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How to Train Your Dragon

General Information


Chris Sanders
Dean DeBlois


Bonnie Arnold


Will Davies
Chris Sanders
Dean DeBlois

Chris SandersDean DeBlois


Jay Baruchel
America Ferrera
Gerard Butler
Craig Ferguson
Jonah Hill
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
T.J. Miller
Kristen Wiig


DreamWorks Animation


Paramount Pictures


March 26, 2010

Running Time:

98 minutes


[ 1 ]

$165 million

Gross Revenue:

[ 1 ]

$494.9 million

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This is Berk. It’s twelve days north of Hopeless, and a few degrees south of Freezing to Death. It’s located solidly on the Meridian of Misery. My village. In a word, sturdy. And it’s been here for seven generations, but, every single building is new. We have fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sunsets. The only problems are the pests. You see, most places have mice or mosquitoes. We have. .. dragons.
  — Hiccup’s opening narration  

How to Train Your Dragon is a computer-animated comedic fantasy adventure film broadly based on the beginning bible in a series by Cressida Cowell of the lapp name. The film was directed and written by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois and stars Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Gerard Butler, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Craig Ferguson. The movie was released on March 26, 2010, by DreamWorks Animation/Paramount Pictures. It grossed an estimate $ 43.3 million in its orifice weekend. With the success of the film, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg formally announced in The Hollywood Reporter that How to Train Your Dragon will be far developed as a major media franchise for the company. DreamWorks announced a 2014 sequel named How to Train Your Dragon 2, a television series, an on-line interactional simulation, and a alive tour show .


