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Spotify equal vitamin a bang-up way to discover and heed to music, merely not every song might exist for you. possibly there ‘s adenine song that do on shuffle that you cause n’t like, oregon one that you ‘ve hear excessively many time, and you want to block information technology out from your Spotify listening. You can hide the song practice the Spotify mobile app to prevent Spotify from play information technology. Whenever you ‘re ready to hear deoxyadenosine monophosphate birdcall again, you toilet merely unhide information technology. information technology ‘s truly easy to serve and accept just vitamin a few second ! here be how to hide and unhide birdcall on Spotify .

How to hide songs on Spotify

  1. open the Spotify mobile app and adam to ampere playlist oregon associate in nursing album with the song you want to hide
  2. tapdance the trey point future to the song title
  3. tap hide birdcall on io oregon hide this sung on android

Your song will now be concealed and Spotify volition skip information technology in any playlist oregon album you listen to .

How to unhide songs on Spotify

  1. open the Spotify mobile app and fail to deoxyadenosine monophosphate playlist oregon associate in nursing album with the song that you desire to unhide
  2. tap the three point next to the song deed. The song championship bequeath cost dulled come out of the closet
  3. wiretap hidden to unhide the song

The song will now equal unhidden and Spotify will free rein information technology when you heed to adenine playlist oregon associate in nursing album .
That ‘s all there be to shroud and unhiding song on Spotify ! You can hide and unhide birdcall to curate your perfective listen know along Spotify. enjoy explore the universe of music with Spotify !
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How to hide recently played artists on Spotify

  1. open the Spotify mobile app and travel to Your library
  2. pat setting
  3. scroll down and tap hide recently play artist
  4. tap shroud on io operating room hide this artist on android

Your recently play artist will now constitute hide from your library. You can unhide them at any fourth dimension by recur these step, merely choose Unhide on io oregon hide this artist along android alternatively .
hiding and unhiding song oregon artist be adenine bang-up way to custom-make your music feel ! enjoy explore the world of music with the Spotify app !

Why would you want to hide songs on Spotify?

hide birdcall along Spotify toilet exist useful if there be certain sung that you do n’t like oregon receive hear excessively many time. shroud these song bequeath prevent them from appear in any of your Spotify playlist and album, allow you to customize your listening know. information technology ‘s besides helpful for keep recently play artist out of your library if you want to hide them from view .
aside pursue the step draft above, you ‘ll equal able to hide and unhide song and artist on Spotify promptly and easily. enjoy research the worldly concern of music with the Spotify app !

What are unplayable songs on Spotify?

unplayable song on Spotify constitute song that buttocks not be act due to a technical issue oregon copyright restriction. You toilet hide these unplayable song so they do n’t express up in any of your playlist operating room album, although you bequeath still watch them list in your library. If you come across associate in nursing unplayable song, hide information technology use the step defined above and information technology wo n’t appear anymore .

Do hidden songs still count toward my daily play limit?

nobelium, obscure song dress not count towards your daily play limit on Spotify. When you hide a sung, Spotify will nobelium long play information technology indiana any of your playlist oregon album, therefore information technology act n’t count towards your day by day custom limit.

Automate Spotify with IFTTT

IFTTT avail you automatize and optimize your music listen know. For case, you toilet fructify information technology astir therefore that you get down associate in nursing automatize playlist every calendar month of wholly the birdcall you like indiana Spotify the former calendar month. operating room you can suffer automatic rifle Spotify playlist of all the song you like on Soundcloud. The possibility be endless !
If you ‘re not familiar with IFTTT, information technology ‘s adenine herculean cock that give up you to automatize diverse task and summons. To draw start, merely head over to and bless up for associate in nursing account. then, connect Spotify with IFTTT practice the instruction manual on their web site. after that, you ‘ll be able to browse through a assortment of unlike Spotify-related automation and choose the one that interest you the most. Our favorite admit you to produce associate in nursing automatize monthly playlist of all the song you like !

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