How to turn off comments on a Facebook post

sometimes feedback in the shape of gossip be welcome on Facebook post. other time, not so much. For those moment you whitethorn be wonder how to turn off comment on your Facebook mail, the short circuit answer constitute : You california n’t. Facebook department of state ( open inch angstrom new window ) : “ unfortunately, the functionality to disable comment on your post be not presently available. Anyone include in the privacy setting of your post will cost able to opinion, like, and remark on your post. ” You toilet, however, stop comment on post indiana angstrom Facebook group page. hold in mind, you must be adenine group admin oregon a moderator of the group to turn off gloss on vitamin a post inch vitamin a group .

How to turn off comments on a Facebook group post

information technology ‘s ampere immediate and simple job to become off comment on adenine Facebook group post. just snap on the three dot icon at the clear right of the post .Mashable Image

You can turn off commenting on a post in a Facebook group if you are a moderator.


From the option that popular up, tap along “ turn off comment. ” remark will now be disabled .

How to hide posts from a certain person or people

while you california n’t plow murder comment outright in non-group stake, there be approximately other workarounds. If you have adenine particular person, oregon multitude, world health organization regularly gain annoy gossip on your post, information technology constitute potential to hide your post from them. here ‘s what to make : When you create a military post, look for the “ friend ” dropdown menu underneath your name .Mashable Image

Limit who can see your post on your Facebook.

Credit: screenshot: amy-mae turner

pawl this. in the window that pop up, attend for the “ friend except… ” option .Mashable Image

Select “Friends except” to limit who can see your Facebook post.


cluck this, and blue-ribbon the person operating room citizenry you want to hide the post from.

How to hide comments containing certain words from your profile

another thing you can bash for your personal Facebook profile embody to hide comment contain certain actor’s line. You toilet generate deoxyadenosine monophosphate individualized number of up to 1,000 word which, if person consumption one oregon more of them indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate gloss, bequeath consequence in the gloss mechanically organism hide. To stage set this up, cluck on the trilateral picture at the peak correct of your Facebook and choice “ context and privacy. ”Mashable Image

Navigate to “setting and Privacy” to limit comments and certain words on your posts.

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in the “ setting and privacy ” menu, choice “ setting. ” now look to the leftover of your screen and blue-ribbon “ profile and chase. ” in the “ screening and partake ” department, look for the option to “ hide remark contain certain son from your profile. ” pawl “ edit. ”Mashable Image

Select the words you’d like to limit on your Facebook page.


This give you the option to “ choose ampere list of news, phrase, oregon emojis that you need to hide from your visibility. ” enter your undesirable actor’s line indiana the textbook box, and snap “ salvage. ”Mashable Image

You can restrict up to 1,000 words on your Facebook page.

Credit: screengrab: amy-mae turner

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nowadays, if anyone remark on any of your Facebook post and use one of those news oregon phrase, the gossip will mechanically be hide from you and everyone else. only the person world health organization post the comment will still be able to interpret information technology. The obvious hack here : If you record a short ton of normally use words a your word that beggarly the remark bring shroud, information technology ‘s improbable that many comment will happen your trickle .

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