How to Train Your Dragon is centered around a adolescent Viking named Hiccup ( voiced by Jay Baruchel ) who lives on the island of Berk with the rest of his kin. Over the course of seven generations, Berk has been continuously raided by dragons of all different species, prompting a war between them and the kin. Like every early young Viking on Berk, Hiccup is expected to fight and kill a draco in order to be considered a true Viking. however, he is very small for a Viking of his old age, and can barely lift and use traditional Viking weapons and even has a inclination to cause accidents. His church father is Stoick the Vast ( voiced by Gerard Butler ), who is besides foreman of the tribe, and tries to keep Hiccup indoors angstrom frequently as possible. During one particular attack on the village, while working his post in Gobber ‘s ( voiced by Craig Ferguson ) forge, Hiccup decides to prove himself as a Viking and capture a dragon using his own methods preferably than standard Viking ferociousness. Using a bola guess from a cannon he designed and built himself, Hiccup is overjoyed when he hits a dragon in mid-air, thinking it ‘s the rare and dangerous Night Fury. Having not paid attention to in the chaos, no one else in the greenwich village believes him because no one always even saw a Night Fury, let entirely brought one down. Hiccup goes to the forest at Raven Point to bring back the draco ‘s heart as proof to Stoick. interim, Stoick and Gobber discuss Hiccup ‘s demeanor, after a converge is held in the Great Hall, and how to make him into a proper Viking. Although initially hesitant, Stoick agrees to enlist his son into Dragon Training in the hope it will toughen him up and give him survival skills before preparing to lead an expedition to take out the Dragon ‘s Nest. Despite being told to go home, Hiccup disobeys his forefather and heads out to the afforest. He searches for some time but ca n’t find where the dragon went down. fortunately, Hiccup finds a broken tree and churned up land, leading him to the downed draco which is tied up in the bolo tie shot. He psychs himself up in homework to cut out the dragon ‘s center with his belt tongue, but after seeing the reverence in the helpless draco ‘s eyes as it looks back at him, he ca n’t bring himself to kill it. After cutting it exempt from the ropes, the Night Fury pounces on him and the situation is now reversed : hiccup is clearly afraid and the dragon stares intently into his eyes for respective moments. When it rears up, Hiccup cringes as he thinks it ‘s going to kill him, but it alternatively roars angrily in his confront before attempting to fly off into the trees. Hiccup attempts to walk away but faints from the find. On the first day of Dragon Training, Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut continue to mock Hiccup. He about gets killed by a Gronckle, but is saved in the dent of prison term by Gobber. As Gobber stows the beast away, he mentions a dragon “ will always go in for the kill ”. Hiccup returns to where he found the Night Fury, wondering why it had n’t attempted to kill him. Following the path the dragon flew off to, Hiccup notices one-half of the Night Fury ‘s stern was torn off in its crash and ca n’t exit the small cove which it became trapped in. Attempting to finally record actual information about Night Furies, Hiccup drops his pencil and alerts the draco to his presence, but the Night Fury only stares at him. late that night, Hiccup reads the Dragon Manual in hopes to learn more about the animal, but it only says the Night Fury is extremely dangerous. After scantily surviving a deadly Nadder in Dragon Training curtly subsequently, Hiccup attempts to get closer to the Night Fury by offering a pisces. The dragon ‘s attitude, on guard after spotting his belt out knife, greatly improves after Hiccup tosses it away in the cove pool to prove his intentions. It conservatively takes the offer of fish using its retractable teeth and regurgitates some of it to share with Hiccup. To stay on good terms, Hiccup takes a bite of the sensitive pisces ( now covered with dragon ‘s baloney ), and is forced to swallow with some disgust as the dragon watches expectantly, and is surprised to see the dragon try to imitate a smile. however, his attempts to touch the Night Fury causal agent it to fly away to the other side of the cove. late that same day while attempting to sleep, the Night Fury is curious Hiccup has n’t left and walks over to see the male child drawing an delineate of the dragon ‘s mind in the soil. curious about the draw, the dragon snaps off a big tree branch and attempts to do the like, making deep impressions in the ground of random scribbles to try to draw Hiccup ‘s head. Hiccup is amazed by it and when the dragon growl when he steps on it, takes caution not to stand on the draft before ultimately getting close adequate to the Night Fury to touch it. It hush does n’t allow him to do so, but when he only holds his hand out, handle candid and leaves it to the dragon to decide, it presses its nose into it. belated that night, Hiccup learns from Gobber a dragon without its wings ca n’t fly, explaining why the Night Fury ca n’t leave the cove. Hiccup attempts to get the Night Fury, which he names toothless after the dragon ‘s retractable teeth, to fly again through the manipulation of an artificial tail flipper. It soon becomes absolved after a test run the invention needs improvements and Toothless ca n’t fly on his own. Through testing new versions of the fin, Hiccup learns things about dragons from experiences with Toothless. He pushes a hideous Zippleback into its cage through learning the dragon ‘s antipathy for eel, incapacitates a Gronckle using cognition of Toothless ‘ love of garlic pot, or “ Dragon Nip “, leads a awful terror into its cage by having it chase a beam of idle like a cat, and incapacitates a deadly Nadder by scratching it below the chin. The Viking adults see these feats of “ subduing ” dragons without actually harming them as a sign of greatness. The early Vikings teens watch in fear as Hiccup improves his skills, but Astrid her competition turns into extreme jealousy. As Hiccup becomes popular with his proficiency of incapacitating dragons rather than killing them, Astrid notices his strange behavior of leaving after every school term. Stoick returns from his abortive attack to find the Dragon Nest and is surprised to hear how well Hiccup does in Dragon Training. shortly after, Hiccup perfects his design of the prosthetic louver and helps Toothless take a successful flight around the island. After taking a lunch crack with several angry severe Terrors, Hiccup realizes everything the Vikings know about dragons is wrong.

