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narrative or sound recording description is a television receiver feature that provides information regarding key elements of a television program by reading out the captions on the filmdom .Vizio TV The feature allows visually afflicted individuals and those who find it challenging to understand text capacity to follow television programs easily .
besides known as articulation guidance, the narration feature uses text-to-speech engineering. It is saved differently in different television models that corroborate it .
The Vizio bright television has it as the Talk Back feature of speech.

This article explains how to turn off narration on your Vizio Smart television if you unintentionally turn it on .

Why is my Vizio TV narrating?

If you keep hearing narrative on your Vizio television receiver, it may be because you have activated the Talk Back feature .
In 2017, the Vizio Company began adding progress handiness tools to its televisions. That included a feature that would aid persons with ocular and earshot impairments .
One of the features introduced was Talk Back, which entirely works with text that the television can display on its own, including menu items .
Like any other audio description capability, Vizio TV narrative does not work with connect devices such as satellite boxes, cables, or streaming applications like Netflix .
If you unintentionally turn on the Talk Back sport, you will have voice steering on every course of study that supports the feature. fortunately, not all television programs have audio description enabled.

How to turn off the narrator

To turn off the voice narrator ( Talk Back ) sport on Vizio television :

  • Power on the TV and press the MENU button on your Vizio remote
  • Use the arrow buttons to highlight the System option and press the ENTER button to select
  • Use the arrow buttons to scroll down to the Accessibility option. Press ENTER to display all the accessibility features available
  • Scroll down to the Talk Back feature and set it to OFF.
  • Press the EXIT button to save the changes

The Vizio narrator does not turn off! What should I do?

If the Vizio television menu is working but you can not turn off the sound recording description from the television receiver menu, the issue could be from another source or input .
When your jell is connected to a cable box or satellite, trouble-shoot, check if they are the campaign .
If the problem is with the television receiver, you may need to reset it to default using these steps :

  • Press the menu button on your Vizio remote and select System
  • Highlight the Reset & Admin option and press OK
  • Select Reset TV to Factory Settings. Press OK
  • Wait for the television to restart.
  • Proceed to check whether the narrator is turned off

Resetting the television removes all customize settings. You will need to add them afresh.

In casing you are having a challenge locating the Accessibility feature in the System function, check under the Settings option .
If you calm have a challenge or are diffident how to do this, you can check the television receiver ’ s drug user manual for guidance or contact your seller to take you through the process .
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