How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone with/without iTunes

“ I recently purchased an iPhone 13 and now wish to transfer my files from my calculator to the telephone. How can I do this ? ”
well, iTunes is designed to work absolutely with an Apple account. It is the app that gives you access to respective files like audiobooks, podcasts, music, television receiver programs, and other items from the App Store. But many users are still on the brink of how to transfer photos to the iPhone without iTunes. Luckily, many options are available for this path .

Part 1: Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes

flush though you can use iTunes for data transportation, many users admit that iTunes is not a perfect choice. It is not flexible and will sluggish. Likewise, it is likely to cause data loss of the existing files on your iPhone by overwriting. You don ’ t have to rely on the application to transfer your files. You can move photos from your personal computer to your iPhone in diverse ways as discussed in the future section .

Method 1: Transfer photo from PC to iPhone with MobileTrans [Best Choice]

first in agate line is to transfer photos from pc to iPhone without iTunes with this versatile cock, MobileTrans. This software works seriously for both the non-tech-savvy and the professional users. It besides supports up to 18 types of data like photos, contacts, notes, music, and many more. MobileTrans is compatible with mobile earphone systems like io and Android. It besides works with Mac OS and Windows 7/8/10/11/Vista, and XP .
Main Features of MobileTrans

  • Phone transfer feature to transfer your music, photos, contacts, and other files
  • Easily transfer WhatsApp files from phone to phone and also backup WhatsApp to your computer
  • The app will restore backup files to your phone including iTunes.
  • Transfer your files safely without device reset or deleting existing data on iPhone

A step-by-step guide to transferring photos to iPhone with MobileTrans
This is how to transfer photos to iPhone without iTunes via Mobile Trans. The app works at a fast amphetamine to perform a mastermind transfer of your photos to your earphone .
Step 1. Launch MobileTrans
Open the MobileTrans app on your calculator then choose the file transfer > consequence to call feature .
connect phone to computer
Step 2. Connect your phone
Connect your phone to the calculator using a USB cable and wait for the computer to recognize your phone .
Step 3. Select file type to transfer
future, choose “ photograph ” as the charge type to transfer from your computer. then snap on the “ Import ” button and the system will begin to add them to your telephone .
transfer photos to phone
Step 4. Access your photos
MobileTrans will immediately begin to transfer your photos. To access them, check the “ transferred ” booklet in your telephone to well access and manage your photos .
import files to phone

Method 2: Transfer photos from PC to iPhone via iCloud Photos

Apple and Microsoft have enabled easy synchronize of the photos library from personal computer to iPhone via the iCloud app. Simply create folders in the iCloud menu via the File Manager then upload them to the serve .
Step 1. First, go to the Microsoft Store on Windows and download the iCloud app .
Step 2. Sign in to iCloud with your Apple report details .
sign in to icloud
Step 3. available choices to synchronize data with personal computer will be availed like contacts, mail, bookmarks. Just choose the “ Photos ” option then click on the “ Apply ” button .
choose icloud photos
Step 4. It will then prompt you to upload personal computer photograph to iCloud. Click on the “ Done ” option to move your photograph. Better even, create a booklet in the iCloud Drive section then copy your photos to it. immediately, well access your photos using the “ Files ” app on your iPhone .

Method 3: Transfer photo from PC to iPhone with Google Photos

With Google Photos, you get outright release storage space for your photos and videos .
Step 1. first, go to “ Google Photos ” then signboard in using your Google account .
google photos
Step 2. Click on the “ Upload ” tab key and choose the “ Computer ” option. This will enable you to upload your photos to the cloud .
Step 3. then download and install the “ Google Photos ” application from the “ App Store ”. Next, polarity in to the Google Photos app with the lapp account that you use on your computer .
Step 4. Head to the “ Photos ” section in Google Photos, to view and access your photos that have been moved from your computer .
transfer photos with google photos

Method 4: Transfer photo from PC to iPhone with File Explorer

Windows File Explorer is another immediate way of how to transfer photos to an iPhone without iTunes. here, you ’ ll access your iPhone ’ s internal repositing from your personal computer then copy the photograph to the delegate photograph ’ s folder on your call .
Step 1. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your personal computer.

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transfer photos with file explorer
Step 2. You ’ ll then be required to unlock your iPhone device and “ confidence this computer ” .
Step 3. Go to your “ personal computer ” and click the “ Internal Storage ” > “ Photos ’ folder ”. This is by and large indicated as “ DCIM ”. Locate which photos you wish to transfer then copy and paste from your calculator to the folder .
Step 4. Finally, access your photos from the “ Photos ” app on your iPhone .
access photos with photos app

Method 5: Transfer photos from PC to iPhone with Bluetooth.

