[2023] How to Unlock Any iPhone 6 Passcode & Carrier Lock?

Have you ever been thus thwart with your iPhone supplier ’ randomness service and rates that you wished you could good unsubscribe ? Well, I have !
This is why I ’ ve reviewed everything there is to know about unlock iPhone SIM cards and how they help level the playing field between carriers today .
so, in this web log post, I will not only show you how to unlock iPhone 6 but besides the simple way to entree the io device in casing you disable it after forgetting the screen passcode .
so, let ’ s begin !

Part 1 How to Unlock iPhone 6 for Any Carrier Service or Network?

If you have chosen to get your iPhone 6 as part of a bargain with the current carrier, it would have been tied up to that network everlastingly until the entire terms have been met and the installments are repaid .
In case you have purchased an already used iPhone from another owner, then you would want to know the information on the original carrier wave. Without such details, it would be quite complicated to understand how to unlock iPhone 6s/Plus .

How to check if your iPhone is locked by a carrier?

however, if you know about the original carrier that locked the iPhone 6, check out the three methods I have applied myself to check whether the device is carrier-locked or not .

  • Using Settings
  • You can verify the mailman lock data using your iPhone 6 mise en scene menu. here is how :

  1. Go to Settings, and select the Cellular option.
  2. Next, pick the Cellular data option.
  3. If the Cellular data network tab is visible, then the device is unlocked. If not, it is carrier-locked.
  • Using the SIM Card
  • To successfully apply this solution, you must own two different SIM cards ( of other carriers ) .
    Check the steps below :

    1. Call any number using your present SIM card.
    2. Now, once you have let the call pass through, remove the card, and insert a new one. Also, restart the iPhone 6.
    3. Call again using the new number, and if the endeavor is successful, you are good to go. Otherwise, the iOS device is locked by your original carrier.
  • Contact the Current Carrier
  • You can skip the integral hassle and good contact your carrier ’ south customer patronize to check the status of the iPhone 6 ’ second carrier lock .
    Since you now understand the ways to check the carrier lock details, the next step is learning how to unlock the iPhone 6 carrier. Follow the adjacent share for the solutions !

    2 Most Reliable Methods to unlock iPhone carrier (Suitable for All iPhone Models)

    Two techniques can be used to unlock the iPhone carrier lock. I have personally tried both of them and got the ask consequence .

    Method 1 Contact Your Carrier


    Most AT & T iPhones come locked with a carrier lock in. There are respective ways to unlock an iPhone 6 on the AT & T network, including contacting customer service directly ( dial 06 to call ) or using the direct unlock code have provided on the AT & T web site .
    however, if you decide to go about it, unlocking your device is an easily process and will typically take alone minutes !
    If you need to unlock your iPhone 6 on T-Mobile, call 877-746-0909. The representative will be able to assist you and they can unlock your iPhone if it ’ s eligible !
    dash users need to call on 888-211-4727 to reach Sprint customer care to request them to remove the carrier lock from their iPhone 6 .
    Dial * 611 or 800-922-0204 if you have Verizon to contact their support team. Ask them to initiate a request to lift the restrictions that were placed on your iPhone .

    Method 2 Unlock iPhone Carrier with SIM Unlock Chip

    A SIM Unlock Chip is a device consist of a bantam chip that ’ mho installed inside existing handsets. It is attached to the iPhone 6 SIM card slot and allows for the unlock of any mobile device just by being plugged in .
    The cost of a SIM Unlock Chip ranges from $ 20- $ 30 depending on phone type and where it ’ sulfur ordered from, but they can by and large be purchased over the internet and besides locally, depending on where you are residing.


    1. Insert the iPhone 6 SIM Unlock Chip into the device’s SIM Card Tray, on top of the locked(current card).
    2. Now, copy the SIM code(available at the back of the chip), and edit ICCID.
    3. Once the 18-22 digit code is entered, restart your iPhone 6.
    4. There will be no carrier lock preventing you from switching carriers.

    Extra Tip: How Can You Tell If Your iPhone Has Been Unlocked from Carries successfully?

    placid a bit uncertain if you have successfully unlocked the iPhone 6 from the stream carrier ? Well, there is one way to find out. Check the steps below :

    • First, turn off your iPhone 6, and remove the current SIM card.
    • Now, insert the new SIM card(another carrier) into the device.
    • Restart the iPhone 6, and call any number.
    • If the call passes through successfully, then it means that your iPhone 6 is not carrier locked anymore.

    Part 2 How do I Unlock My iPhone 6 if I Forgot My Screen Passcode?

    If you forgot the passcode you set for your lock screen door on your iPhone 6, the only way to regain access to your iPhone 6 is to perform a factory restore .

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