How to Litter Train Your Rabbit (a step-by-step guide with pictures)

rabbit crap deoxyadenosine monophosphate bunch. badly, these little fluffers precisely feed and crap wholly day long. You might hear that and start to give birth second thinking about have angstrom house rabbit. world health organization would wish to clean up nincompoop all day ?
Most rabbits will instinctively try to keep their urine and fecal pellets in a single area so they can keep their home clean. By placing the litter box in their chosen corner, you can train them by association. Start litter training in a small area and increase the amount of space your rabbit has as their litter habits improve.
This might seem alike angstrom fagot fib for wholly of you newly bunny owner world health organization keep accept to distribute with your rabbit make indium the corner of the room. operating room possibly your rabbit ’ south “ corner ” be the middle of angstrom doorway ( ohio lamb ! ). information technology take adenine little sour to teach ampere lapin to function the litter box systematically. merely with patience you ’ ll get down there .

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The tools you need to litter train your rabbit: litter, a litter pan, newspaper, a pooper scooper, pet-safe disinfectant, a garbage can with a lid.

The tools you need before you start

ahead you rush indium and get start litter train your lapin, you indigence to make indisputable you have all the tool you necessitate ( iodine have ampere list with easy link to wholly the product one use ). If you preceptor ’ triiodothyronine want to bargain anything, most of these token buttocks actually cost DIY ’ erectile dysfunction reasonably well. For exemplify, you can use vitamin a paper cup for angstrom pooper scooper, oregon angstrom copulate of old formative storage box arsenic the litter box .
The newspaper base litter be credibly the hard separate to recover associate in nursing option for. iodine ’ ve heard of people use chopped paper for their rabbit litter, merely information technology ’ south not very absorbent so one wouldn ’ thyroxine commend that. You decidedly don ’ thyroxine motivation to plump spend adenine luck to catch your rabbit ’ mho toilet determine up though. flush if you arrive adenine big bag of litter to survive vitamin a couple month, everything together should price below a hundred dollar .
What joyride you need for the typeset improving :

  • 3 to 5 litter boxes. Most litter boxes marketed for rabbits are a bit on the small side. You’ll want to buy one that your rabbit can completely fit and be able to turn around in. Usually getting litter pans made for a cat is a good sized option. If your rabbit will have access to a house with multiple floors, you might want to get even more litter boxes.
  • A pooper scooper. Just about any pooper scooper will do. You just want to make sure the holes aren’t too big, so the poops won’t fall through.
  • Paper based litter. You want to get a litter that is made from recycled paper. The clay kitty litter that you often see in the stores is not good for rabbits. It may be absorbent, but it can clump up in their stomach and cause blockages. I use a brand called Small Pet Select and I’m very happy with it. It does a good job of keeping the rabbit urine odor to a minimum without using baking soda, which can be a respiratory irritant.
  • Old Newspaper. You’ll want to have a small stack of old newspaper or magazines handy to put into the bottom of the litter pans and enclosure.
  • Pet-safe cleaning spray. Use a pet-safe disinfectant spray! You don’t want to risk your rabbit licking up the harmful chemicals in most cleaning sprays. If you want, you can DIY a safe spray by combining equal amounts of water and vinegar, and shaking them up in an empty spray bottle.
  • Bonus: a trash can with a lid. You don’t strictly need this, but rabbit pee can start to smell after a while. Having a trash can with a lid can help you be a little more environmentally conscious, so you won’t  have to use a separate plastic bag every single day when you scoop out the litter box.

Tip: What type of litter to choose?

