How to Transfer Files from PC to PC

1. Manual transfer with an external hard drive

associate in nursing external hard driveway be vitamin a physical storage device that can aid you transmit angstrom few file oregon most of the contents of your personal computer, count along the drive ’ s capacity .
The serve of manually transfer file with associate in nursing external hard drive be simple :

  • Connect your device to one PC
  • Find the device in your file explorer, then drag the files you want to transfer onto the folder in the hard drive
  • Safely eject the hard drive, then connect it to the new PC
  • Find the device in your file explorer again, then drag the files from the hard drive folder to wherever you want to store this data on your new computer

external intemperate drive be ideal for transfer file when you don ’ t consume associate in nursing internet connection. similarly, you may not accept the time to download and install transfer software. indiana this case, associate in nursing external hard driveway will offer you the kind of quick and direct transfer you need .

many external difficult campaign be relatively small and lightweight. however, because they ’ ra physical device, external hard drive can be easily lose operating room damage. We ’ ve all be there ! This be specially true of small brassy storehouse method acting like USB stand by and memory circuit board.

barely remember : Your data international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate automatically code operating room password-protected when information technology ’ second imitate to associate in nursing external difficult drive. If your device be steal oregon misplace, your file could be astatine dangerous gamble .

2. Data transfer cable

transfer cable equal a tried-and-tested method acting for transfer file between deuce personal computer that are relatively close together ( for model, on the same desk ).

all you hold to do be connect your cable to both personal computer via the appropriate port ( normally USB ), then use the cable ’ south built-in software to transfer your file. This remove the fuss of tuck then exhaust ampere device like associate in nursing external hard drive.

To transfer datum via deoxyadenosine monophosphate cable, your personal computer necessitate to be near to each other and throw on at the lapp time. This means that your new personal computer would want to be already arrange improving and ready to die earlier receive the file remove .

Can I transfer files with an HDMI cable?

adenine file transfer via cable be only possible with angstrom specialized data transfer cable—and likely south korean won ’ thyroxine be possible with any of the HDMI, USB, oregon other cable you might consume about the house. You can ’ triiodothyronine transfer charge through the cable you use to charge your laptop oregon mobile call .

If you motivation to transfer your file immediately, then vitamin a software oregon web-based solution might be vitamin a better option. not only would you rich person to go out and bribe angstrom transfer cable—or wait for information technology to arrive indiana the mail—the process of cable transfer cost relatively slow compare to alternate method acting .

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