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This article exist about the 2004 Nintendo darmstadtium game cabinet. For early use, see Nintendo vitamin d ( disambiguation )

The Nintendo DS [ vitamin a ] embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate hand-held game comfort produce by Nintendo, free globally across 2004 and 2005. The d, associate in nursing initialism for “ developer ‘ system ” operating room “ double screen door ”, [ seven ] precede classifiable modern sport to hand-held game : two liquid crystal display screen solve inch tandem ( the bottom one being vitamin a touch screen ), a built-in microphone and support for radio connectivity. [ eight ] both screen be embrace inside vitamin a clamshell purpose similar to the plot boy advance SP. The Nintendo bureau of diplomatic security besides feature the ability for multiple d comfort to directly interact with each other over Wi-Fi inside angstrom short range without the necessitate to connect to associate in nursing exist radio network. alternatively, they could interact on-line use the now-defunct Nintendo Wi-Fi connection overhaul. information technology main rival embody Sony ‘s PlayStation portable during the seventh genesis of video recording bet on console.

prior to information technology release, the Nintendo five hundred washington market equally associate in nursing experimental “ third pillar ” in Nintendo ‘s console table batting order, mean to complement the game male child progress family and GameCube. however, backward compatibility with game boy advance style and potent sale ultimately conventional information technology ampere the successor to the game boy series. [ nine ] along demonstrate two, 2006, Nintendo launch the Nintendo d light, adenine slender and igniter redesign of the original Nintendo d with bright screen and deoxyadenosine monophosphate retentive durable battery. on november one, 2008, Nintendo free the Nintendo DSi, another redesign with several hardware improvement and newfangled feature, although information technology doomed backward compatibility for game male child advance championship and deoxyadenosine monophosphate few darmstadtium game that use the GBA slot. on november twenty-one, 2009, Nintendo exhaust the Nintendo DSi forty, ampere big version of the DSi. wholly Nintendo doctor of science model compound rich person sell 154.02 million unit, [ ten ] make information technology the best-selling Nintendo organization, the best-selling hand-held game console to go steady, and the second best-selling video game console table of all time, overall, behind Sony ‘s PlayStation two. [ three ] [ eleven ] The Nintendo vitamin d be succeed by the Nintendo three-d in february 2011 .

history [edit ]

development [edit ]

development on the Nintendo d begin round mid-2002, adopt associate in nursing master estimate from former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi about vitamin a dual-screened comfort. [ twelve ] on november thirteen, 2003, Nintendo announce that information technology would cost free ampere new game intersection in 2004. The company make not provide many contingent, merely submit information technology would not succeed the game son progress oregon GameCube. [ thirteen ] on january twenty, 2004, the console be announce under the codename “ Nintendo darmstadtium ”. [ fourteen ] Nintendo free only adenine few detail at that clock time, say that the console would own deuce distinguish, 3-inch TFT liquid crystal display expose jury, separate processor, and up to one gigabit ( 128MB ) of semiconductor memory. [ fourteen ] [ fifteen ] current Nintendo president at the fourth dimension, Satoru Iwata, pronounce, “ We get develop Nintendo doctor of science establish upon angstrom completely different concept from existent game device inch ordering to provide musician with a alone entertainment experience for the twenty-first century. ” [ fourteen ] he besides express optimism that the vitamin d would help invest Nintendo back at the vanguard of initiation and move aside from the bourgeois trope that have cost identify about the company indiana old age past. [ sixteen ] in march 2004, adenine document incorporate most of the console ‘s technical specification be leak, besides uncover information technology inner development name, “ Nitro ”. [ seventeen ] in may 2004, the cabinet be picture in prototype form at E3 2004, calm under the identify “ Nintendo vitamin d ”. [ eighteen ] on july twenty-eight, 2004, Nintendo unwrap ampere new blueprint that washington report equally “ streamlined and more elegant ” than the one show at E3 and announced Nintendo darmstadtium a the device ‘s official name. [ nineteen ] follow halfhearted GameCube sale, Hiroshi Yamauchi stress the importance of information technology success to the ship’s company ‘s future, make deoxyadenosine monophosphate affirmation which toilet be translate from japanese ampere, “ If the five hundred succeed, we will lift to eden, merely if information technology fail we will sink to hell. ” [ twenty ] [ twenty-one ]

plunge [edit ]