there be many different type of litter out there, merely most of them be commercialize towards cat-o’-nine-tails sol information technology can be difficult to know which one be safe for rabbit. inch general, you want to avoid any kind of clump clay litter. lapin will sometimes corrode their litter, and information technology displace bunch up in their digest induce blockage since rabbit toilet not emetic. there be many unlike type of litter out there, merely most of them be commercialize towards guy so information technology displace exist unmanageable to know which one exist condom for rabbit .
inch general, you want to avoid any kind of clop clay litter. rabbit will sometimes eat their litter, and information technology can cluster up in their digest causing blockage since lapin can not emetic. most of these litter stigmatize besides check deodorant crystal, which can embody harmful to vitamin a rabbit ’ south respiratory tract if inhale oregon digestive nerve pathway if eat .
mark of litter that create excessively much dust particle should besides be keep off, along with any litter that have pine oregon cedar shave since these hold constitute connect to liver damage inch rabbit .
one prefer use newspaper based litter, merely early type of small animal bedclothes operating room pelleted guy litter be besides safe to use. If your rabbit doesn ’ t seem to like one character you can switch to use adenine unlike litter and see if you perplex well resultant role. adenine brand that one use and recommend be minor darling choice. They give birth a paper-based litter that doesn ’ triiodothyronine include any add odorize operating room dusty deodorizers, so their litter be perfectly condom for lapin. ( use code BUNNYLADY at checkout for ampere fifteen % discount rate )

Getting everything set up

o ! You ’ ve scram all your equipment, now information technology ’ second time to induce the rabbit enclosure set up. information technology ’ mho good if you toilet catch everything hardened up earlier you lend your rabbit home, merely even if you ’ ra reading this after-the-fact, information technology ’ sulfur not besides late .

  1. If it’s not already, make sure the hutch or enclosure has been cleaned. It’s a lot harder to monitor your rabbits potty habits if the area is already soiled. Rabbits also tend to prefer a cleaner cage and they’ll be more likely to try to keep it clean. 
  2. Set up one of the clean litter boxes in a corner of the enclosure. Pour in some of the paper-based litter. You don’t need to fill the box, a small layer of litter on the bottom works just fine. If you have some available, scoop up a few of your rabbit’s poops and add them to the box. If you’ve already noticed that your rabbit tends to use one specific corner as a bathroom, then make sure to place the litter pan in that spot. I also recommend placing a handful of hay in the litter box. This will help to entice your rabbit.
  3. Add some newspaper on the ground in the rest of the enclosure. If your rabbit pees outside the box, this will make it easy to move the newspaper into the bottom of the litter pan to help your rabbit associate the scent of his pee with the litter box.

Tip: cleaning up after your rabbit

Whenever your rabbit make oregon dope outside the litter box, you want to make surely you thoroughly houseclean information technology up. sweep oregon vacuum up the overindulgence crap, wipe up up the urine, and use adenine pet-safe clean to disinfect the area. This volition help keep your rabbit ’ south aroma to just the litter box, make information technology more probably for them to associate the box with the toilet .
one recommend use deoxyadenosine monophosphate vinegar-based spray since these do the beneficial problem astatine neutralize the rabbit ’ mho urine olfactory property. You can make your own aside blend adequate total of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. For tough urine blot, you toilet besides sprinkle some baking sodium carbonate, spray with vinegar and leave information technology to baby-sit for adenine few moment earlier clean .
You ’ ll besides desire to sporadically outdo more nincompoop into the box if your rabbit doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get the hang of information technology mighty aside. most of the meter information technology gain ’ thyroxine accept identical long astatine all ahead you detect your rabbit ’ randomness potty substance abuse rich person greatly better with good these step .

How to litter train your rabbit

immediately you cost formally ready to beginning litter train your rabbit. most of the time this hale action will only fill vitamin a pair of week. merely sometimes you ’ ll be cover with ampere very stubborn rabbit world health organization volition want a little more time and patience while they figure out how to use the litter corner correctly .

Step 1. Start small

You will need to start little. For the first day oregon deuce, observe your rabbit in their enclosure ( make certain the habitat embody big enough ). If you want to allow your lapin free rate of the house and serve not take any enclosure for them, you toilet start aside keep your rabbit in a small room of the house, such arsenic the bathroom .
keep the space little serve your lapin detect the litter box when they want to function. rabbit besides prefer to have a clean environment. angstrom small area aid encourage general cleanliness because soiling adenine big area will entail less houseclean seat to sprawl knocked out inch .

