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Treatments for mild alopecia areata


This method acting of treatment — the most park class of treatment for alopecia areata — uses corticosteroids that are injected into bare patches of skin with a bantam phonograph needle. These injections are repeated about every four to six weeks and are normally given by a dermatologist .


If new hair’s-breadth growth occurs from corticosteroid injections it is normally visible within four weeks. There are few know side effects related to this kind of treatment .


Corticosteroid injections, like all treatments for alopecia areata, do not prevent new hair personnel casualty from developing. While there are few report side effects related to this kind of treatment, impermanent depressions ( called “ dells ” ) in the clamber may result from the injections. however, these normally improve with meter. People may experience slender discomfort from the needle pricks and tingling from the medication, but normally there is no other pain or discomfort after leaving the dermatologist ’ s office .


With this form of treatment, a 5 % topical minoxidil solution is applied once or twice a day to help stimulate hair on the scalp, eyebrows and beard to regrow. Two and 5 % topical minoxidil solutions are available but aren ’ triiodothyronine normally effective for alopecia areata when used alone, but when applied in combination with topical corticosteroid medications, some people see improved results.


If a person ’ s haircloth grows back completely with topical minoxidil, treatment can be stopped. This medication is considered easy to use and has minimal side effects .


topical minoxidil is not considered effective on its own in treating patients with across-the-board haircloth loss .


This synthetic, tar-like message — besides widely used for psoriasis — is a coarse imprint of treatment for alopecia areata. Anthralin is applied to the hairless patches once a day and then washed off typically after a short time ( normally 30-60 minutes later ) or in some cases, after several hours.


If new haircloth growth from anthralin lotion happens, it is normally visible within eight to 12 weeks .


This form of medication may irritate the bark and cause a irregular, brown stain of the skin that ’ s been treated. however, some patients can reduce these side effects by using anthralin for shorter periods of time, without decreasing the treatment ’ mho potency.


In alopecia areata, corticosteroids are thought to decrease the inflammation around the hair follicle. topical steroids can come in different brands, strengths and preparations, such as solutions, lotions, foams, creams, or ointments .


Studies have shown that there is a decrease of hair loss when using topical steroids. In addition, improved regrowth of approximately 25 % has been observed with the use of highly potent topical corticosteroids. They can be good adjunct medications particularly when treating children with alopecia areata .


The effectiveness of topical corticosteroids is limited by their assimilation in the scalp .

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