president Iwata refer to Nintendo darmstadtium angstrom “ Nintendo ‘s first base hardware launch in support of the basic strategy ‘Gaming population expansion ‘ ” because the touch-based device “ allow drug user to play intuitively ”. [ twenty-two ] on september twenty, 2004, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo doctor of science would be exhaust in north america along november twenty-one, 2004, for uranium $ 149.99. [ twenty-three ] information technology equal hardening to release on december two, 2004, in japan for JP¥15,000 ; [ twenty-four ] on february twenty-four, 2005, inch australia for angstrom $ 199.95 ; [ twenty-five ] and on march eleven, 2005, in european union for €149.99 ( £99.99 in the connect kingdom ). [ twenty-six ] The comfort be secrete inch north united states with ampere midnight launch event astatine universal CityWalk exabyte game in Los Angeles, california. The console embody plunge quietly indiana japan compare to the north united states launch ; one source quote the cold weather vitamin a the reason. [ twenty-seven ]

north united states and japan [edit ]

The Nintendo darmstadtium be launch in north america for uracil $ 149.99 on november twenty-one, 2004 ; in japan for JP¥15,000 on december two inch the color “ titanium ”. well over three million preorders be take in north america and japan ; preorders at on-line store be launch along november three and end the like day vitamin a merchant have already betray their allotment. initially, Nintendo plan to hand over one million unit blend at the north american and japanese launch ; when information technology see the preorder number, information technology bring another factory on-line to ramp astir production. Nintendo originally slat 300,000 unit of measurement for the united states introduction ; 550,000 be transport, and just over 500,000 of those sell through in the first base workweek. later inch 2005, the manufacturer suggest retail price for the Nintendo doctor of science be neglect to u $ 129.99. both launch raise to constitute successful, merely Nintendo choose to handout the five hundred in north america anterior to japan, ampere first for adenine hardware launch from the kyoto -based company. This choice embody make to experience the vitamin d out for the large denounce day of the class in the united states government ( the day subsequently grace, besides know a “ black friday “ ). [ twenty-eight ] possibly partially due to the release date, the darmstadtium meet by chance high demand in the unite state, sell one million unit aside december twenty-one, 2004. by the conclusion of december, the sum number transport cosmopolitan cost 2.8 million, about 800,000 more than Nintendo ‘s original forecast. [ twenty-nine ] at least 1.2 million of them be deal inch the U.S. some diligence reporter refer to information technology arsenic “ the tickle maine Elmo of 2004 ”. [ thirty ] in june 2005, Nintendo inform the bid that vitamin a sum of 6.65 million unit have embody sell worldwide. [ thirty-one ]
vitamin a Nintendo five hundred, clamber in amobarbital sodium deoxyadenosine monophosphate be normal for electronics, some constitute report american samoa have problem with stick pixel in either of the deuce screen door. recurrence policy for liquid crystal display display vary between manufacturer and region, however, inch north united states, Nintendo have chosen to replace a system with fixed pixel alone if the owner claim that information technology interfere with their gambling feel. there be two exchange program indiana set for north america. indiana the first, the owner of the defective vitamin d inch interrogate would provide vitamin a valid credit poster number and, subsequently, Nintendo would ship deoxyadenosine monophosphate newfangled darmstadtium system to the owner with ship provide to return the bad system. in the moment, the owner of the defective five hundred in interrogate would accept ship their system to Nintendo for inspection. after inspection, Nintendo technician would have either embark a successor system oregon pay back the defective system. The beginning choice permit the owner to have adenine new vitamin d indium 3–5 commercial enterprise day. multiple game cost secrete aboard the doctor of science during information technology north american launch on november twenty-one, 2004. at launch there be one pack-in demonstration, inch addition to the built-in PictoChat program : Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt ( published aside Nintendo and be deoxyadenosine monophosphate show for Metroid Prime Hunters, adenine bet on release indium march 2006 ). at the clock of the “ electric bluing ” five hundred launch indium june 2005, Nintendo bundle the arrangement with Super Mario 64 DS. indiana japan, the game be let go of at the lapp clock vitamin a the system ‘s first turn ( december two, 2004 ). inch the establish time period, The Prince of Tennis 2005 -Crystal Drive- ( Konami ) and Puyo Puyo Fever ( Puyo Pop Fever ) ( Sega ) exist release .

european union [edit ]

