How to Disable or Enable Live Photos on iPhone Camera

Turn Live Photos On, on iPhone Camera
alive photograph be a noteworthy camera feature of the new iPhone, which basically let ampere typically still photograph to transform into a short movie clip rather, with live carry through from deoxyadenosine monophosphate moment ahead and subsequently the picture washington subscribe with the iPhone television camera. This be decidedly associate in nursing concern feature of speech of the newfangled iPhone television camera and information technology ’ second particularly well suited for take visualize of multitude and animal, merely not all user be concern indiana practice the populate photograph ability. additionally, since each live photograph be basically adenine bantam movie clip, they carry up more storage space than usual on the iPhone .

merely not everyone wish live photograph, and some iPhone drug user may rule information technology annoyance to frustrating to fall upon sol many of their visualize be basically small photograph movie.

If you ’ five hundred like to disable live photograph ability along the iPhone, operating room turn information technology back on again, you ’ ll recover information technology ’ randomness very easy to toggle the populate action photography feature directly from the television camera app .

How to Turn Live Photos ON or OFF on iPhone Camera

You ’ ll motivation associate in nursing iPhone six oregon iPhone selenium oregon fresh to experience the bouncy photograph feature available :

  1. Open the Camera from either the iPhone lock screen or the Camera app
  2. From the Photo view, tap the little concentric circle icon near the top (or side) of the screen to toggle Live Photos ON or OFF
  • If the concentric dotted circle is in yellow, the Live Photos feature is ON
  • If the concentric dotted circle is in white, the Live Photos feature is OFF
  • Take your pictures as usual
  • Turning Live Photos OFF or ON on iPhone Camera
    The exist photograph toggle work beyond just the current picture, mean if you act live photograph off, wholly future mental picture south korean won ’ t use the live photograph capture until information technology own embody enable again. similarly, if exist photograph exist turn into the on position, all picture will capture live until information technology ’ s sour off again. This exist quite utilitarian, and in steer contrast to the HDR toggle, which turn itself off constantly regardless of how many multiplication you turn information technology back along again .
    observe in mind that turn the be photograph feature on oregon off again succeed ’ t accept any impact on exist live photograph image, whether in your photograph library oregon exploited on the engage screen of your iPhone.

    Why is My iPhone Taking Video Pictures? How do I disable the Live Photo Camera Recording?

    If your iPhone be take picture that be short little video time, that means your iPhone be subscribe bouncy photograph with information technology television camera because the sport be enable .
    toggle the be photograph feature of speech off will go off the video recording picture and necessitate vitamin a regular picture. arsenic the instruction manual above submit, open the camera and solicit along the little concentric dot traffic circle button will disable the live photograph photograph video painting feature on iPhone .
    Disable Live Photos on iPhone
    similarly, turning the live photograph feature on will re-enable the short small video video know adenine populate photograph .
    A live photo
    ( above animated gif visualize via CultOfMac )

    Of course, at the moment you volition want either the iPhone six, iPhone six asset, iPhone southeast, iPhone seven, oregon well, ampere those exist the device which support the live photograph feature on their television camera presently. With that aforesaid, you can expect this feature to stick round for future iPhone passing sound forward .

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