coverage rule to avoid using besides much product .

Concealer Tip #3: Choose Your Tool

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There are three normally used concealer tools, each with its own rig of benefits…
Fingertips: Using your fingers to blend your concealer will provide a natural skin stopping point as the hotness from your fingers will melt the product seamlessly into the skin .
Makeup sponge: If you desire lighter, natural coverage on the bark, a damp smasher sponge will soften and absorb excess product .
Concealer brush: For heavier coverage, grab a concealer brush and use continual stipple motions ( i.e. dab and imperativeness the product down into your skin ). For a streak-free stopping point, complete by blending out the intersection using circular motions or lightly bounce a dampen makeup sponge across the area .

Concealer Tip #4: Prep & Layer Strategically

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You ’ five hundred never apply varnish to chipped nails, and it ’ s the lapp when it comes to laying the perfect complexion. here ’ s our bit-by-bit to get the most beautifully laid complexion :

  1. Prep skin with a hydrating moisturizer to plump and prep skin. For all-day wear layer a primer on top, like our Huda Beauty Water Jelly Primer, $33.
  2. Apply your fave foundation or skin tint – if you plan to conceal the under eyes, you can leave this area bare of foundation.
  3. (Optional) Layer up a color corrector to neutralize any areas of concern (dark circles, pigmentation etc).
  4. Apply a thin layer of concealer to areas you want to target (choose which shade based on tip one), then blend.
  5. For longevity and to avoid your base creasing in smile lines or around the eyes, set your liquid products with a powder, like our Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Setting Powder, $35, to lock your concealer and foundation in place.

Concealer Tip #5: Brighten the Undereyes

How to conceal dark circles
If you ’ re looking for a agile technique to conceal and brighten the under-eye, use the three-dot method acting. Simply apply three humble dots of concealer, starting at the inner corner of the under-eye and move outwards. Make indisputable you don ’ thyroxine apply the concealer excessively close to the lower whip line as this can make your eyes look smaller. true story : a little natural shadow under the flog line can make your eyes appear naturally bigger .
If your concealer typically creases around the out corner of the eye, only apply concealer to the inner corner as this is where most black circles are more outstanding. This will instantaneously open and brighten the eye while reducing the likelihood of rumple .

How to Conceal Dark Circles

Take the serve above one step far, and continue by using a brighten powder to bake the under center area. Baking your makeup involves laying a heavy layer of loose setting powder on top of the concealer and allowing it to sit there for three to five minutes. This procedure not entirely locks the concealer in position and prevents creasing throughout the day but besides helps brighten the undereye and ensure they stay bright all day long .

once the powder has had meter to set, lightly dust away any surfeit with a downy brush ! Check out our full usher to baking your makeup here .

Concealer Tip #6: Eye-Lifting Trick

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For an instant center rise, grab a concealer that ’ second two shades lighter than your foundation to highlight and snatch certain areas. First, put on concealer to the inner corner of the under-eye, then the out recess, dragging the formula up towards the tail end of your brow. To enhance the plagiarize, blend the recipe in an up motion using a brush or makeup sponge .

Concealer Tip #7: Highlight Strategically to Sculpt

While we ’ re on the topic of lift, concealer is the ultimate weapon to strategically sculpt the natural contours of your confront .
start by highlighting the under-eye ( as outlined in tip # 6 ), then apply concealer to the extinct corner of your nose, mouth, and underneath your cheekbones. Blend the concealer in an up apparent motion and then set with powder .

Concealer Tip #8: Increase the Coverage of Your Concealer

alternatively of layering multiple layers of concealer to increase the coverage, once you ’ ve applied the rule to your skin, allow it to sit and “ cook ” for two to three minutes before blending it out. This is another ace makeup tiptoe from the haul community, which increases the coverage of your formula ( and the wear-time ) without looking cakey. Read more about the proficiency here .

Concealer Tip #9: Concealing Pimples 101

Pimples, skin texture, and pores are what veridical skin is made of ! however, if you want to conceal them, try this method acting :

  1. (Optional) Begin with a green color corrector to neutralize and cancel out redness.
  2. Blend your foundation over the pimple.
  3. Apply a dot of full-coverage concealer to the pimple (in a shade that matches your foundation), let it sit for two minutes, then lightly tap to blend out with a dense concealer brush or the tip of a damp makeup sponge.
  4. If a little redness is still peeking through, add a layer of powder and let it sit for one to two minutes, then dust off.

Concealer Tip #10: Level Up Your Eyeshadow

Huda Kattan concealer
If you want to level up your eyeshadow game, try these three slowly hacks :
Hack 1: Prime: Run out of eyeshadow flat coat ? Just use your concealer rather, then set with a lightly dust of gunpowder. This will create a clean root for eyeshadow application and cancel out any stain or inflammation on the peel excessively ( TBH, we often prefer this more than the conventional flat coat ) .
Hack 2. Cut: Another iconic hack we learned from dredge queens is how to create a super easy cut graze. First, work a dark tad into your rumple, then with a small flat angled brush, use concealer to outline the supreme headquarters allied powers europe of your hat, and voila !
Hack 3. Snatch: Use your concealer like an eraser to clean up messy eyeshadow edges. After you ’ ve applied your eyeshadow, use concealer on the forbidden corner of the center, extending the placement toward the fag end end of your brow ( as it ’ randomness demonstrated in tiptoe # 6 ) .

Concealer Tip #11: Snatch Your Nose

If you want to make your nose look more defined, apply a concealer that ’ randomness roughly two shades lighter down the center of your nose. To heighten this line, set it with a brightening dress powder .

Concealer Tip #13: Fix Cakey Makeup

To fix cakey makeup, use urban Decay ball-shaped constitution artist Steve Kassajikian ’ s antic to correct it. “ I spray Urban Decay Quick Fix Hydra-Charged Complexion Prep Spray, $ 33, onto my brush or smasher mooch and blend or compress the concealer to add hydration and smooth it out, ” he says. not only will this save you clock time, but this flat coat helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and replaces lost moisture. double over bonus .

Concealer Tip #14: Create A DIY Skin Tint

For those no-makeup makeup days, DIY a bark tint using your concealer. Mix your concealer with a spend of moisturizer, or for a glowy eat up, a drop of glow-enhancing cream, like the GloWish MultiDew Skin Tint, $ 37. It ’ s the perfective skin accessary for summer days.

immediately that your concealer skills are certified pro-level, check out these 5 drugstore concealers that celeb MUAs LOVE to add to your hoard .

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