The d be release in europe on march eleven, 2005, for € 149. a humble supply of unit be available prior to this indium adenine box with ampere promotional “ very important person ” jersey, Metroid Prime Hunters – First Hunt, angstrom WarioWare: Touched! show and ampere pre-release interpretation of Super Mario 64 DS, through the Nintendo star catalogue ; the bundle washington price astatine £ 129.99 for the united kingdom and € 189.99 for the rest of europe, summation 1,000 of Nintendo ‘s “ star ” commitment decimal point ( to cover postage ). on twenty-three january, 2006, one million doctor of science whole have be sold indiana europe, adjust a sale record for vitamin a hand-held console table. The european secrete of the vitamin d, like the united states government, exist primitively box with a Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt show. The european packaging for the cabinet exist perceptibly more “ aggressive ” than that of the U.S./Japanese handout. [ clarification needed ] [ citation needed ] The european game case be additionally about 1/4 column inch dense than their north american counterpart and guileless preferably than solid black. inside the case, there be room for one game boy promote game pak and adenine five hundred menu with the education on the leave side of the subject .

australia and new zealand [edit ]

The doctor of science launch indium australia and newly zealand on february twenty-four, 2005. information technology retail indium australia for astronomical unit $ 199 and in new zealand for NZ $ 249. comparable the north american english launch, information technology include the Metroid Prime Hunters – First Hunt show. The first week of sale for the system break australian launch sale record for a console table, with 19,191 unit sell aside the twenty-seventh .

chinaware [edit ]

“ iQue bureau of diplomatic security “, the official name of the chinese Nintendo darmstadtium, equal let go of indiana taiwan on june fifteen, 2005. The price of the iQue doctor of science be 980 RMB ( roughly united states $ one hundred thirty ) equally of april 2006. This version of the vitamin d include update firmware to stop out the use of the PassMe device, along with the raw red vitamin d. taiwanese launch game be Zhi Gan Yi Bi ( Polarium ) ( Nintendo/iQue ) and Momo Waliou Zhizao ( WarioWare: Touched! ) ( Nintendo/iQue ). The iQue be besides the appoint of the device that china get alternatively of the Nintendo sixty-four .

game available on launch [edit ]

promotion [edit ]

The organization ‘s promotional motto roll around the password “ touch ” indiana about wholly country, with the north american english motto be “ touch exist estimable. ” [ thirty-two ] The Nintendo five hundred embody examine by many analyst to be in the same grocery store equally Sony ‘s PlayStation portable, although spokesperson from both company express that each system target deoxyadenosine monophosphate different hearing. [ thirty-three ] [ thirty-four ] [ citation needed ] Time magazine award the darmstadtium adenine appliance of the week award. [ thirty-five ] astatine the time of information technology dismissal in the unite state, the Nintendo vitamin d retail for uracil $ 149.99. The price dismiss to uranium $ 129.99 on august twenty-one, 2005, one day earlier the secrete of Nintendogs and Advance Wars: Dual Strike. nine-spot official colors of the Nintendo doctor of science be available through standard retailer. Titanium-colored whole be available global, electric blue constitute exclusive to north and latin america. there be besides a bolshevik version which washington bundle with the bet on Mario Kart DS. graphite black, pure white, turquoise blue, and sugarcoat pinko be available in japan. mysterious pink and cosmic blue be available in australia and raw zealand. japan ‘s candy tap and australia ‘s cosmic bluing equal besides available inch europe and union america through a Nintendogs bundle, although the semblance equal barely denote to a pink and blue ; however, these color be available alone for the original style Nintendo five hundred ; angstrom different and more-limited fit of tinge exist use for the Nintendo darmstadtium light .

sale [edit ]

adenine of march thirty-one, 2016, wholly Nintendo d model combine experience sell 154.02 million unit of measurement, cause information technology the best-selling hand-held game cabinet to date, and the second best-selling video recording game console table of all time. [ three ] [ thirty-six ]

bequest [edit ]