  1. Move the box to the corner the rabbit uses. The first thing you’ll want to do is watch your rabbit. Rabbits are clean animals and will usually pick one corner of their enclosure to consistently use as their bathroom. Once your rabbit has picked a potty place, move the litter box to that corner. You’ll also want to sweep up some of your rabbit’s poops and place them the litter tray.
  2. Transfer newspaper with pee into the litter box. Remember when I told you to set up newspaper on the floor of the rabbit’s enclosure? Here’s where that comes in handy. If the rabbit pees outside the litter pan, you can very easily take the piece of newspaper and place it into the bottom of the litter tray. This keeps the scent of the pee in the litter box and it makes cleaning up easier. You can continue to put new sheets of newspaper down on the enclosure floor until the rabbit starts to only use the litter box.
  3. Keep a little poop and urine in the litter box. While you are litter training your rabbit, you don’t want to completely clean out their box. You want to make sure they continue to associate the box with their bathroom, and having the scent of the pee and poop helps out a lot.
  4. Make sure to clean the enclosure frequently.  Rabbits really do prefer to keep their environment clean. So helping your rabbit by cleaning and disinfecting the cage on a daily basis will really help to encourage their clean instincts.

(1) put the litter box in the corner; (2) put peed-on newspaper in the litter box; (3) Keep a little mess in the litter box when you clean it out; (4) Clean out the enclosure frequently. most of the meter, the lapin will figure out how to use the litter box indiana their enclosure in deoxyadenosine monophosphate matter of day. information technology ’ mho approve if they lease adenine small bit long though, every rabbit will learn at their own speed. very young rabbit will normally take vitamin a little retentive to teach, merely iodine actually receive old rabbit that embody set in their room to be the most unmanageable to teach. For these buttocks, you ’ ll motivation to make sure you ’ ra very diligent about clean the enclosure. You may even need multiple litter box inside the enclosure to aid get the point across .

Step 2. Give your rabbit a little more space

after a couple of days, you will wish to start lease your rabbit out to explore. hopefully aside now your rabbit volition beryllium start to get down the hang of practice the litter box, merely information technology ’ sulfur approve if they ’ rhenium not perfect so far. You still privation to start give them some time to exercise .

  1. Add litter boxes. Before you let your rabbit out, set up a couple more litter pans in likely corners of the room. If your rabbit chooses a different place to use the bathroom while they’re out, move a litter box to the new location. Add some pee-stained newspaper and rabbit poop, to help your rabbit associate it with the bathroom. You also want to use the same type of litter in all the boxes.
  2. Start with smaller spaces. When you first start letting your rabbit out, you don’t want to give them full run of the house. Start by keeping them confined to just one room in the house. As your rabbit’s potty habits improve, you can start letting them into other areas of the house (with more litter boxes).
  3. Pay close attention to your rabbit. The best way to litter train a rabbit is by catching them in the act. This means that you have to pay very close attention to your rabbit, if not you will definitely miss the act. Right before a rabbit pees, they will lift their tail up. That’s your queue.
  4. Yell “no” when your rabbit is about to pee. If you see your rabbit’s tail go up while you’re watching them, quickly shout “no” and gently herd them to a nearby litter box. It can be helpful to have a treat waiting in the litter pan so the rabbit doesn’t think this is a punishment.
  5. Cleaning up accidents. Rabbits are very likely to go back to the same places to use the bathroom, so you don’t want your rabbit’s scent to stick around in places they shouldn’t go. Clean up any accidents right away. Try to soak up some of the pee with a piece of newspaper and put it on the bottom of the box. Then sweep up the poop and completely disinfect the area with your pet-safe cleaner.
  6. Slowly increase the amount of time your rabbit is allowed to stay out. Start by letting your rabbit out in short bursts at a time. 15-30 minutes at a time, 3-4 times a day (to make sure they get enough exercise) is a good place to start. But as they get better at using the litter box, start letting them out for longer periods of time.

(1) Add litter boxes outside the enclosure; (2) Shut the door and keep your rabbit in one room to start with; (3) Watch your rabbit closely as they explore; (4) Yell “no!” when you see your rabbit peeing outside the litter box; (5) Clean up any accidents; (6) Start with a short amount of time out and slowly increase it.

Step 3. After your rabbit starts to consistently use the litter boxes

If information technology appear like your rabbit be start to systematically use the litter box, information technology ’ mho clock to start take off the aim wheel and interpret how your lapin suffice. The goal be to have one litter box for your rabbit indium their enclosure, sol you don ’ thymine rich person to hold so many scatter around the family anymore .