The fifth method acting is to enable personal computer to mobile transfer commit files anywhere with Bluetooth .
Step 1. First, enable Bluetooth on your personal computer. To do indeed, click on the “ Start ” button and choose the “ Settings ” pill. then go to “ Devices ” and move the slide bar to the right under the “ Bluetooth ” icon. This will turn on Bluetooth on the personal computer .
enable bluetooth on pc
Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone. good go to “ Settings ” > “ Bluetooth ” and move the slide bar to the right to turn it on .
enable bluetooth on iphone
Step 3. Connect your phone to the calculator via Bluetooth. You need to wait for the two devices to detect. A message will then prompt from your personal computer device, asking if the passkey is matched with your call ’ south passkey. Click “ Yes ” if it is matched. ultimately, your earphone can now communicate with your personal computer, enabling you to send photos from personal computer to telephone via Bluetooth .

Method 6: Transfer photo from PC to iPhone with Email.

Another calculate manner is to use your e-mail to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without iTunes. Just add your photos as an attachment to send and access them on earphone .
Step 1. You ’ ll need two e-mail accounts. First, create a new e-mail address with your name and password .
Step 2. then log in to your old electronic mail account .
Step 3. Compose chain mail from your honest-to-god e-mail explanation and enter your newly electronic mail address as the recipient .
Step 4. Choose the photograph you wish to transfer. You ’ ll add them as attachments while sending the e-mail to your newfangled history .
Step 5. Use your phone to log into your new electronic mail address then check the “ Inbox ” section. You ’ ll find the entrance mail from your previous e-mail account. Download the photograph attachments to your iPhone to last entree them .

Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone with iTunes

Do you wish to move your photograph from personal computer to iPhone with iTunes ? hera are the steps .
Step 1. open iTunes on your personal computer. You can quickly install it if it has not yet been installed. just go to “ ” to download and install the iTunes app .
open itunes on pc
Step 2. then connect your iPhone to the calculator via a USB cable then click on the “ iPhone ” picture. It is better to enable the “ Automatically ” synchronize option when this iPhone is connected. If you did so, then your iPhone will be mechanically synced to the personal computer. If not, equitable hit the “ Sync ” push button to sync the telephone to personal computer .
sync photos
Step 3. You can choose to backup your iPhone by clicking the “ Back up now ” button. You have the options to back up to personal computer or iCloud. Choose your preference .
Step 4. Your computer and telephone are synced and you can last move photograph from personal computer to your earphone .

Part 3: FAQs

These are some common questions about charge transfers .
How do I transfer photos from laptop to iPhone using USB?
To transfer files, you need a USB cable for connection .

  • Connect our laptop and your iPhone via USB cable.
  • Wait for the laptop to detect your phone for accessibility.
  • Then locate the photos that you wish to transfer from your computer.
  • Right-click on the photos folder then move the cursor to the “Send to” option. Choose “iPhone” as the destination to send photos to.
  • Access the photos from your phone.

How to transfer photos from PC to iPhone without losing quality?
You can use the “ Simple Transfer ” app to move your photograph without losing timbre. The photograph will maintain full resolution .

  • Download the “Simple Transfer” app from the “App Store” on your iPhone.
  • Open the Simple Transfer app on your iPhone and you’ll see an address that is displayed on the main interface.
  • Then open a web browser on your PC and type in the address that was displayed earlier.
  • Check the “Camera Roll” album to find the “Upload Device” button. Then choose the photos you want to add to your iPhone.
  • Click on the “Upload” tab. You should see a notification appear on your PC’s browser indicating the file was successfully transferred to your iPhone.

How do I transfer photos from laptop to iPhone without Internet?
You can use a USB cable to transfer your files without the internet.

  • Just connect the two devices via USB cable.
  • Then wait for your laptop to detect your phone.
  • Choose the photos you want to transfer from laptop to phone.
  • Drag and drop the “Photos” folder from the laptop to iPhone’s icon.
  • Then safely remove your iPhone from the laptop and easily access your photos anytime.

The Bottom Line

These are detail steps on how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone with iTunes or without iTunes. The steps are easy to follow and the results are amazing. You can employ the best tool, MobileTrans, to transfer your photos without deleting the existing files .

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