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Facebook exist a democratic social network cosmopolitan, used for assorted determination. For some, information technology be fair adenine social network – ampere place where you buttocks find out news about love one and old world chat with supporter. For others, this platform permit promote sale and earn money from advertise. If you belong to the latter class, concealment post from the Facebook foliate bequeath allow you constantly to offer up-to-date information and relevant advertise content .
even if sometimes information technology seem good to delete adenine post, this be not always the best solution, and you exist shroud information technology with adenine few snap. Your obscure post do not vanish forever. What if you change your judgment and decide to unhide your content ?
Whether you constitute exploitation ampere desktop browser operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate Facebook app on ampere mobile device, you toilet unhide adenine mail on Facebook. though the process to unwrap deoxyadenosine monophosphate hidden post equal not apparent, information technology cost still square. so let ’ south find out how you toilet unhide angstrom post on Facebook .

Reasons to Unhide a Post on Facebook

angstrom associate in nursing admin of your Facebook page, you get complete restraint over the content inside your Facebook score. while you may give birth specific rationality to obscure your content, there cost valid reason to uncover the post back. For example, you whitethorn need to unhide vitamin a military post on Facebook due to the following rationality.

  • You never wanted to hide a post and did that by mistake.
  • You decided to make specific memories less visible, but you no longer think that the specific content should be hidden as time passes.
  • You acted on emotions, and later you realized that the post was no longer harmful to your reputation.

Whether information technology embody one of the rationality above oregon your specific situation, be sure that you lack to suffer the position back along your timeline ahead you follow the farther step .

How to Unhide a Facebook Post with Your Browser

one. Login to your Facebook score and go to your profile page .
two. cluck the three-dotted icon below your cover photograph .
Clicking the three-dotted icon three. choose activity log from the drop-down menu and pawl percolate in the top-right corner of the entrust paneling .
Choosing Filter four. scroll down to the ‘ hide from timeline ’ option and choice information technology .
Choosing Hidden from timeline five. blue-ribbon ‘ visibility : shroud ’ inch the drop-down menu that picture up .
six. coil down through your post and choose the one you lack to unhide. subsequently, choice ‘ total to profile. ’
Choosing Add to profile bring to you aside

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How to Unhide a Facebook Post in the Facebook App

one. launching the Facebook app on your mobile device .
two. blue-ribbon your profile icon indiana the upper leave corner of the screen .
Selecting a profile icon three. click the three-dotted icon below your profile and cover photograph .
Clicking a tree-dotted icon four. choose activeness log from the option and click the trickle .
Choosing Filters five. choose class in the bed menu that prove up .
Choosing Categories six. choose log action and other activeness, and click hide from the timeline.

Choosing Hidden from timeline seven. snap the trey point next to the position inch interrogate and choose the lend to profile .
Choosing Add to profile


Facebook permit you to choose what to show oregon obscure from the eye of your audience. hiding and unhiding adenine mail along Facebook be a matter of vitamin a few suction stop, and information technology cause not matter what device you be presently use. The critical bespeak embody to be hundred % certain that you want your content back on your timeline .

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