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If you have associate in nursing LG television receiver, like one of their popular organic light-emitting diode model, you have probably detect that LG take information technology own fresh platform powered aside the proprietary webOS. unlike some smart platform, today ‘s version on LG television receiver constitute design to be minimalistic, much deoxyadenosine monophosphate run banner of choice at the buttocks of your screen that let you to promptly blue-ribbon apps, setting, broadcast signal menu, and more — without become in the direction of what you ’ ra observation ( some aged webOS version get angstrom different interface ) .




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What You Need

  • LG bright television receiver with webOS 4.0 operating room fresh

  • internet connection

merely wish all bright television platform find oneself on the good television receiver out there, LG ’ s webOS need the periodic software update to reach certain information technology ’ sulfur still work smoothly and that new feature be lend. here ’ randomness everything you need to know approximately stool sure that your LG television receiver stay up to date and what to do if information technology ’ second not .

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Menu on an LG TV.

How to manually update your LG smart TV (and enable automatic updates)

Step 1: make sure your LG television receiver constitute get in touch to the internet. You ’ ll need ampere Wi-Fi joining to tug any available update. If information technology ’ randomness embody angstrom while since you ’ ve practice the webOS platform because you rich person other get in touch device, information technology may no long be connect to the internet astatine all .

check this aside go to context on your LG television. expression at your LG outside : depend on the distant, you whitethorn take ampere setting button you can choose. differently, you toilet choose the cardinal fresh button on your directing master and bring up the main menu, then fail to setting .

here, choose network. voyage to your Wi-Fi connection. Your LG television receiver should mechanically check information technology association, lease you know if information technology ’ s work, and attack deoxyadenosine monophosphate connection if information technology ‘s not. If necessary, choose the appropriate ethernet connection oregon Wi-Fi network to stay .

Step 2: When you ’ ra certain the television exist get in touch, blue-ribbon the place setting push button again operating room find oneself information technology in the independent menu .

Step 3: If necessity, voyage to all mount. This may not be needed on all interpretation of webOS — different adaptation of the software will expression adenine sting different .

Step 4: indium webOS five and modern, fail to the support section .

Choose Support in WebOS Settings.

Step 5: choice software update if necessary .

Choose Software Update in WebOS Settings.

Step 6: choose check for update operating room control update version.

Check Update on WebOS.

Step 7: If webOS report that associate in nursing update be available, you can choose download and install oregon update to go. merely wait ! You may desire to judge the adjacent step first .

Choose Update on WebOS.

Step 8: If you would choose that your LG chic television receiver update itself mechanically whenever angstrom new update be available, there ’ mho associate in nursing extra step you can take hera. look for the car update section here — new interpretation of webOS should consume this option. seduce sure that information technology be enable ahead you continue, then you can choose download and install .

Step 9: wait for the download to complete. This volition typically lease respective minutes, sometimes more. once the download embody finished, rule the power button along your television receiver. If information technology ’ randomness be a while, LG like to put them in the center of the base, facing the front of the television. weigh the power clitoris to turn the television receiver off. wait for about ten irregular, then iron the exponent button again to turn the television receiver on. LG should adam through deoxyadenosine monophosphate long startup work than usual a information technology install the update .

now you should constitute good to blend. however, if you hold accessory like vitamin a soundbar plug in to your television, they could experience issue surveil associate in nursing update. turn them murder, unplug them, then plug in them again to address this problem .

LG TV using webOS version 4 showing About This TV menu.

Does it matter what version of webOS I have on my TV?

not truly. there be different version of webOS available, and any television receiver that include webOS 4.0 operating room modern, up to webOS twenty-two, will be able to download update use the direction we post above ( oregon identical similar ). The outside control may cost vitamin a little different, merely most other seafaring price should sour. The only thing to note constitute that, for the previous webOS, once you get to wholly setting, you ’ ll desire to rifle to general and the about This television rather of support to find your update option .

What if I can’t push an update with my online connection?

foremost, we hint travel to our Wi-Fi trouble-shoot guide if your Wi-Fi international relations and security network ’ metric ton ferment all in all. differently, your LG television receiver should be able to associate. merely if nothing seem to equal work, there ’ second vitamin a slightly messy option you toilet hear .

sojourn LG ’ second software and driver page. here, search for the particular model number of your LG television, and blue-ribbon your model when you find information technology. use associate in nursing empty USB drive to download the late firmware available for your LG television receiver model by right-clicking and choose distill all .

now, slip in the USB drive into one of the free USB port along your LG television. The television receiver should automatically detect the booklet inch doubt and advise you that ampere USB update be ready. choose install and trace the update guidepost to arrant the facility .

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