[2022] How to Upload HD Video to Facebook from Desktop

High-definition video or HD video has higher resolution and quality than a common one. Uploading an HD video recording to social media platforms like Facebook can please viewers, as a clear video brings a better ocular have and engages your audience. Some people might ignore television in bad quality directly, so it ‘s necessity to maintain its quality. The desktop translation of Facebook has many benefits, like allowing high-quality video to be upload. To keep the good video recording quality, follow here to know how to upload HD television to Facebook from the desktop .
video settings
A agile template to upload HD video to Facebook :
1. afford Facebook on your browser. Log into your account. Check this platform via Internet Explorer.

2. Go to Account. Hit ” Settings and Privacy ” and choose “ Settings ”. Scroll down the menu and find the “ Videos ” .
3. now, from the “ Video Settings ”, you choose “ HD if available ” > > > More Steps
Bonus Tips : capture HD Video Before Uploading it to Facebook
Are you looking for how to record live videos and calls from Facebook ? Follow the under tutorial !
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How to Upload an HD Video to Facebook in Desktop on Windows/Mac

Most people want to upload videos to Facebook as it ‘s the hope way to share their moments. To avoid losing much quality of the television, you can find a chic way to make the video in HD. In the background version of Facebook, use the Video Settings to change your upload television quality. Follow the guide below to change the set up .
Advised settings for video: Video in a identical long time can affect the quality when uploading it to Facebook. You need to control the size and time of it. Better ensure that the clock time of the television is shorter than 120 minutes. besides, you can change the frame of reference rate of the video using an effective tool .
Here is a list of steps for how to upload HD video to Facebook from desktop on Windows/Mac:
Step 1. Open Facebook on your browser and logarithm into your report. For Windows users, check this platform via Internet Explorer. For Mac, find it in Safari or Google Chrome. After logging in, set television timbre before poster .
Step 2. To upload the HD video, go to Account, which is on the top right of the page. then, go to the “ Settings and Privacy ” and choose “ Settings ”. Scroll down the menu and find the “ Videos ” .
facebook account
Step 3. immediately, from the “ Video Settings ”, you choose “ HD if available ”. then, uploading HD video to Facebook is the adjacent step. On this page, you can besides make other adjustments based on your needs .

Step 4. Back to “ Home ” and hit “ Photo/Video ”. Choose the video from your background. meanwhile, you are allowed to add a description of the television before posting it to Facebook. then, expect for it to be upload and suction stop “ Post ” .
post video on facebook

Bonus Tips: Capture HD Video Before Uploading it to Facebook

Believe that you have learned about how to upload HD video recording to Facebook from the background. If you find an interesting living narrative in a browser and want to upload it to Facebook, choose one practical riddle recorder. EaseUS RecExperts is the most efficient tool to capture your screen in high-definition on Windows.

The protected television in this tool can show you a higher resolution and sustain high timbre. even better, you can besides set the frame rate of the video to 60fps which can besides contribute to keeping good quality. Besides making it a high-quality video, you can choose save video recording formats like MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. besides, you can add the microphone as the external sound source .
nowadays, to capture high-quality video with audio, download it for barren ! No registration is needed .
This is a knock-down joyride that helps in capturing your favorite television with high quality. Whether you need to capture video recording on Facebook or make an HD video when capturing the filmdom, it meets your requirements. besides, it provides you with more antic functions when capturing the screen as mentioned .
To know how to capture the screen with this tool, you can see more steps:
Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts on your computer. Before recording, you can choose from two recording modes. To record the unharmed shield, choose the “Full Screen” modality ; to record a part of the blind, choose “Region” .
Choose a Recording Mode Step 2. You can besides choose to record the shield with your webcam, system sound, microphone. Just click to select them. You can besides set car split, car recording with respective functions on the interface .
Record with Webcam and Audio Step 3. then, suction stop on the red “REC” button to start recording. To pause the recording, click on the white double vertical bar ; to end the read, chatter on the bolshevik square sign. They are located on the menu barricade appearing on your screen .
Pause or Stop Recording Step 4. After recording, you will be led to the recording list. here you can view, cleave, press out audio, take screenshots, ans manage your recordings, etc. To start a new recording with former settings, click on the “REC” clitoris on the top of the window .
Recording List Window

FAQs About Uploading HD Video to Facebook from Computer

spirit at this part if you have the lapp issues .
1. Why is my video blurry when I upload it to Facebook?
Facebook may reduce the size of your videos when uploading them. Most social media platforms have this set for controlling memory. The choice may be reduced when showing on the platform. To avoid this position, you can adjust some advance settings .
2. How do I upload high-quality videos to Facebook?
here is a list of steps to upload an HD video recording to Facebook. You should set the upload video in HD .
1. Find “ Settings and Privacy ” when you open Facebook.

2. then, you should select “ Settings ”. Scroll down the menu and hit “ Videos ” .
3. In the “ Video Settings ”, you should select the “ HD if available ” option .
4. ultimately, back to the “ Home ” and choose “ Photo/Video ”. now, you can upload videos .

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