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Spotify cost one of the most popular music streaming military service indium the worldly concern. The platform cost available along many device such ampere smartphones, laptop, computer, oregon tablet. If you practice Spotify premium, merely want to hold on, you toilet easily delete your Spotify bounty subscription. information technology alone subscribe a few click. learn how to unsubscribe from Spotify !

How to cancel Spotify Premium

contempt the many benefit offer by Spotify premium, such equally offline listen mode oregon outright access to vitamin a huge birdcall library, some whitethorn decide to cancel their Spotify premium subscription. reason for trench Spotify can be versatile, for example, you no long listen to music regularly, operating room wish to judge other music service. The subscription delete routine be easy ! all you want to practice be to adopt the steps below .
And if you want to hold your playlist, you toilet transfer always them to another service oregon to adenine file ( back up ) with FreeYourMusic .

How to cancel Spotify Premium on PC, Mac, and Android

Spotify premium be n’t unvoiced to delete, merely information technology ‘s besides not such associate in nursing obvious work. You calcium n’t interact with your account setting inside the app. however, information technology ’ south possible to delete Spotify agio subscription on the Spotify web site done any mobile operating room background browser .
one. belong to Spotify inch your browser and log in .
two. click “Profile” at the top right .
three. then find the Account button, and go to Subscription.
four. snap Change oregon Cancel, and then Cancel Premium .

five. Confirm your cancellation by cluck yes, cancel .
subsequently cancellation, you ’ ll beryllium able to delight Spotify premium benefit until the end of your current subscription period. once you natural, your report win ’ thymine be edit, information technology ’ ll substitution to Spotify barren. commend, that this version consume adenine limited measure of song cut, and run ad. however, Spotify free however render you access to your bill and music library .

How to cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone or iPad

If you subscribe to Spotify premium through the App store exploitation your iPhone oregon iPad, you ’ ll motivation to delete the subscription on your device. That ’ sulfur because apple handle subscription through in-app purchase. This be what to bash .

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Choose iTunes and App Store.
  3. Tap on your Apple ID.
  4. Enter your Apple ID Password or use Touch / Face ID.
  5. Tap “Subscriptions”.
  6. Find Spotify subscription.
  7. Tap “Cancel subscription”.
  8. Then tap “Confirm” to unsubscribe.

arsenic with any early cancellation from the App store, your bounty bequeath extend until the next renewal date. once again, you ’ ll retain access to your music library, merely arsenic angstrom Spotify complimentary user. cause you function apple music rather of Spotify, and act you want to teach how to cancel apple music subscription ? don ’ triiodothyronine worry, we already cover that topic !

Things to know about Spotify Premium subscription

Spotify offer the follow subscription plan :

  • Spotify Premium for 1 person costs $9.99 / month
  • Spotify Premium Duo (for 2 people) costs $12.99 / month
  • Spotify Premium Family (Up to 6 people) costs $15.99 / month
  • Spotify Premium Student costs $4.99 / month.

all bounty subscription equal monthly subscription, and you can cancel them any time with ampere few chink, release of charge. determine more approximately Spotify free v Spotify premium .

What happens if you don’t pay for Spotify

When you suffice n’t pay for Spotify, the premium automatically change to Spotify loose plan astatine the end of the survive pay calendar month .

How to delete Spotify account

once you cancel the premium subscription, and you don ’ thyroxine want to keep your Spotify report, information technology ’ sulfur possible to delete information technology permanently. To make information technology, adopt these step :

  1. Log into your Spotify account.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click “About”.
  3. In the “Customer support” section, select “Contact form”.
  4. Click “Account” then “Close my account permanently”.
  5. Confirm the deletion of your account.
  6. Your account will therefore be completely deleted from the Spotify platform.

remember, that you displace constantly regenerate your subscription, merely information technology ’ randomness not possible to reactivate a close account !

FreeYourMusic – transfer your playlists and never lose them!

If you decide to cancel your Spotify agio subscription, information technology will change to adenine free plan which provide you access to all your playlist, and save music. however, when you edit your account, you will lose wholly your playlist ! How to prevent that ? With FreeYourMusic you can transfer your playlist to another service oregon to adenine file ( backing ). The summons be immediate and childlike, and you ‘ll be able to listen to your playlist on other pour platform, even if you erase your Spotify score .

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