Stoick sees Hiccup and tells about his storm of him succeeding in dragon education. Stoick gives Hiccup a helmet as a reward. In the sphere, Astrid loses out on the good to kill their first dragon in the final test : a monstrous Nightmare. An angry Astrid follows Hiccup to the small cove where he plans to leave Berk with Toothless to avoid taking partially in his final examination. While she interrogates Hiccup about his skills, Toothless, thinking Astrid is a menace, attempts to attack her and subsequently exposes Hiccup ‘s relationship with the dragon. In an try to keep Toothless a confidential, Toothless pulls Astrid onto the top of a tree, and Hiccup offers her a tease on the draco ‘s back to show her he means no harm. Astrid reluctantly accepts Hiccup ‘s offer, but a cautious and annoy Toothless fakes extreme attempts to throw her off. After Astrid admits she ‘s good-for-nothing for what she tried to do, Toothless stops his acrobatics and takes them on a calm amatory flight above the overcast. Astrid ‘s opinion on dragons is changed and she comes to think Toothless is amaze. Hiccup and Astrid are both surprise when Toothless changes course and flies alongside other dragons that carry food to their Nest. Toothless follows them and hides as Hiccup and Astrid discover the dragons are n’t eating their kill themselves. rather, they feed it to the Red Death, a gigantic colossus wing draco. The dragons are forced to feed the Red Death with what they steal from Berk or else they will be eaten by it alternatively, as prove with an unlucky Gronckle and a hideous Zippleback. After they escape the Nest and return home, Astrid wants to tell Stoick and the village about the Nest, but Hiccup is diamond that she does not do so, otherwise they would kill Toothless. Shocked, she asks in incredulity if he would go that far to “ protect his pet dragon ”. Unlike the uncertain and hesitant Hiccup she ‘s constantly known, Hiccup looks right at her and tells her “ yes ”, causing her to see him in a new light. Astrid promises to keep Toothless a secret and punches Hiccup in the shoulder for “ kidnapping ” her before kissing him on the cheek for “ everything else ” .
The final test begins. rather of killing it, however, Hiccup tries to tame it to prove the dragons are n’t dangerous creatures. His father ‘s insistence on stopping the test makes the Monstrous Nightmare revert into its regular state into attacking Hiccup. Toothless hears his homo supporter ‘s cries of fear and help from the cove and rushes to save him, climbing out of the cove by himself and running through the forest. Astrid enters the struggle sphere in an attack to save Hiccup but fails to fight off the Monstrous Nightmare. Stoick helps Astrid get out of the arena but Hiccup is stopped short when the dragon blocks him from escaping. Toothless arrives in the nick of time and saves Hiccup by fighting off the atrocious Nightmare. The other Vikings are in fear at the Night Fury and alternate into the sphere to capture him. In refutation, Toothless attacks the Vikings, including Stoick, to stop them from harming his human friend. Hiccup tries to arrange Toothless to leave before he is captured, but Toothless ‘s hard idolatry to protecting Hiccup causes him to stay arrange. Hiccup scantily stops Toothless from using his arouse on Stoick before the Vikings finally overwhelm him. Hiccup tries to explain to his father dragons are nowhere near ampere harmful as they think they are and why the Dragons were indeed ferocious when they took the Viking ‘s livestock, but Stoick refuses to listen, outraged at his son for befriended his enemy. During his try to explain, Hiccup incidentally mentions the Dragon ‘s Nest, the Red Death, and its treatment of the dragons and says entirely a dragon can enter the Nest, giving Stoick the theme to use Toothless as the ticket to get there. Hiccup tries to explain again to his father about the Red Death but Stoick even refuses to listen and just says to Hiccup that he is nobelium longer his son and accuses him of siding with the dragons .
The Vikings prepare themselves and leave to fight the dragons, keeping toothless chained up aboard one of their ships. Hiccup watches them leave from the village ‘s harbor merely as Astrid comes to him and talks about his situation. Hiccup rants about being the first Viking in 300 years who would n’t kill a dragon, prompting Astrid to ask him why he did n’t kill Toothless. Hiccup explains he saw Toothless was deoxyadenosine monophosphate afraid as he was. Astrid encourages him to take action and get Toothless back. He teaches the other teens how to ride the arena dragons, then flies their way to the Dragon ‘s Nest. The Vikings reach the Nest using a pinion toothless as a guide, then consumption catapults to blow a hole in the Nest ‘s lower base. Upon doing therefore, the dragons flee from the angered Red Death, causing it to break through the side and attack the Vikings, setting all of the longboats on fire, including the one Toothless is chained up on, leaving them with no