Unlock Password Protect Excel File [Step-by-step Guide]

Quick Fixes to Open Password Protect Excel File

How to open a password protect Excel file ? Please download Repairit from the buttons on the veracious to have a quick fixate !
Try It Free Try It Free Q. Can I remove or change workbook passwords?
Ans. Yes, you can remove or change workbook passwords. Anybody who knows the stream password can remove or change workbook passwords. The steps are pretty simple. All you have to do is open the coveted workbook and pawl on the Unprotect Sheet, which will remove the password. To change the password, click on Protect Workbook and type and confirm the newly password .
Protecting your significant files with a password ( password protected in Excel ) has become a classify of a must for everybody. With the ever-increasing cases of cyber larceny, one always has to be on their toes when it comes to work-related data and numbers. Whether it is your personal computer or laptop, or your electronic device at your office, each of them should always be password protected to save yourself the trouble by and by .
As we mentioned above, it is possible to open a password protect Excel file. And this post is all you need to make your spreadsheet feasible once again. In addition to all these solutions, this mail will besides act as your guide on how you can open a corrupt Excel file with the care of Wondershare Repairit.

Part 1: How to Open Password Protected Excel File with Known Password?

Since you are already aware of the password, depart 1 is the simplest, easiest, and least time-consuming part. All that needs to be done by you is that you have to enter the password in Excel and the file will be opened in battlefront of you in a matter of seconds .
These are the steps you can undertake to open a password protected Excel file with a known password :
1. Open File – The first base step is to go to the localization where your to-be opened file is and double cluck on it. You can besides right-click on the desired file and select the ‘open ‘ option. While there are early ways of opening the charge excessively, these two are the most often selected ones .
2. Enter Password – Since the plane you are striving to open is password-protected, you will be greeted with a pop-up book where you will be asked to enter the password which will unprotect the sheet. once unprotected, you will be able to see the contents of the sail .
enter password
3. Click OK – Once you have entered the password, you will have to click on the ‘OK ‘ option which is award on the buttocks right field of the pop fly. This will lead you to the file, fix for you to see and work on it .
Another reason why this partially has been termed as the easiest and fastest of all is that no matter which Excel version you are using – excel 2007. Excel 2010, Excel 2016, or any other Excel interpretation for that matter, the steps for each of them are the lapp .
In the case of known passwords can easily open password-protected excel files, but how to open password protected Excel file without password ? Please continue to see the following methods .

Part 2: How to Unprotect Excel Spreadsheet without Software by VBA Code?

Microsoft developed a programming linguistic process named VBA which is a region of Microsoft Office. VBA is the acronym for Visual Basic for Applications and is used to accomplish thousands of different tasks such as maintaining a list of assorted things, helps you in forecasting & budget, helps you in analyzing scientific datum & besides aids developing charts .
One of its features from its basket of tasks is its ability to help you unprotect Excel sail without password without software. And it can be done by just undertaking these 4 steps. here they are :
1. Open Excel File – The primary coil thing you have to do is open the Microsoft Excel file in question .
2. Open VBA Editor – The simplest way to open VBA Editor is by pressing the Alt key and F11 key simultaneously .
3. Insert Module – The future mistreat is to insert a module for Insert Menu
4. Enter Code – Once the code window is open in front of you, you will have to insert the keep up lines of code .
Sub UnProtectWorkbook ( )
On Error GoTo ErrorOccured
Dim pwd1 As String, ShtName As String
pwd1 = InputBox ( “ Please Enter the password ” )
If pwd1 = “ ” then Exit Sub
ShtName = “ Workbook as a solid ”
ActiveWorkbook.Unprotect Password : =pwd1
MsgBox “ The workbook ‘s structure has been Unprotected. ”
Exit Sub
mistake occurred :
MsgBox “ Workbook could not be UnProtected – password Incorrect ”
Exit Sub
End Sub
5. Save the File – After having entered the above code lines into the code window, press the ‘Save ‘ button. Your file will be saved in a macro-enabled workbook .
6. Press F5 – To execute the above steps of action, wardrobe F5 .
once you follow the steps carefully, you will be able to unprotect Excel Files without software by VBA Code .

Part 3: How to View / Open Protected Excel by Modifying the File Extension?

While these steps might not precisely be the best fit for newer Microsoft Office versions, they work amazingly good for Microsoft Office 2010 or any former versions of the like .
You will be able to view or open protected Excel Files by modifying the file extension by following these ace dim-witted 10 steps :

  • Create Backup – One of the most crucial things you have to do even before the procedure begins is to create a stand-in of the Excel charge that is protected with a password .

  • Rename File – After having created a stand-in, you need to rename the file by right-clicking on the excel plane and clicking on the ‘rename ‘ button .

  • Change Extension – Whether your file has a .csv annex or a .xls propagation, it is clock time for you to change it to a .zip extension .

turn excel to zip

  • Unzip Content – After having renamed the file and having changed the reference to .zip, it is time to unzip the contented from the zip up file .

  • Search File – now you need to search for the file that ends with a .xml format .

