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Genshin Impact ‘s Version 2.0 update is finally here and with it comes the trade name new state of Inazuma. The electro state is an archipelago with a identical rigid policy on outsiders. We learned a little about it from Kazuha ‘s questline but now we can go and see the island for ourselves and find out what precisely is going on .
however, getting to Inazuma, and more importantly, being allowed to roam around the islands, does require you to follow a few steps and meet some pre-requisite conditions. here ‘s how to get to Inazuma and when you ‘ll unlock the exemption to explore.

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What Are The Requirements To Unlock Inazuma In Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Inazuma Suburbs In order to access the quest chain to unlock Inazuma you ‘ll need to meet the follow requirements :

  • Reach Adventure Rank 30 or above.
  • Complete the Archon Quest Chapter Two: Prologue – Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves.

You ‘ll learn a few basics about Inazuma during the Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves quest chain and this fib will set up your passage to the islands .

How Do I Get To Inazuma In Genshin Impact?

Genshin IMpact setting sail for Inazuma once you have met the requirements set out above the Archon Quest Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymiawill automatically be accepted. This will ask you to go over to Liyue and see Katheryne. While you are there person will come and escort you to Beidou’s ship.
As promised, she will offer you safe passage to Inazuma. however, once you get through the storm the difficulties have fair begun and before you can roam freely around Inazuma you ‘ll need to do a few tasks for your new friend Thoma.
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How Do I Get To Inazuma City?

You ‘ll need to progress further through the quest chain in holy order to unlock access to the city itself and release passage across the islands .
You ‘ll need to allow a couple of hours to get through this bay chain, longer if you take time to explore along the way .
here ‘s a summation of what you ‘ll need to do :

Setting Sail

Genshin Meeting Thoma This is a good continuation of the original quest and introduces you to Thoma, Beidou ‘s business partner. He will help you follow Inazuma’s procedure for outsider’s which involves submission papers and march. This part is far simpler than it sounds .

Confessions Of An Outsider

Genshin Impact Steath quest section The adjacent part of the quest chain sees you solve an return for Thoma ‘s merchant ally. largely this is just a event of following breadcrumb quests around the area, talking to unlike people. however, it does involve a stealth section .
When you get to this character you ‘ll notice that your target has an eye icon above his mind. If you get besides close to him a red circle will begin to appear above this. If you see this move back slightly and it will fade. Make certain not to move besides far away or he will vanish out of view .
Genshin Impact inazuma first island After the stealth quest, you ‘ll be sent to visit the Komore Teahouse. Along the way, there are a couple of waypoints you can unlock. Keep an eye on your map to get an mind of their location – they appear as attenuate icons – then keep an center out for the red light. As with former waypoints you equitable need to click them and they ‘ll be unlocked .

Ritou Escape Plan

Genshin Impact Delivering a letter At this point, you realize that you need to get off the small island you are on. With Thoma nowhere near to ask for advice, Traveler forms their own plan. It involves a few more breadcrumb quests and an escort quest.
The escort quest works in the same direction as daily date quests do. You ‘ll need to accompany a balloon across the water to the adjacent island, fighting bandits along the way. This is the first time you ‘ll encounter the Nobushi, samurai-type enemies who are alike to treasure hoarders but a fiddling sturdy .
Once they are dispatched you ‘ll be on the main island of Narukami and can explore more freely. There are waypoints to unlock and side quests will start to appear. You can besides wander down to Inazuma City .
If you want to take a snorkel from the independent quest chain this is a good fourth dimension to do it. The side quests are by and large fetch quests and will send you around the island .
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Three Wishes

Genshin Impact teahouse greeting now you are last at the teashop, you ‘ll be reunited with Thoma. After learning some more about Inazuma ‘s history and the Vision Hunt Decree you ‘ll take a trip to the Kasimoto residence.

It ‘s here that after a conversation with Ayaka you ‘ll be asked to visit three people who have had their visions removed during the Vision Hunt .

The Meaning Of Meaningless Waiting

Genshin Tejima wants to leave The first person you ‘ll visit is Tejima at Konda Village. He ‘ll talk to you about losing his sight and you ‘ll need to do a couple of fetch quests to help piece his story together.
once you ‘ve figured out what ‘s going on you can answer some questions for him before you need to move on to the next person .

