2022 Best Guide: How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac Free

Want to make your JPG files more printer-friendly on Mac devices ? It ‘s a decent choice to convert JPG to PDF on Mac. If you have no theme to finish the tax, do n’t fret, you have come to the correct place. here, we will walk you through the steps to export JPG to PDF on Mac with some best PDF converter .

How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac using Preview

While address of changing JPG to PDF on Mac, there is an built-in program that can complete the tax, called Preview. This freeware lets you convert images like JPG, PNG, etc. to PDF with simple clicks. More than that, you besides can enjoy many other features in this app, including PDF wake, PDF management, and color correction. In a news, you can do more than conversion tasks with this freeware on Mac .
Here’s how to export PDF from JPG on Mac:
Step 1. Find the persona that you wish to convert to PDF, and open it with Preview.

Step 2. once imported, pawl “ File ” > “ mark … ”. Next, in the Print window, choice PDF > Save as PDF on the lower left .
convert jpg to pdf mac
Step 3. Finally, enter the list and other data for your output file, then hit “ Save ” to start the conversion .
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How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac with Adobe Acrobat

Another way to convert JPG images to PDF on Mac is Adobe Acrobat. This is a professional platform to deal with all PDF-related tasks, including JPG to PDF. Once the JPG to PDF conversion is done, you can directly edit the convert PDF with a wide-eyed range of tools, like watermarking, highlighting, separate, cropping, reversing, and much more. Another foreground is that this software is easy to operate for all levels of users, because of the friendly UI and intuitive work flow. so, if you are looking for a professional JPG to PDF converter for Mac, look no more than Adobe Acrobat .
Adobe Acrobat
Here’s how to turn JPG into PDF on Mac using Adobe Acrobat:
Step 1. Open this JPG to PDF converter on your Mac .
Step 2. Click “ Tools ” > “ Create PDF ” to select the JPG file that you wish to convert to PDF .
Step 3. then, hit the “ Convert to PDF ” clitoris to start the JPG to PDF conversion .
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How to Export PDF from JPG File on Mac using PDF Expert

If you much deal with PDF documents on Mac, you must be companion with PDF Expert. It is a versatile PDF plan as its name indicates, and assists you in viewing, editing, manage, and converting PDF files. And turning JPG into PDF is barely a piece of coat for it. What you need to do is to select the JPG images, and import them to this PDF converter, then you will get a PDF file in seconds .
In addition to the JPG files, you besides can use this software to convert PDF to or from PNG, Microsoft Office document formats, etc., without changing the layout and format .
Here’s how to convert JPG to PFG on Mac:
Step 1. Download and install this Mac JPG to PDF converter, then launch it on your Mac .
Step 2. Find the JPG images that you want to convert to PDF, and merely drag & drop them on the PDF Expert screen. If needed, you can select multiple files by holding the Ctrl button.

PDF Expert
Step 3. Next, click “ Create ” when you see a prompt asking if you ‘d like to create a PDF from the prototype .
Step 4. At last, you can get the PDF charge from your JPG effigy .

How to Save PDF from JPG Mac using Smallpdf

Some Mac users may prefer the on-line tools for JPG to PDF conversions, as they work on the web and do n’t need to download and install. Given that, here, we are going to share with you an amazing on-line PDF converter called Smallpdf .
This on-line overhaul helps you convert JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and even GIF to PDF in a few seconds. More than that, it besides offers you numerous editing and managing features, enabling you to edit your PDF documents like a professional .
Here is how to change JPG into PDF on Mac free online:
Step 1. Go to its official web site, and click “ Choose files ” to upload the JPG charge. Or you can directly drag the JPGs to the orange box .
Step 2. once upload, you can adjust the size, orientation, and gross profit. then click “ Create PDF now ” to start the conversion .

Bonus Tip: How to Convert JPG to PDF on Windows

sometimes, you may need to use Windows personal computer for dealing with JPG to PDF conversions. At that clock time, an easy-to-use Windows PDF converter like EaseUS PDF Converter is necessity .
This software allows you to convert PDF to or from over 10 file formats with no quality loss, including Word, Excel, PPT, images, and more. Plus, the batch conversion feature is besides available here, and you can save lots of clock by opening files and clicking to convert them one by one. final but not least, all the converted files will keep the original layout and format .
Here’s how to convert JPG to PDF on Windows:
Step 1. Launch this PDF converter, then click “ Image to PDF ” on the leave toolbar .
Import JPG
Step 2. Click “ open Files ” to import the JPG files you want to convert.

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Step 3. once imported, hit the “ Convert ” button to start the JPG to PDF conversion .
Convert JPG to PDF on Windows

The Bottom Line

This post walk you through the detail steps to convert JPG to PDF on Mac. If you want to find freeware, you can opt for Preview, and for a professional program, Adobe Acrobat is a nice option. Whatever you choose, make sure to select the right one based on your needs .

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