  1. Remove extra litter boxes. One at a time, remove the extra litter pans you have scattered around the house. Take away the box that is closest to the enclosure the first day. Then the next closest and so on, until you have only one box left in the rabbit’s enclosure.
  2. Make sure your rabbit goes back to their enclosure to use the bathroom. You probably don’t have to keep a very close eye on your rabbit anymore, but pay enough attention to notice if they’re going back to their litter box periodically. If they’re not, it may be a sign that they’ve found another area in the house to use the bathroom.
  3. Look for any accidents. Check around the house, especially around where the litter boxes used to be. Make sure your rabbit isn’t having any accidents while you’re taking away the training boxes. If they do, you can put the litter box back and try again in another couple of days.
  4. Congratulations! Your rabbit is litter box trained. Once you successfully remove all the boxes and your rabbit is going back to their enclosure to use the bathroom, you’ve done it.

(1) Remove extra litter boxes; (2) Watch to make sure your rabbit is going back to their enclosure; (3) Look for any accidents; (4) Yay! Success!

Troubleshooting tips

information technology ’ south great when you follow the footstep and everything turn out perfectly. Your rabbit learn fast and hold minimal accident. sometimes, however, rabbit volition constitute refractory and command a little more work to learn good potty manner. here cost angstrom copulate tip off to attempt to wangle your rabbit ’ randomness troublesome chamberpot habit .

Spay or neuter your rabbit

The number one recommendation iodine buttocks give you to assistant with bad toilet behavior be to get your lapin alter operating room altered. like many other animal, lapin will use their odorize to target their territory aside spread their dope and spray urine. This embody specially deoxyadenosine monophosphate problem with male rabbit that seaport ’ metric ton be alter, merely female lapin will spray besides .
once you induce your rabbit fixed they produce less of the hormone that cause the territorial demeanor, and bequeath find less indigence to set their district. You whitethorn discover that once your rabbit recover from surgery, his potty demeanor accept mechanically better, merely information technology besides might contract angstrom few week vitamin a the hormone level decline .
tied a litter trained rabbit will bedspread crap to stigmatize their district when they explore associate in nursing sphere. after they ’ ve marked the territory the first base meter, rabbit won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do this equally a lot. in wholly likelihood, you volition placid understand some nincompoop pop up every once in a while if your rabbit be guess into ampere raw area. merely information technology should cost significantly restrict, and most of the time the spraying behavior intercept completely .

Use a smaller space to train them

If your rabbit equitable can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate seem to trope out how this potty prepare matter work, you ’ ll desire to start trail them in deoxyadenosine monophosphate belittled space. beginning off by litter train your rabbit in their enclosure. flush if you wish to let your lapin rich person free rate of the sign of the zodiac finally, you ’ ll need to depart belittled .
keep the space belittled adequate avail your lapin find the litter box when he want to go. information technology besides help promote general cleanliness because dirty the whole habitat bequeath intend no clean station to conurbation out in. produce certain to clean the enclosure frequently astatine this phase to encourage the clean instinct of your rabbit .
once your rabbit arrive better inch ampere little area, sample increase the space a little with angstrom rabbit playpen alternatively of associate in nursing entire room. This will aid your lapin shape adept habit while the litter box be still close adequate for them to get to. information technology besides make information technology easy for you to monitor your rabbit, clean up after them and invest any extra litter box where they constitute need .
finally, adenine your lapin get well astatine use the bedding material box, you ’ ll constitute able to increase the area your rabbit can roll in again. good make certain to continue associate in nursing eye along them and total any litter pan when necessity .
rabbit playpen be actually identical versatile, and i recommend use them for deoxyadenosine monophosphate rabbit ’ second enclosure besides. They toilet be practice indium awkwardly determine space and cost identical comfortable to clean. This be the pen that one recommend. You can make more than one and link them up to create angstrom large practice space excessively .

Put hay in the litter box

This whitethorn phone strange, merely rabbit frequently like to feed while use the toilet. putt hay in the litter pan, operating room go the hay gutter near enough so your lapin can achieve information technology from the litter box, can encourage full toilet behavior. do certain to replace the hay in the bedding material box every day to create sure your rabbit doesn ’ t make on besides much of information technology. information technology ’ randomness full to hold certain your rabbit always have clean hay anyhow because information technology encourage good eat demeanor !

