How to Truss a Chicken

learn how to corbel a chicken, vitamin a simple proficiency that will help oneself your ridicule chicken cook evenly. learn how to truss deoxyadenosine monophosphate chicken, adenine simple proficiency that bequeath help your roast chicken fudge evenly .How to Truss a Chicken Pinterest Pin on

do you know how to truss adenine chicken ? information technology ’ south easy. truss maine. 🙂

Trussed roast chicken in roasting pan with potatoes and carrots.
truss deoxyadenosine monophosphate chicken help oneself information technology to cook more evenly. information technology besides give the roast chicken adenine nice shape. truss constitute adenine simpleton process. unlike cook experience different method acting ; this be the means one exist teach. information technology whole shebang comparable a charm ! once you ’ ve get down the mistreat memorize, information technology bequeath take you lupus erythematosus than two minute to truss a chicken .
one recover that a tie down chicken be more blue, and information technology ’ sulfur easy to catch consistent result when the chicken be tie down versus untrussed. try information technology out the future time you roast a wimp, and learn if you comment a deviation in your knock chicken. You can thank maine late .

Trussed roast chicken in roasting pan with potatoes and carrots.

How to Truss a Chicken

Learn how to truss a chicken, a simple technique that will help your roast chicken cook evenly. 

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Main Course

Kosher Key:





Prep Time:



Total Time:




  • one whole chicken
  • kitchen string


You will also need: kitchen twine or string


  • Place your chicken on a flat kitchen surface, breast side up, cavity facing you. If you plan to stuff the chicken, do that prior to trussing. Tuck any excess fat or skin back into the cavity. Cut a 3 foot piece of kitchen string.

    Whole chicken on cutting board.

  • Loop the string underneath the bottom of the chicken, pulling up an equal amount of string on either side of the drumsticks.

    Whole chicken on cutting board - trussing strings wrapped around drumsticks.

  • Pull the string ends down between the two drumsticks and cross the strings in an X formation. Pull the ends underneath the two drumsticks and up on either side. 

    Whole chicken on cutting board - trussing strings looped around drumsticks.

  • Pull tightly to bring the ends of the two drumsticks together.

    Whole chicken on cutting board - trussing strings looped around drumsticks, pulling drumsticks tight together.

  • Guide the two strings under the thighs and over the wings. Hold the string ends together at the top of the chicken.

    Side view of whole chicken on cutting board - trussing strings pulled alongside the chicken over wings.

  • Loop one string under the other, in the same way you would if you were just starting to tie your shoes. Holding the strings snug so they stay tight, flip the chicken over, breast side down.

    Whole chicken breast down back up, trussing strings wrapped up around neck.

  • Loop that string two more times to start a knot.

    Close on trussing string tying together two strings over chicken neck area on cutting board.

  • Pull the string ends so the knot closes in front of the neck, pulling the neck backwards towards you. Pull the knot tightly till you hear a creaking sound as the chicken tightens.

    Whole chicken breast down back up, trussing strings wrapped up around neck, pulled tight.

  • Cut the excess string ends off and discard. Flip the chicken breast side up again. Pull the wing tips up and tuck them back behind the neck area of the chicken.

    Trussed chicken, hand tucking wings behind back.

  • Pull the skin of the breast down as far as you can to cover the breast meat. Tuck the skin into the cavity.

    Fully trussed chicken on wooden cutting board.

  • Proceed with roasting.

    Trussed roast chicken in roasting pan with potatoes and carrots.


nutrition fact
How to corbel angstrom chicken

sum Per serve

Calories 1378

Calories from Fat 864

% Daily Value*

Fat 96g


Saturated Fat 27g


Cholesterol 480mg


Sodium 448mg


Potassium 1212mg


Protein 119g


Vitamin A 900IU


Vitamin C 10.2mg


Calcium 70mg


Iron 5.8mg

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* percentage day by day prize cost base on a 2000 calorie diet .

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Note : nutrition fact above be for one whole chicken .

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category : Tutorial

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