evasion. Stoick realizes the scale of the competitiveness Hiccup tried to tell him and curses himself as a fool. He, along with Gobber, decide to sacrifice themselves to let the others escape. interim Hiccup trains the dragons in the arena that he and the teens fought earlier in the movie. As the war among the Vikings and the Red Death continues, Hiccup and his friends arrive on the backs of dragons and shoot at the back of the Red Death ‘s head. Hiccup instructs Snotlout, ( riding a Monstrous Nightmare ), and Fishlegs, ( riding a Gronkle ), to go to the Red Death ‘s subterfuge spot and make noise to keep it jumble while Ruffnut and Tuffnut, ( riding a Hideous Zippleback ), exhaust the Red Death ‘s film specify and Astrid, ( riding a Deadly Nadder ), drops off Hiccup so he can free Toothless. however it turns out Fishlegs and Snotlout ca n’t find a blind spot due to multiple eyes on the side of its face but they continue to bash the shields, this works on the Red Death but besides works on Fishlegs ‘ Gronckle and Snotlout ‘s Monstrous Nightmare. The Nightmare flings Snotlout onto the pass of the Red Death while the Gronckle drops altitude. Fishlegs, before crash, throws Snotlout his hammer which Snotlout uses to hit the Red Death ‘s eyes so it does n’t step on Fishlegs. In the Red Death ‘s thrashing about in steps on the boat Hiccup and Toothless are on and Toothless sinks a few feet below water. Hiccup even tries to save him but passes out from lack of vent. Stoick, amazed at what Hiccup and his friends did, dives down and saves them both. After apologizing to his son, he tells him he does n’t have to face the dragon, but with a smile, Hiccup replies, “ We ‘re Vikings : it ‘s an occupational guess ”, something Stoick said early in the movie. Telling Hiccup he ‘s gallant to have him as his son, Stoick watches as Hiccup climbs aboard Toothless and heads toward the Red Death. Astrid instructs the twins to get Snotlout off the Red Death ‘s head which they do. however, Astrid is about sucked in and eaten by the Red Death until Toothless and Hiccup stop it with a plasma blast. Astrid falls off her Nadder due to the military unit of the plasma explosion but Toothless catches her. After dropping her off, Astrid mutely says “ go ” .
Hiccup angers the Red Death into following him with Toothless using a potent plasma gust. After leading it up high enough into the colored cloud, they hide among them and while diving by at high amphetamine, repeatedly blasting hole after fix into the Red Death ‘s wings. In pain and anger, the giant blasts a long stream of fire all around it, setting Toothless ‘ prosthetic tail-fin alight when the Night Fury ca n’t avoid the flames. Knowing they have little time left, Hiccup dives closely straight toss off, the Red Death in hot avocation. When he hears the healthy of the Red Death heating its gasses to fry them, he waits for the survive possible consequence, then shouts to Toothless ; Toothless spins around and fires a plasma blast directly into the Red Death ‘s mouth, prematurely igniting the accelerator and setting its insides on fire. toothless twists away and slips past its head, as it realizes it ‘s about to hit the ground. however, when it spreads its wings to stop itself, all the holes in its wings tear into even bigger holes, rendering its wings useless. As the huge dragon crashes at broad amphetamine and explodes, Hiccup is knocked off unconscious when Toothless is unable to turn away from hitting the Red Death ‘s tail after his prosthetic fin burned. Seeing Hiccup precipitate towards the flames below, Toothless dives into the hell of the Red Death ‘s exploding body to save him. After the fume from the battle clears, it is shown Toothless survived, with his prosthetic fin destroy and his bicycle seat evacuate and burned. Everyone believes Hiccup was killed in the explosion, reducing Stoick to tears. He apologizes, saying how blue he was for not listening to his son. Toothless sees this and unfurls his wrapped up wings, revealing he has an unconscious Hiccup clutched to his torso : his fire-proof dragonhide saved Hiccup ‘s life .
After approximately three weeks, Hiccup wakes up in his bed, which has been placed on the chief floor at home, surprise Toothless is in his firm to gleefully greet him. As he gets out of bed, after being licked by Toothless, he discovers he lost his leave foot and lower tibia ( as Toothless was ineffective to fully enwrap those parts with his wings ), which was replaced by a prosthetic made by Gobber. After taking a here and now for the feelings of sadness and loss to pass by, Toothless helps him walk outside and where both of them are storm to see the Vikings invited the dragons to live in the village. Hiccup is welcomed back as a hero and Astrid punches him for “ scaring her ” and gives him a kiss on the lips. After Toothless is fitted with a new fin and saddle that Gobber built, Hiccup, Astrid, and the early Viking teenagers ride their dragons through Berk as the new old age of a Viking and draco alliance begins .


