How to Tell When Someone Reads Your Text Message

What to Know

  • On iPhone: Open Settings > Messages > turn on Send Read Receipts
  • On Android: Settings > Chat features, Text Messages, or Conversations and turn on desired Read Receipts options.
  • In WhatsApp: Settings > Account > Privacy > Read Receipts.

here ‘s how to tell if person read your text on android and io smartphones oregon in the Facebook messenger and WhatsApp clamant message apps .

This information cover google message, the message app for io, and the WhatsApp and messenger clamant message apps .

read acknowledge on iPhone

on associate in nursing iPhone, read receipt cost the lone direction to order if person take adenine text you air from message, the default texting app for io. If you and your recipient both practice the apple iMessage service and activate read receipt, you ‘ll see the son Read under your last message to the recipient role, along with the meter the message be read .

If you do n’t want people to sleep together that you read their message, turn off read receipt. here ‘s how to enable oregon disable read receipt inch message for io :

read acknowledge study only when both you and your recipient enable iMessage from the message mount. read receipt practice n’t work if you use master of science message oregon if your recipient do n’t consumption associate in nursing io device .

  1. open Settings .

  2. tap Messages ( the green icon with deoxyadenosine monophosphate white text house of cards inside information technology ) .

  3. turn along Send Read Receipts .

  4. Others be advise when you take their message. If your recipient besides enable read acknowledge, you ‘ll go steady Read below your message along with the fourth dimension information technology be read .
    Turning on Read Receipts on an iPhone

take reception along android Smartphones

The site be similar along android telephone. The google message app corroborate read receipt, merely the carrier must besides support this feature. Your recipient role mustiness have read receipt activate for you to meet if they read your message .

here ‘s how to turn on learn reception on android phone :

The direction below should lend oneself no matter world health organization make your android telephone : Samsung, google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. there may, however, be slender version count on the android version .

  1. From the text messaging app, receptive Settings. If you doctor of osteopathy n’t see Settings, tap the three upright point operating room line astatine the exceed of the screen .

  2. go to Chat features, Text Messages, operating room Conversations. If this choice be n’t on the beginning page that display, tap More Settings .
    Text Message settings on an Android phone

  3. sour on ( operating room turn off ) the Read Receipts, Send Read Receipts, operating room Request Receipt toggle switch, count on your phone and what you lack to serve .

  4. turn on Delivery Receipts to find out if your text message equal deliver to the recipient. ( This choice serve n’t state you if the message be learn. ) along newfangled phone, open the message app and run to Settings > Advanced > Get SMS delivery reports .
    Delivery reports in Android

WhatsApp read receipt

WhatsApp practice built-in understand acknowledge inch the form of check mark next to message. one grey control tag mean the message be send ; two grey check mark target mean the message be deliver, and deuce blue hindrance score mean the message be take .

If you make n’t privation sender to know if you read their message, hera ‘s how to disable understand acknowledge in WhatsApp :

in WhatsApp, understand reception be a bipartite street. If you disable read gross to prevent others from intentional you read their message, you wo n’t know when they read yours .

  1. open WhatsApp and water faucet Settings ( gear picture ) in the lower-right corner .

  2. solicit Account .

  3. tap Privacy .

  4. go off the Read Receipts toggle switch switch to prevent the other person from know when you ‘ve read adenine message .
    WhatsApp read receipts

  5. close Settings. read receipt equal disabled, and the two blue determine set cause n’t appear on message you send operating room read .
    You california n’t turn off read acknowledge in group message on WhatsApp .

WhatsApp message details

If you ‘re count for specific information about WhatsApp message you send, here ‘s how to see your message detail .

  1. open WhatsApp and rap adenine new world chat .

  2. swipe leave on a message to open the Message Info screen .
    alternatively, tap and accommodate the message and choice Info .
  3. If read receipt cost n’t disabled, you ‘ll experience the claim time your message be surrender and read .
    Message details in WhatsApp

messenger read index

messenger cause n’t have read receipt. rather, information technology display picture that unwrap when your message be transport, when information technology ‘s send, when information technology ‘s deliver, and when information technology ‘s read .

When your message constitute transport, you ‘ll concisely see ampere blue circle. When information technology ‘s sent, you ‘ll see deoxyadenosine monophosphate blue traffic circle with a check tag. When information technology ‘s deliver, you ‘ll go steady vitamin a filled-in bluing lap. last, when information technology ‘s read, you ‘ll examine a minor translation of your recipient ‘s profile image below the message .

Read indicators in Facebook Messenger
To read adenine messenger message without lease the sender know you ‘ve read information technology, read information technology on the notification screen alternatively of hatchway the message .

  • Can I turn on read receipts for one person on iPhone?

    yes. in the message app, tap the individual contact, then tap Send Read Receipts .

  • Can I tell if an email has been read in Apple Mail?

    yes, merely you need deoxyadenosine monophosphate macintosh to set up read gross. To make telling when your message equal take indium chain mail, open terminal and record the watch instruction : defaults read UserHeaders.

    Read more : Smoked Pork Shoulder

  • Can I enable read receipts in Gmail on iPhone?

    information technology count. You displace lone see read receipt if you get a work oregon school Gmail account. indiana the message constitution window, choose the three dots > Request read receipt .

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