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If you have spent time designing on Procreate, you might have noticed that your gallery can become a bite chaotic if you don ’ metric ton spend fourth dimension organizing your artwork. One of the best ways to organize your gallery is by stacking artworks together. These stacks become folders that hold your consociate digital art and designs. This makes it much easier to sort through your make and find the artwork you are looking for and this is a great way to streamline your design work flow 🙂 But what happens when you want to remove an artwork from a stack ? How to unstack in Procreate ? In this web log mail, I ’ ll go over some tips and tricks for unstacking your files in Procreate. This can be a life buoy when you ’ re working on a boastfully art or design project and need to keep things organized !

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How to Unstack in Procreate

1) Select the art stack you want to make changes to

Step 1: How to unstack in Procreate. This is an open stack in Procreate so for the first step in the unstacking process, you should make certain you have correctly tapped on the smokestack you want to dismantle. You will see that the stack you have selected will open up and show you the contents of the images within it .

2) Hold your finger down on the artwork and move it to the left

Step 2: How to unstack in Procreate. Holding one finger down on the one artwork you want to remove from the stack and move it to the left side of your canvass. This helps Procreate to understand that you want to move your artwork .

Step 3: How to unstack in Procreate. Keep holding your finger down on the image you want to remove from the stack and drag the double over the file mention in the top leave corner. Remember that your finger should be held securely on the tablet coat because if you lift it, the double will jump or snap back to its original position . [Related article: How to Curve Text in Procreate]

Step 4:How to unstack in Procreate. If you want your designs to appear in the general Gallery, fair release your finger angstrom soon as your screen pops up. If you wish to move your designs to another batch, keep your finger hard on them and drag them to the newfangled push-down list. Simply drag your images on the new stack once you ’ ve dropped your current stack and release your designs. once you have done this, your artwork will be removed from the smokestack and dropped into where you want them to be. easy peasy ! This may take a bit of drill, but once you have the hang of it it will become second nature !unstacked artwork in procreate

5) To unstack multiple artworks

Last step: How to unstack in Procreate. If you have a few digital art pieces you want to move out of a push-down storage then you can do this by holding down your finger on one of the artwork, and then tapping on the others you want to be selected .

6) Drag selected images over filename

As I outlined above, whilst holding your finger on the selected artworks, drag the images over the file name in the top left corner. ( Remember that your finger should be held firm on the pill surface because if you lift it, the images will jump or snap back to their original military position. [Related Article: How to Make a Perfect Circle in Procreate]

What is the point of stacking designs in Procreate?

The sharpen of stacking designs is that it allows your canvases to be more organized. If you stack them in concert, you can easily see the artwork bundled together on your screen. This reduces ocular clutter on Procreate and helps make your work flow easy, allowing you to create better digital artwork pieces without having to scroll through all of your artwork first.

Here is a great video on organizing your gallery in Procreate .

  • Stack related artwork together.
  • Make sure to name your new stacks so you know exactly what they contain.
  • When dismantling a big stack of designs, avoid removing them all at once.
  • Don’t rush your unstacking process. Make sure that you are removing the designs in the correct order and watch out for changing positions of your images as they can move around if you’re not holding them down firmly.
  • Unstack designs in logical chunks.
  • Group designs in accordance to where they’ll be organized.
  • If you have several designs going to an existing stack, unstack them and take them directly to their new stack.
  • Look through your stacks often and makes sure your designs are in the right place.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Unstacking in Procreate

How do I rename a stack in Procreate?

To rename a stack in Procreate you need to tap on the current file name. At foremost, the file identify will merely be “ stack ”. then once it is selected you can type in the name you want it to be .

How to name canvas on Procreate?

To name a canvas on Procreate select the file name and then type in the name you will like it to be .

How do you ungroup layers in Procreate?

To ungroup layers in Procreate you need to select the level you want to remove from the group and drag it out and into the general layers folder .

How do I rename a layer in Procreate?

To rename a level in Procreate you select the layer you want to rename and tap on it. Tap on “ Rename Layer ” and then type in the name you want .

How do you undo a mistake in procreate?

The fastest way to Undo on Procreate is to tap the canvas with two fingers at once. Another means to undo is to tap on the “ back ” arrow on the Procreate toolbar. If you hold down your two fingers on the canvas, then several steps will be undone .

Can you Unmerge layers in Procreate?

You may only undo Procreate layer merges by using the Undo dominate justly away. If you wait besides long or close your design, your compound layers will be permanent, and you won ’ thymine be able to unmerge them .

What is Procreate compatible with?

Procreate is compatible with Apple ’ s iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4, and any other models that are equipped with the Apple Pencil .

How do I move a stack file in Procreate?

To move a push-down storage file in Procreate, beginning select all the files you want to move by holding down your finger on one of those selected images and then tapping on the others. After that, drag them over the file list as shown above and wait for it to appear .

How do I delete a canvas in Procreate?

To delete a poll in Procreate, plainly tap on the file and then tap on erase .How-to-Unstack-in-Procreate-with-these-Easy-Steps 4


If you have been wondering how to unstack in Procreate this military post will show you quick and easy steps that can save you time and harass when you ’ ra working on a big stick out. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this web log post, you ’ ll be able to keep your artwork organized and well accessible. Give it a try ! Other Procreate articles you may enjoy… [Looking for the best iPad for Procreate?] [18 Free Color Palettes for Procreate] [How to add text in Procreate] [How to change to the opacity of a layer in Procreate] [How to copy and paste in Procreate]

[How to delete layers in Procreate]

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