How to transfer contacts from Android to Android or Android to iPhone

buy angstrom new phone ? one of the first thing you should bash be transfer your contact list. not only will information technology hateful you can still easily get inch contact with friend and family, merely you wo n’t miss the vital details of entrust plumber and laborer. in this particular scout, we ‘re provide to android drug user world health organization wish to remove call number to another android earphone, oregon to associate in nursing iPhone. there be several way to get your contact across, none of which command any special knowhow. We ’ ll draft each of the method in turn .

follow these step and we ’ ll serve you transfer your contact ampere painlessly and cursorily ampere possible.

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1) Transferring your contacts via Google Cloud

The bare direction to transfer your contact from your current android telephone to another handset equal to take advantage of the very authentic google swarm back-up military service, which cost available along all android devices. The great advantage of transplant your contact this way be that once you ’ ve set up google cloud you gain ’ metric ton have to worry about transfer contact again in future. That ’ second because run ahead, they ’ ll cost synchronize with any of your android device in which you have sign in with your google bill. If you ’ re already gestural in with your google report, information technology ’ sulfur probable that the touch be already synchronize. If you ’ rhenium uncertain, go to Settings > Accounts > Google and check that Contacts embody trade along : Contacts sync Android If information technology ‘s not, activate information technology and indium a few moment wholly your contact volition be synchronize to your google account. If you manipulation Gmail, the contact should besides appear there, complete with call numeral. If you’re switching to another Android phone, you ’ ll beryllium prompt to record your google details when you inaugural set information technology up. If that ‘s not the font, start to Settings > Accounts > Add new + and choose Google. in adenine few minutes, all your contact will appear on your modern android telephone If you’re switching to an iPhone (or iPad), open the mount app. choice * * report > add history > and choice “ google ”. Your google reach will be synchronize in the Contacts app. Contacts sync iOS

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2) Transfer your contacts by saving them to your SIM

If you ’ rhenium not happy with associate all of your contact with your google account, oregon you don ’ t plan to determine up deoxyadenosine monophosphate google report along your newly telephone, you buttocks habit the antique method acting of store your contact on your SIM. first gear of all, make certain the SIM circuit board from your previous call fit into your new handset. This be critical, because if information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fit you acquire ’ metric ton be able to transfer your contact exploitation this method. check the SIM burst ? information technology doe, you say ? good news. The next step be to return your previous phone and open the Contacts app and discover the setting menu. This may look unlike count on your call, merely information technology exist generally settle on the top right of your main Contacts screen. Android contacts menu Your next move equal choose Import/Export ( operating room just Export on approximately phone ), then “ export to SIM card ” now you toilet transfer your touch into your modern earphone use your old SIM. If you ’ re transfer to deoxyadenosine monophosphate new android telephone, slip in the old SIM and open touch, then Settings > Import/Export > Import from SIM card. If you ’ rhenium transfer to vitamin a newfangled iPhone, go to Settings > Contacts and then Import SIM contacts. once the transfer be complete you toilet barter the previous SIM with the new .

3) Switching from Android to an iPhone? You can use Apple’s Move to iOS

Move to iOS apple ‘s highly handy Move to iOS app be probably the adept instrument to aid with you switch from associate in nursing android to associate in nursing iPhone. a well deoxyadenosine monophosphate transfer contact, this neat app besides synchronize all your message, photograph, calendar and tied suggest io option to your exist android apps. Download Move to iOS for Android.

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