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  • In the first battle with dragons, a Viking comes to Stoick, to tell him which Dragons are attacking. Stoick then asked: “Are there any Night Furies?” and the Viking responded: “None so far.” This could mean that Toothless wasn’t the last Night Fury at the time. It is possible that Stoick was only asking about the Night Fury fire shots, so Toothless was the only one already.
    • However, in the third film, Grimmel the Grisly was revealed to have hunted the Night Furies to extinction, also proving what Hiccup said in the film that no one ever killed a Night Fury was false (although Hiccup was unaware Grimmel killed off the Night Furies).
  • There are only seven species of dragons seen throughout the whole film.
    • The number of seven Dragons is very similar to the first Jurassic Park film where there were seven Dinosaurs.
  • Although based on the children’s book by Cressida Cowell, the film adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon has many fundamental differences in the setting and the way the characters are portrayed. It is said to be the prequel to Cressida Cowell’s books, since the books have Vikings and dragons friends already, thought the differences in dragon types between the books and movie (EXP: Book version Monstrous Nightmares are only about the size of a leopard, though in the movie they are large enough to ride) are too drastic for some fans to accept this answer, as well as the fact that movie-version Hiccup is repeatedly called Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, while, if this had been a prequel he would be Hiccup Horrendous Haddock I.
  • The Terrible Terror dragon was a tribute to the original Toothless by DreamWorks.
  • Toothless appears briefly in the DreamWorks opening logo.
  • Throughout the film, there are several cool details that may seem unnoticeable.
    • In the Downed Dragon scene, when the camera was panning across Toothless’ body, we can see his eyes were closed for a split-second but after the wing passes in front of it, his eyes are open. This was a mistake by the animators but they kept it because it looks creepy.
    • When Hiccup was reading the Dragon Manual in the Great Hall, a lightning bolt scared him. He continued reading the manual and if you look closely, we can see the dragon pictures moving. This is to show the fear Hiccup is experiencing.
    • After the Romantic Flight scene ended, Toothless takes Hiccup and Astrid to the Dragon Nest. Along the way, we see several dragons carrying food. But, if you look closely, you may notice that a Monstrous Nightmare was holding Gloria the hippo from another DreamWorks’ film, Madagascar.
    • Both Hiccup and Stoick said “I did this”, with their actions making Toothless and Hiccup forever crippled. Hiccup said it at the Downed Dragon scene, resulting in Toothless losing one of his tail fins. Stoick said it after the defeat of the Red Death, resulting in Hiccup losing one of his legs. It should also be noted that Toothless was lying in a state of semi-consciousness when they both said the line.
    • At the first Dragon Training, Gobber saved Hiccup from the Gronckle that is about to blast him and said to him that “a dragon will always go for the kill”. In the next scene, we can see Hiccup say, “So why didn’t you?”, similar to how Astrid said the same line to Hiccup when the Vikings are sailing to the Dragon Nest. Both Toothless and Hiccup are similar, neither could because they’re not monsters. When raiding Berk, Toothless only destroyed catapults and doesn’t steal food or kill Vikings. He spared Hiccup, while other dragons would kill him. Hiccup also has the same reason, he can’t kill a dragon. However, other Vikings would if given the opportunity.

Differences From the Novel

  • In the book, Toothless has no teeth, hence his name. In the film, he gets his name from his retractable teeth.
  • In the book, Toothless is a Common Dragon who is small enough to fit on Hiccup’s shoulder. In the film, he is a Night Fury, the rarest and most intelligent dragon, who is large enough to allow Astrid and Hiccup to fly on him.
  • In the book, it is part of the tradition to train a dragon or become exiled. In the film, it is part of the tradition to kill a dragon.
  • Astrid and Ruffnut don’t exist in the books.
  • In the book, Fishlegs is Hiccup’s best friend and is skinny. In the film, he isn’t friends with Hiccup until around the end of the movie and is chubby.
  • Common Dragons are replaced by Terrible Terrors.
  • In the film, the Green Death, a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus, is replaced by the Red Death.
  • In the books, dragons can breathe underwater. In the film, Toothless nearly drowns, meaning they don’t have gills as in the series.
  • In the books, dragons are noted to be selfish and ungrateful, but this does not appear to be the case in the movie.
  • In the movies Hookfang is Snotlout’s dragon while in books he belongs to Stoick.


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