  • Open File – After having found the file with .xml format, pawl on that file and open it with an XML editor .

extract files

  • Press ‘Ctrl + F’ – Pressing the Ctrl clitoris and F together will let you find your craved son. In this case, you are searching for the password ‘SheetProtection ‘. You need to search for .

delete sheet protection

  • Remove that Word – Once you have found that word, remove it from the file .

  • Save File – After removing the word from the file, save it .

  • Change Extension – Once you have saved the file, change back the file extension from .zip to .xls or .csv, whichever you prefer or want .

When you have successfully undertaken all the 10 steps written above, all your worksheets will be rendered unprotected. This means you will be able to open any of your files without having to type in the password .

Part 4: How To Unlock A Password Protected Excel File Online?

Are you faced with the publish that you forget your excel password ? If you are thinking about using an on-line cock to unlock password protect Excel file, then the first base matter you need to make sure of is to have a potent and authentic internet association to save yourself from any obstruction while the task is being done .
While we are at it, it is besides authoritative to know that not all files can be unlock. frankincense, it will not be wrong to say that on-line methods to unlock password protected Excel file work only when the strength of the password is not besides potent. besides, it is not an entirely safe way to unlock your Excel file. thus, you should go for on-line methods alone if the file in question does not contain life-altering data .
Since you have decided to go with on-line ways, here are 5 steps you will have to undertake to unlock excel passwords on-line and release :

  • Open Site – Open the on-line portal vein you have chosen for your tax .

  • Upload File – Once you open the on-line window on your computer, you will see an option that says ‘Drop file to upload or click here. You can either drop the Excel file from another window or chatter on the ‘click here ‘ option to search and upload your desired file .

upload excel

  • Sit Back & Relax – Your occupation here is about done because after uploading the file, the password recovery process will commence and start to do its sour. The time it will consume depends on respective factors and one of the most significant of those is password potency. You can anytime see the progress of the process of recovery on the screen .

  • Note Down the Password – Once the recovery summons is completed, you will be able to see the crack password on your screen. You can take a note of your password so that you do not forget it the future time .

OK, that is it ! The bit-by-bit tutorial to unlock password-protected excel online for free .

Part 5: How to Open a Corrupted Excel File?

All of us have faced this return when our file does not open because it is corrupted. The problem can become grave if you do not have a backing of your files .
The best and the simplest way though is to make use of Wondershare Repairit software because it lets you open your crooked files which did not have any accompaniment .
3 main methods can help you open a corrupt Excel file :

1. Open and Repair Method

You can manually repair damage Excel files with the Open and Repair Method and does not require backing as well. hera are the steps that should be followed :

  • Click the MS Office pill

  • Click on Open

  • once the ‘Open ‘ dialogue box opens, choose the corrupt files

  • Click on the arrow and then ‘Open and Repair ‘

  • Click the ‘Repair ‘ yellow journalism

open and repair excel

2. Excel File Repair Software – Ultimate Solution

Third-party tools can be used to open defile files but one has to be exceptionally careful while choosing this third party. Make sure this third-party tool is authentic and can perform multiple tasks .
Wondershare Repairit  is the most wide suggested joyride to perform such kinds of functions. This software can effectively and well repair XLSX files. besides, Repairit is available for both Windows and Mac OS. here are some of the total advantages :

Wondershare Repairit – File Repair

Try It Free Try It Free 5,481,435 people have downloaded it .

  • Repair damaged Excel files with all levels of corruptness, including blank files, files not opening, unrecognizable format, indecipherable message, files layout changed, etc .

  • Provide an easy fix option for formula, cell comments, images, table, chart sheet, charts, etc .

  • perfectly animate corrupted discussion .docx files with a 100 % success rate, without modifying the original file .

  • Support Microsoft Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Office 365 .

Steps to Repair Excel file with Wondershare Repairit :
step 1. Download Repairit software, then install and launch it .
On the Home sieve, you will find a few options. Select the one which lets you select the ‘File Repair ‘ and ‘Add ‘ clitoris to upload defile Excel files
select corrupt excel files
step 2. Click on the ‘Repair ‘ choice which lets you select XLSX files .
start repair
once you have selected the file/files, click on the ‘repair ‘ immediate to initiate the process of repairing
step 3. once the haunt ends, you will be able to see all the repairable items on the left side. Any of these can be previewed by double-clicking .
Click on the ‘save file ‘ prompt once you are satisfied with the preview .
footprint 4. Choose the destination of your option and suction stop on ‘ok ‘
save the repaired excel

Part 6: How to Remove Password from Excel File without Knowing Password?


Excel files are employed by most big and modest companies to keep a track record of their finances, emergence, input, output, and about everything else that is business-related. Under such circumstances, when everything can be found in Excel files, they hold the wholly circulative arrangement of your business. Thus, protecting them becomes a necessity. however, since so many files – personal and professional are password-protected, remembering therefore many passwords has become a tax in itself besides .
If you are person who is stuck with an Excel spreadsheet because you besides put up a password and immediately can not seem to remember it, we have got you covered with this post. By the way, Wondershare Repairit is a good choice for you .

Tip: Video Tutorial on How to Recover an Unsaved/Deleted Word Document?

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