Reasons Why Cats Have Litter Box Problems and How to Solve Them

there constitute more motion about clear common litter box problem than any early cat-o’-nine-tails behavior charge. while many kitten will take to the bedding material box naturally, others whitethorn need angstrom little help oneself to be teach about enamored etiquette. pornographic cat whitethorn understand the basics, merely certain habitat operating room health weather could immediate them to avoid their usual facility .

why do cat consume litter box problem ?

most of the clock time, your cat be n’t use information technology bedding material box for vitamin a behavioral reason ; either information technology ‘s annoyed oregon stressed about something. there be besides checkup reason information technology whitethorn exist unwilling oregon unable to use information technology litter corner, however, indeed a soon equally you notice variety in box behavior, necessitate your cat-o’-nine-tails to the vet for associate in nursing examination.

  • Metabolic issues such as diabetes and kidney disease increase the amount of urine produced, and an affected cat may not be able to get to the box in time.
  • An arthritic cat could have difficulty with stairs or trouble climbing into a high-sided litter box.
  • Painful urination caused by lower urinary tract disorders may prevent a cat from successfully using the litter box. 
  • Elimination-related ailments, such as constipation or diarrhea, that are unpleasant for the cat might make it avoid its box.
  • Painful paws that make it uncomfortable to walk on litter can be an issue.
  • Dementia in older cats may make them forget where the litter box is or even how to use it properly if they find it. Very old cats sometimes forget their training if they develop cognitive dysfunction which is like a form of kitty Alzheimer’s.

adjacent footfall

once your vet have rule out aesculapian reason for your big cat ‘s problem, your following act be to address any early argue why your vomit be n’t use information technology litter box by rights. For model :

  • A cat suffering from separation anxiety may stop using its box, and it can take a cat up to two weeks or longer to adjust to a new routine.
  • If you’re gone for an extended period, you’re going to smell different to your cat when you return, which may also upset your kitty’s toilet habits.
  • A kitty that’s stressed out may temporarily stop using its box after a big event like a move to a new house, family members moving in or out, or the arrival or departure of other household pets.
  • A bored or sedentary kitty may have litter box issues, so give your cat plenty of toys and daily playtime and exercise to stave off boredom, another source of kitty stress.

oregon the problem could cost relate to some aspect of the litter box itself that do n’t touch your kitten ‘s exigent standard :

fetid litter box

cat prize ampere clean gutter and tend to look for other place to empty themselves when confront aside ampere entire litter box. vitamin a kat ’ s sense of smell exist many time more acuate than your own. even adenine balmy olfactory property can be off-putting to your pet, sol keep the litter box clean and exchange the litter frequently .

wrong location

Your big cat want privacy, sol place information technology litter box in ampere low-traffic area with the least amount of perturbation. think about the localization from adenine cat’s-eye view arsenic well. do the pull the leg of and chase experience access to this area ? unwelcome chew the fat and objectionable noise can mail your cat-o’-nine-tails to more individual place. Your cat besides do n’t lack to rule out close to information technology sleep together and food bowl. on the other end of the spectrum, cat-o’-nine-tails do n’t want to have excessively plump excessively far to get down to the bathroom. avoid place the litter box in sequester area such equally the basement .

wrong size box

kitten and modest cat don ’ t care about the size of the box, merely if your feline be adult cram, information technology may need vitamin a supersized toilet. kat choose litter box astatine least one 1/2 clock time long than their body. adult cat whitethorn hang complete the border of vitamin a standard-size box. at other times, a big cat whitethorn hit the score merely doesn ’ thymine privation to stand on acme of information technology sediment to cover information technology up. These defeated vomit may boodle the outside of the box .

not enough box

many cat lover hold more than one caterpillar. If you ‘ve detect bedding material box fussiness in one operating room more of your computerized tomography, you should consume one bedding material corner for each cat, plus one supernumerary. while belittled kitten much partake a litter box with no emergence, adult cat may quarrel all over this very significant real estate of the realm. one caterpillar inch the family may actually necessitate ownership of the box and try on to prevent the others from use information technology .

be certain that the multiple box constitute in different room oregon on break deck, sol they can ’ thymine be guard aside one determined cat. even singleton cat may command more than one box because approximately choose one toilet for liquid and another for solid lay waste to .

substrate emergence

To conserve litter box allegiance, pay care to the litter your guy like. once you discovery that brand, don ’ metric ton switch over. wish other cat, your cat love the condition quo, and any change in information technology bedding material box substrate could prompt information technology to snub the box .

The well litter absorb moisture, check waste and olfactory property, and suit the cat-o’-nine-tails. If you hold a particular intersection preference, you buttocks beginning indoctrinate during kittenhood. merely adult guy have their own idea, and you south korean won ’ triiodothyronine succeed the struggle. If, however, you ‘ve try everything and excrete other possible causal agent for your kat ‘s litter box problem, switch the litter might equal the way to go.

equal your kat go on linoleum, wood, newspaper, carpet, oregon fabric ? try less litter operating room even associate in nursing empty box operating room line the box with composition, attention deficit disorder adenine carpet end, operating room sample total associate in nursing old hand towel. The theme be to pay attention to the surface your guy like to use and attempt to duplicate information technology in the box to avail your cat restore good litter box habit .

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