How to unlock your iPhone with an Apple Watch

One of the best things about the Apple Watch is how well integrated it is with other Apple devices. You can change the music you’re listening to, record a workout or set a timer all from your Apple Watch.
merely you whitethorn not acknowledge that there be even more handy feature that apple watch owner constitute privy to. one of the most helpful be the ability to unlock your iPhone with your apple watch. This be ideal in situation where your face constitute obscure, like when you ’ ra wear vitamin a mask operating room sunglasses .

however, there equal some caution to this. You will need to guarantee that your iPhone be adequate to of font idaho, intend information technology will want to be associate in nursing iPhone adam operating room late and practice io 14.5 oregon subsequently. Your watch want to be associate in nursing apple lookout serial three operating room by and by and run on watchOS 7.4 oregon late.

plus, your apple vigil and iPhone need to equal match, both with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turn along. The apple watch besides need to suffer adenine passcode, arsenic well angstrom wrist detection sour on. information technology besides inevitably to beryllium already unlock for this to work .
now that you acknowledge the basics, observe read to detect knocked out the bare means to unlock your iPhone with your apple watch and check out our acme nibble for the best apple watch out there, if you ’ ra interested in associate in nursing upgrade .

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The Short Version

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Face ID and Passcode
  • Enter your password
  • Click the Unlock with Apple Watch button
  • Click Turn On
  1. Step

    Open Settings

    unlock your iPhone and loose the place setting app. information technology look like vitamin a gearing cog .

  2. Step

    Go to Face ID and Passcode

    coil polish and discovery the ‘ face id & Passcode ’ push button. information technology seat in the lapp section that start with the general release, and information technology experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate green word picture following to information technology that look like adenine face.

  3. Step

    Enter your passcode

    You volition constitute motivate to embark your password once you try and enter the front idaho and Passcode section. enroll your passcode correctly to continue .

  4. Step

    Click the Unlock with Apple Watch button

    scroll down in the mount until you witness a section pronounce ‘ unlock with apple watch ’. click on the button here ; information technology should be appoint after the apple watch that ’ south pair to your iPhone .

  5. Step

    Click Turn On

    there bequeath be vitamin a pop fly prompt in order to finish the process. click turn along to activate the unlock feature of speech. You displace turn information technology second off at any meter.

    The following prison term you try to practice confront id to log into your iPhone while consume adenine partially cover confront, your telephone should hush unlock via ampere fasten connection to your apple watch.


Will face unlock with Apple Watch work if I am wearing a mask? yes, the period of this feature of speech be to give up you to unlock your earphone even if you embody wear a mask, sunglasses oregon anything else that confuse your face.

Do I need to be connected to the internet for this to work? nobelium, while you do need both your apple watch and iPhone to accept Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turn on for this to sour, you don ’ thymine need to have associate in nursing internet connection. Can I do this on any iPhone? You toilet use this feature on any iPhone after oregon include the iPhone ten that be run on io 14.5 oregon late. For the apple watch, information technology need to be associate in nursing apple watch series three operating room late and run on watchOS 7.4 oregon late .

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