To Treat The Well-Meaning Well

Genshin Kurosawa explaining vision loss The following person is a samurai, one of the politics ‘s own. Everyone appears to be huffy with him and Traveler needs to work out why. This involves speaking to a few people and making a trip back to Inazuma City. This incision of the quest chain also involves combat, although it ‘s very minimal since you ‘ll barely need to deal with a handful of gem hoarders .
once you ‘ve unraveled the story behind Kurosawa then it ‘s time to head over to the final person on the list, a skilled swordmaster .

A Swordmaster’s Path Is Paved With Broken Blades

Genshin Lady Yae coming down from the shrine Domon’s is the most complex story of them all. once again the passing of a sight has resulted in a narrative you ‘ll need to unravel. This is largely done by asking questions and following clues .
Towards the conclusion of the quest, you ‘ll be sent to find Yae Miko. She will give you some answers, help Domon, and then you ‘ll watch a resolution shape. After the history is complete you ‘ll need to go back to see Ayaka again, your undertaking completed .
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A Flower Blooms In Prison

Genshin Kamisato Ayaka After speaking to Ayaka you ‘ll join her cause and head out to seek aid for the final stage of this quest chain. After witnessing the Vision Hunt in build up you ‘ll meet up with Yoimiya who will join you as you guess into the final domain.

Police Detention Center Domain

Genshin Impact police detention center domain

  • Recommended Party Level: 80 (Based on World Level 6)
  • Recommended Elements: Pyro, Cryo

The Police Detention Center is reasonably simple but does have a few unexpected surprises. hera are some tips to help you navigate Inazuma’s first domain.


Genshin Kairagi pyro and cryo The independent enemies are the Nobushi, who are the most normally line up enemies in Inazuma. There are three unlike types to look out for .

  • Nobushi: Hitsukeban
    • These swordsmen will use their weapons as well as saltpetre powder attacks.
  • Nobushi: Jintouban
    • These melee damage dealers are adept at swordsmanship.
  • Nobushi: Kikouban
    • These samurai use crossbows to attack at range.

You ‘ll besides encounter some Kairagi. These are more elect enemies and hit much harder than the Nobushi. There are two types .

  • Kairagi: Fiery Might
    • Uses Pyro attacks
  • Kairagi: Dancing Thunder
    • Uses Lightning attacks

Try to watch the patterns of their weapon swings and aoe in order to avoid the deadliest blows .

Traps, Statues, And Electrified Flooring

Genshin Klee By Traps There are actually some traps in the sphere vitamin a good, which can be missed if you do n’t know they are there. The image above shows an electro trap. You ‘ll see these in a couple of the corridors and they can be easy to miss .
Sparks of electro energy will intermittently come out of the hole in the center and they can hit quite unvoiced, specially if they stack up, or your character is vulnerable to electro damage .
Genshin klee by shrine Electro damage is a composition in this world and on a couple of occasions, you ‘ll encounter a group of enemies glowing purple. The first time you see them Paimon will prompt you to locate the state you can see in the image above .
Simply approach the statue and interact with it. This will turn it off and the office promote nearby enemies are receiving will dissipate .
Genshin Klee by electro floor The final trap to watch out for is the electrify floor. It has three states which rotate. They are :

  • Purple
    • This is electrified and will deal a large amount of electro damage while you stand on it.
  • Glowing Red
    • This is the state change. The platform is currently safe but will change state very soon.
  • Brown
    • Just regular flooring. This state is the shortest-lived so you’ll usually have to jump when the floor is red.

The key here is to jump from one to another quickly as they change state. There ‘s besides a opening mid-way where you can stop before passing the concluding boards before the ladder .

Tips For Completing The Domain

Genshin Inazuma domain completed The domain is quite simple and largely serves as a walkthrough of the new mechanics and enemies you can expect in Inazuma. here are a few early things you need to know :

  • As you navigate the corridors you’ll see three well-type shrines with amulets in. Make sure to collect these as you’ll need them to open the door at the end.
  • Climbing ladders and checking gaps will also yield some common chests as you venture around.
  • Yoimiya will separate from you early on and you’ll reunite towards the end of the domain challenge.

once you ‘ve completed this domain expect an extend cutscene before the quest completes. This is the end of the Act 1 quest range. Ayaka will tell you that you are free to explore Inazuma, although this will be immediately followed by a second quest chain in which she offers to take you on a enlistment .
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