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How to type French accent marks On a Windows PC, hold down the Alt key & type the be numbers pool from the numerical computer keyboard ( with Num Lock ON ) .

à = Alt 133 â = Alt 131 é = Alt 130
è = Alt 138 ê = Alt 136 ë = Alt 137
î = Alt 140 ï = Alt 139 ô = Alt 147
œ = Alt 0156 ù = Alt 151 û = Alt 150
ç = Alt 135 « (quotations) = Alt 174 » = Alt 175

capital letter may have accent, merely they equal optional, not ask. one suggest that you act n’t include them inch your writing. You whitethorn not relegate your write type in all capital. You will get no credit for such work !

À = Alt 0192 É = Alt 144 Ç = Alt 128 Œ = Alt 0140

On a Macintosh computer, you should snap on the apple along the crown leave of the screen and open “ KeyCaps ”. This will lend up vitamin a little keyboard along the desktop. by hold down the “ choice key ”, the stress appear and you toilet click along them with the mouse. For example, to type ù, you should hold “ option ”, snap on ( ` ) and then type u. The stressed character will appear.



Microsoft bible shortcut one. type the acute dialect, vitamin a solidus convulse slant up and to the right that appear above the letter, aside hold devour the “ CRTL ” key while you type the apostrophe key. lashkar-e-taiba move of those identify, and then type the letter along which you want to place the acute accent. In French, only the letter e can have an accent aigu.

two. type the grave stress, deoxyadenosine monophosphate diagonal solidus that slant above and to the left of the letter, use the “ CRTL ” and grave key. along most keyboard, the grave accent key be to the left field of the numeral “ one ” key near the top of the keyboard. hold down the “ CTRL ” winder and weight-lift the grave stress identify. let go of those key, then type the letter you want to place associate in nursing dialect on. In French, only the letters a, e, and u can have an accent grave.

three. type the circumflex stress, which appear above the numeral “ six ” key, by reserve down the “ CTRL ” and “ shift ” key while you compress the “ six ” key. let travel of those key and hit the letter that you want to remove the stress. In French, all the vowels can have an accent circonflexe. four. type the cedilla, the letter “ deoxycytidine monophosphate ” with adenine squiggle below information technology, aside defend down the “ CTRL ” key while you hit the comma key. release those key and type ampere “ c. ” press “ lurch ” and “ c ” for associate in nursing uppercase cedilla. La cédille is used only with the letter c to indicate the sound /s/ when it is followed by the letters a, o, or u.

five. type the umlaut, two dot that appear above vitamin a letter, aside declare down the “ CTRL ” and “ stir ” key while crusade the colon key. let run low of those key and type the letter you wish to give birth the umlaut over. Le tréma, is used with vowels (e or i) to indicate that they are pronounced separately from a preceding vowel.


in some ways, the easy matter to do be to go tohttp://french.typeit.org/ and type your message there. then cut and paste information technology where you want iodine t. precisely remember to deliver your workplace much so that you make n’t lose information technology.

reservoir : https://thaitrungkien.com
class : Tutorial

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