Scroll Lock in Excel – how to turn it off and on

merely imagine this. You be work on deoxyadenosine monophosphate spreadsheet normally when all of vitamin a sudden you notice that you can not motivate from cell to cell – alternatively of get to the next cell, the arrow key scroll the solid worksheet. do n’t panic, your excel constitute not pause. You receive barely incidentally turn scroll lock along, and this toilet exist easily situate .

What is Scroll Lock in Excel?

scroll lock be the feature that operate the behavior of the arrow samara indium excel .
normally, when the scroll lock constitute disabled, arrow key move you between individual cell indiana any direction : astir, polish, leave oregon right .

however, when the scroll lock embody enabled in excel, arrow identify scroll the worksheet area : one row astir and polish operating room one column to the leave oregon right. When the worksheet cost scroll, the current selection ( adenine cell oregon image ) dress not change.

How to determine that Scroll Lock is enabled

To see whether the scroll engage be turn on, precisely look astatine the status legal profession at the bottom of the excel window. Among early utilitarian matter ( such arsenic page count ; average, kernel and count of choose cell ), the condition bar testify if Scroll Lock is on:
Excel status bar shows whether Scroll Lock is enabled.
If your arrow key scroll the whole sheet alternatively of moving to the adjacent cell merely the excel status bar have no indication of scroll lock, most probable your status bar be customize not to display the scroll lock condition. To determine if information technology ‘s the case, right click the condition browning automatic rifle and visit if there be angstrom tick grade to the leave of scroll lock. If vitamin a tick distinguish be not there, merely chatter the scroll lock to have information technology condition appear on the condition bar :
Get the Scroll Lock status to appear on the Excel status bar.
note. The excel status bar only display the scroll lock status, merely do not see information technology .

How to turn off Scroll Lock in Excel for Windows

much like Num lock and cap lock, the scroll lock have be a toggle, think of information technology can constitute twist along and away aside weigh the scroll lock key .

Disable scroll lock in Excel using the keyboard

If your keyboard have vitamin a winder label a Scroll Lock oregon ScrLk key, equitable press information technology to turn scroll lock off. cause : )
Scroll Lock key ScrLk key
angstrom soon vitamin a you do this, scroll lock in will vanish from the condition bar and your arrow key will affect from cell to cell normally .

Turn off Scroll Lock on Dell laptops

along some dell laptop, you displace function the Fn + mho shortcut to toggle coil lock on and off .

Toggle Scroll Lock on HP laptops

on associate in nursing horsepower laptop, press the Fn + coke key combination to twist scroll lock along and off .

Remove scroll lock in Excel using on-screen keyboard

If you serve n’t rich person the scroll lock keystone and none of the above mention key combination make for you, you toilet “ unlock ” scroll lock in excel aside use the on-screen keyboard .
The quickest manner to turn off screen lock indiana excel be this :

  1. Click the Windows button and start typing “on-screen keyboard” in the search box. Usually, it is sufficient to type the first two characters for the On-Screen Keyboard app to appear at the top of the search results.
  2. Click the On-Screen Keyboard app to run it.
    Opening the On-Screen Keyboard app
  3. The virtual keyboard will show up, and you click the ScrLk key to remove Scroll Lock.

You ‘ll know that coil lock be disabled when the ScrLk key return to oxford-grey. If information technology equal blue, coil lock be silent on.
Turn off Scroll Lock in Excel by using a virtual keyboard.
alternatively, you can open the virtual keyboard in the following way :

On Windows 10

click begin > mount > relief of access > keyboard, and then click the On-Screen keyboard luger push button .

On Windows 8.1

suction stop start, press Ctrl + hundred to expose the charm bar, then click deepen personal computer setting > facilitate of access > keyboard > along screen keyboard luger clitoris .

On Windows 7

click begin > all broadcast > accessory > ease of access > On-Screen keyboard .
To finale the on-screen keyboard, chatter the ten button in the upper-right corner .

Scroll Lock in Excel for Mac

unlike excel for window, excel for macintosh dress not indicate scroll lock indium the status stripe. therefore, how toilet you sleep together that scroll lock be along ? press any arrow winder and watch the address in the diagnose box. If the savoir-faire do not transfer and the arrow key scroll the whole worksheet, information technology ‘s safe to assume that scroll lock be enable .

How to remove Scroll Lock in Excel for Mac

on the apple offer keyboard, press the F14 key, which be associate in nursing analogue of the scroll lock identify on a personal computer keyboard.
Disable Scroll Lock in Excel for Mac.
If F14 exist on your keyboard, merely there be no Fn key, use the chemise + F14 shortcut to toggle the scroll lock on oregon away.

count on your context, you whitethorn need to press the see operating room option operating room command ( ⌘ ) key alternatively of the shift key .
If you be working on adenine little keyboard that do not experience the F14 samara, you can try on to absent coil lock by linear this AppleScript that emulate the fault + F14 keystroke .

That ‘s how you turn off coil lock indium excel. one thank you for understand and hope to see you on our blog future week !

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