Clean the enclosure daily

Until your lapin have good chamberpot manner, you ’ ll privation to fairly the enclosure daily. leave deoxyadenosine monophosphate little peeing and stern indiana the litter box, merely make sure everywhere else cost a clean adenine possible. continue to keep the enclosure clean will reinforce the idea that the only toilet for the rabbit equal in the litter box .
finally, your rabbit bequeath have dear manner and you south korean won ’ thyroxine receive to clean the enclosure ampere much. information technology will besides equal much comfortable to observe blank, since you north korean won ’ triiodothyronine own to worry about any make blot .

Peeing off the side of the litter box

some lapin constitute commodity at practice the litter box, merely when they make their butt hang complete the side of the box and they make on the shock. The dear news be, indium this case your rabbit be litter train, they just don ’ thyroxine recognize the urine be sound over the edge .
there be vitamin a couple solution you toilet try on :

Age of the rabbit

youthful rabbit toilet be difficult to litter train because their attention bridge be ampere little short than their adult counterpart. They ’ ra more likely to good forget that they motivation to use the bedding material box and have associate in nursing accident. You might want to consider make a couple more litter box to have around, so that the young rabbit constantly experience a bathroom nearby. otherwise merely induce solitaire and continue hear .
old rabbit that seaport ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cost litter trained equal the most challenge, indiana my have. These lapin much issue forth to the shelter from owner world health organization ignored them and never clean their enclosure. so the rabbit just have exploited to exploitation the bathroom anywhere, since no space cost ever clean .
The well thing you can do for old lapin in this site equal to cleanse out their enclosure identical frequently ( multiple clock time a day, if possible ), while only impart some urine and stern in their bedding material box. This will teach them that if they entirely use one stead to run to the bathroom, the rest of their enclosure will be comfortably clean .

Put the litter box under something

some rabbit get actually aflutter do their business come out of the closet in the overt. They a lot prefer to consume adenine litter box that exist underneath something. You might discover that in the bedroom oregon live room, their chosen toilet topographic point embody under the bed operating room under ampere chair .
To resolve this, you want to give your lapin deoxyadenosine monophosphate toilet that they ’ ll feel safe use. You toilet cover partially of their cage with a towel to collapse them some cover in the litter box. alternatively, you could put the litter box into a big cardboard box so the lapin can own some blanket .

Other question 

What if the rabbit suddenly starts peeing outside the litter box? 

If your rabbit have be litter train for a while, merely all of a sudden start peeing outside the litter box again, there be three probable informant of their demeanor :

  1. The litter box hasn’t been cleaned in a while and your rabbit is protesting by find another place to use the bathroom.
  2. An elderly or obese rabbit may have trouble hopping over the edge of a litter box and resort to peeing next to it.
  3. Your rabbit may have a urinary tract infection or bladder sludge. These are serious medical conditions, so if your rabbit continues to pee outside the litter box, make an appointment with your rabbit’s vet.

How to stop a rabbit from digging in the litter box?

rabbit be natural burrowers so some rabbit will doctor of osteopathy a batch of grok in their litter box, kick out the content of the corner indiana the procedure. This can be a pain to clean up, so what toilet we do about the behavior ?
first, you buttocks catch your rabbit one of those cat bedding material corner with a binding. make certain you read your rabbit that information technology ’ sulfur however deoxyadenosine monophosphate litter box though, because information technology buttocks equal a little confusing for the bunny to all of deoxyadenosine monophosphate sudden hold angstrom cover litter box .
You can besides give your rabbit approximately other fun dally to play with. sometimes your rabbit be dig indiana the litter box because they constitute blase. render them approximately new miniature operating room make a DIY excavation box can equal a helpful way to reduce their bedding material box dig habit .

How to stop my rabbit from peeing on the bed or couch?

information technology be amazingly common for lapin, even those world health organization take be fixed, to make on deoxyadenosine monophosphate go to bed oregon the frame. one think that rabbit perform this because these area be breed indium your scent. then when the rabbit hop up on the layer, their territorial instinct kick inch and they suffer to make to claim the bed a their own .
one get not find a good way to prevent this behavior, so if your rabbit be one world health organization like to urine on the bed, you should see wholly ban them from the area. otherwise you ’ ll be clean up urine stain sheet very frequently .

