How to Get Rid of and Prevent Razor Bumps and Burn

If you get razor burn or ingrowing hairs, you can take respective steps to soothe your skin and prevent it from happening again. Razor burn and ingrowing hairs are common. Most people who shave have experienced it. Some people get it every time they shave. Shaving is a firm way to remove unwanted hair. It ’ mho besides ill-famed for leaving behind patches of irritate, ablaze peel known as razor burn or bumps known as ingrowing hair. This may occur anywhere you shave, from your legs to your underarms. The terms “ razor bumps ” and “ ingrown hairs ” can be used interchangeably.

Razor bumps occur as the haircloth starts to grow back after shaving. alternatively of growing up and out of the bark ’ south airfoil, it curls inbound, becomes trapped, and causes an ingrowing hair’s-breadth to form. Razor bumps and ingrowing hairs are the same thing. Razor cauterize is normally a result of dry shave, using old razors, or shaving in the opposite steering than the hair grows. Razor burn is a type of bark annoyance that occurs right field after you shave. Razor bumps develop once the hair starts growing back in. Razor bumps are more coarse in those who have coarse or curly haircloth. Razor bumps are a type of hide annoyance that ’ s frequently associated with shave. It leaves behind antsy, painful, puss-filled bumps on the skin as the haircloth starts to grow back. many remedies for razor burn and ingrowing hairs are folk remedies backed by anecdotic evidence. There aren ’ t any scientific studies to support them. however, some studies have been done on herbal remedies for burns in general. It ’ randomness crucial to note that many of these studies are older, though there aren ’ thymine any newer studies on these topics. More up-to-date inquiry is needed. here are some tips that may help you find relief .

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is known for soothing and healing burns. testify from 2007 supports the potential of aloe vera for healing first- and second-degree burns. To treat razor burn off, apply a sparse level of pure aloe vera gelatin onto the affected area. Aloe vera gel is available in most pharmacies. You can besides harvest it from an aloe plant. Keep read : 7 amaze uses for aloe vera

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is used in cook, but it ’ s besides great for your skin. inquiry from 2008 has found that coconut petroleum could be a safe and effective therapy for healing burns. Researchers believe coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. To treat razor cauterize, apply a thin layer of organic, expeller-pressed coconut oil to the inflame area .

Sweet almond oil

sweet almond oil is made from dried almond kernels. It ’ randomness super cream and a great natural moisturizer. Try applying sweet almond oil to your skin after shaving. You may besides apply it directly to inflamed bark as needed. If you ’ rhenium allergic to almonds, don ’ thyroxine use sweet almond oil .

Tea tree oil

inquiry from 2006 suggested that tea tree anoint is anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. It ’ s used as a natural remedy to heal minor wounds and soothe burns.

Tea corner oil shouldn ’ t be used undiluted. Mix it with a aircraft carrier anoint, such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil. Use 1 to 3 drops of tea tree oil per 1 teaspoon of mailman anoint. even diluted tea tree vegetable oil may cause an allergic reaction or farther skin irritation in some people. It ’ s a thoroughly idea to do a while test to see how your skin responds .

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is an astringent and anti-inflammatory, thanks in separate to its tannin content. It ’ sulfur used as a natural rectify to :

  • soothe burns
  • relieve pain
  • treat minor skin irritation

Apply to razor tan with a cotton slog as needed. Check out : Witch hazelnut benefits

Baking soda paste

Baking pop has a cooling consequence on the skin. It ’ second think to draw out heat and pain, although there ’ s no scientific evidence to support this theory. To make a baking pop paste, add baking pop to filter water until a thick paste forms. Apply the glue to your skin, leave on until it dries, and rinse thoroughly .

Cold and warm compresses

A cold compress may help relax annoyed bark. If you ’ re prone to skin bumps or ingrowing hairs, applying a warm compress to your peel before shave may help open pores and loosen the hair .

Colloidal oatmeal bath

Colloidal oatmeal is made by grinding oats into a finely gunpowder. inquiry from 2007 notes that oats contain phenols with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Colloidal oatmeal can help soothe, cleanse, and moisturize the skin. For razor cauterize respite, soak in a colloidal oatmeal bathe once daily for 10 to 15 minutes .

Calendula cream

Calendula cream is an herb tea remedy made from calendula flowers. It ’ s used to reduce excitement, heal rashes, and advertise wound curative. To help soothe razor burn, apply a thinly layer of calendula cream to the affect area once or doubly per sidereal day .


If you experience ingrowing hairs, try exfoliating with over-the-counter ( OTC ) skin care products that contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid. These exfoliants help keep dead skin cells from clogging hair follicles. Keeping the hair’s-breadth follicles candid helps prevent the hair that ’ s growing back after shaving from getting trapped again. Use these products merely as a preventive measure, since they can irritate existing razor bumps .

Benzoyl peroxide

Applying this character of acne treatment helps remove bacteria and dead hide cells that can clog your pores and lead to razor bumps. It can besides dry up involve areas of the skin and reduce discoloration. You can find it as an OTC cream, mousse, or cleansing agent .

Hydrocortisone cream

Hydrocortisone cream is a topical steroid hormone that ’ s used to reduce pique and inflammation. low intensity formulas are available without a prescription. Use hydrocortisone cream as directed by the manufacturer or your doctor, normally once or twice daily. If you experience any side effects or worsening inflammation, discontinue use.

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