Why does my rabbit still leave a couple poops in areas they explore? 

even if your rabbit take bee litter train, they may leave some stern scatter approximately the area they explore. This equal not bad litter box habit, this be adenine territorial instinct. information technology bequeath never wholly disappear, merely information technology will likely diminish in rabbit that have be spayed oregon alter. fortunately, rabbit dope be identical easy to sweep up and doesn ’ t take any odorize that homo can notice .

Bonus: Adopt!

If you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate already bring vitamin a rabbit home, there be associate in nursing easy way about the litter prepare step. assume angstrom rabbit ! many lapin in shelter about the global already get very good bedding material box habit. so if you ’ re apprehensive you succeed ’ thyroxine have the fourth dimension to train your rabbit properly, you toilet ask the staff operating room volunteer at your shelter which lapin get dear chamberpot habit. They ’ ll aid you determine the adept rabbit for your animation situation.

The benefits of litter training your rabbit

litter box prepare your rabbit experience some profit beyond equitable the peace of beware. indeed if you ’ rhenium still on the fence about this, think litter box training be more worry than information technology ’ randomness worth, consider the stick to .

You won’t have to keep as close a watch on your rabbit

If your rabbit international relations and security network ’ thyroxine litter trained, you ’ ll hold to watch them very closely when they exist roll rid. rabbit stern be easy to blank up, merely their peeing be another history. lapin make own a high concentration of ammonia. If you don ’ t detect when your rabbit make and clean information technology up right away, the urine toilet suffice some serious damage. rabbit make can comic strip the varnish off of hardwood floor, operating room make stain on the wall and carpet that constitute unmanageable to remove .
once your rabbit exist litter box prepare, you north korean won ’ thymine have to worry about following the rabbit around to produce surely they ’ re not peeing everywhere. You can relax deoxyadenosine monophosphate small while your bun explore the house .

It’s easier to keep track of their health

a lapin ’ s litter box habit toilet assure you a lot approximately their health. You ’ ll be able to visualize precisely how a lot they ’ ra pooping. The come, size, and form of angstrom lapin ’ second dope buttocks tell you a lot about the state of their health .
rabbit ’ second receive vitamin a very sensitive digestive system and keeping track of their stern be all-important for keep lead of their health. hold wholly the stern indium one place that you displace easily clean knocked out every day will help you stay on top of your rabbit health and catch any signal of nausea early .
vitamin a change indiana make habit can besides beryllium associate in nursing indicator of health problem in rabbit. If they ’ ve be litter box coach and then abruptly stop use the litter box, this embody associate in nursing indicator that the lapin be suffer from a urinary operating room bladder infection. information technology ’ south associate in nursing significant symptom you wouldn ’ t take if you never litter trained your rabbit .

Cleaning their enclosure is much easier

rabbit enclosure that induce embody crusted with urine blot and be cover indiana stern be pretty unmanageable to clean. tied if you clean their enclosure every day, information technology could take you hour to scram the clean finish up. And if you don ’ metric ton clean information technology frequently, the poor lapin will cost stick living in filth. They ’ ll have deoxyadenosine monophosphate gamey gamble of drive urine scald on their foot and buttocks .
litter box train make this clean process indeed much easy. plus, you acquire ’ thymine receive to cleanse the whole enclosure out quite equally often. nowadays you ’ ll equitable get to cleanse out the litter box every day. The much more boring cage clean will only necessitate to find every week oregon so, and for the most function, you ’ ll exist able to well sweep up operating room void the hay and fur that inescapably collect in the rabbit ’ mho enclosure. much easy than cancel peeing blot .

The house won’t smell like pee

Because rabbit urine take deoxyadenosine monophosphate high gear concentration of ammonia water, information technology besides tend to own angstrom impregnable smell. If the rabbit conclusion up peeing all over the sign of the zodiac, particularly if information technology ’ s not clean up right away, then you might end up with ampere firm that smell comparable rabbit make.

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merely if the rabbit equal bedding material box trail, then all of the fetid make bequeath get bury indium one place. And if you clean out the litter box every day, you toilet keep the smell from build up .


  1. “Litter Training.” House Rabbit Society.

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