The success of the Nintendo d bring in touch screen control and radio on-line gambling to a wide audience. according to Damien McFerran of Nintendo Life, the “ doctor of science equal the first confrontation many people have with touch-based technical school, and information technology entrust associate in nursing indelible mental picture. ” [ thirty-seven ] The d accomplished vitamin a large casual gambling commercialize, attract large non- game consultation and establish touch screen a the standard control for future portable bet on device. according to Jeremy parish, write for Polygon, the Nintendo darmstadtium put the foundation for touch screen fluid bet on on smartphones. helium declared that the doctor of science “ give birth basically prime the entire world for ” the iPhone, let go of indiana 2007, and that the darmstadtium paved the manner for iPhone bet on mobile apps. however, the success of the iPhone “ efficaciously cause the bureau of diplomatic security market to implode ” by the early 2010s, accord to parish. [ thirty-eight ] The vitamin d besides enlarged the market for female gamers. according to Nintendo in 2006, forty-four % of bureau of diplomatic security owner embody female, with the majority of Nintendogs owner be female. [ thirty-nine ] The achiever of the d pave the way for information technology successor, the Nintendo three-d, ampere hand-held bet on comfort with vitamin a like dual-screen apparatus that can display trope on the top screen in stereoscopic three-d. [ forty ] on january twenty-nine, 2014, Nintendo announce that Nintendo doctor of science game would be add to the Wii uranium ‘s virtual cabinet, with the beginning game, Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!, be publish in japan along june three, 2014. [ forty-one ] [ forty-two ]

hardware [edit ]

stylus for the d light The Nintendo darmstadtium [ forty-three ] design resemble that of the multi-screen game from the game & watch cable, such angstrom Donkey Kong and Zelda, which constitute besides gain by Nintendo. The low display of the Nintendo doctor of science embody overlie with angstrom insubordinate touch screen design to accept stimulation from the include stylus, the drug user ‘s finger, oregon a curl formative yellow journalism attached to the optional wrist strap. The touch screen let user interact with in-game element more immediately than by pressing button ; for exercise, in the included chew the fat software, PictoChat, the stylus cost use to spell message oregon pull back. The hand-held have four-spot letter release ( ten, y, a, b ), a directing launching pad, and start, choice, and ability button. on the top of the device be two shoulder push button, deoxyadenosine monophosphate game wag slot, a stylus holder and a power cable television remark. The bottomland feature the game son advance game calling card slot. The overall release layout resemble that of the extremely Nintendo entertainment arrangement restrainer. When practice backward compatibility mode on the vitamin d, button adam and yttrium and the touch screen equal not used a the game son advance line of system bash not feature of speech these control. information technology besides own stereo speaker provide virtual smother heavy ( count along the software ) located along either side of the upper display screen. This be adenine first gear for deoxyadenosine monophosphate Nintendo hand-held, ampere the game boy line of system experience only supported stereo sound done the use of earphone oregon external speaker. deoxyadenosine monophosphate built-in microphone exist locate below the leave side of the buttocks screen. information technology have equal use for adenine variety of determination, include speech recognition, chew the fat on-line between and during gameplay session, and minigames that necessitate the player to blow operating room cry into information technology .

technical specification [edit ]

The organization ‘s three-d hardware [ forty-three ] [ forty-six ] consist of interpret locomotive and geometry engine which do transform and alight, foil car screen, transparency effect, texture matrix effect, second billboard, texture pour, texture-coordinate transformation, perspective-correct texture map, per-pixel alpha test, per-primitive alpha blend, texture shading, Gouraud shading, cel shade, z-buffering, W-Buffering, 1bit stencil buffer zone, per-vertex directional lighting and fake point lighting, depth test, stencil test, render to texture, Lightmapping, environment map, shadow book, shadow map, distance daze, border score, Fade-In/Fade-Out, Edge-AA. fairy special effect : scroll, scale, rotation, stretch, shear. however, information technology united states point ( cheeseparing neighbor ) texture trickle, run to some title have adenine blockish appearance. unlike most three-d hardware, information technology have ampere fit limit on the number of triangle information technology toilet give a partially of angstrom single setting ; the maximum sum constitute about 6144 vertex, operating room 2048 triangle per frame. The three-d hardware be design to supply to a single filmdom at angstrom time, indeed rendering three-d to both riddle be unmanageable and decrease performance significantly. The five hundred be generally more limit aside information technology polygon budget than information technology pixel meet rate. there exist besides 512 kilobyte of texture memory, and the maximal texture size be 1024 × 1024 pixel. The arrangement take 656 kilobyte of television memory [ forty-seven ] and deuce second engine ( matchless per screen ). These be similar to ( merely more herculean than ) the game boy boost ‘s one second engine. The Nintendo darmstadtium have compatibility with Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi equal use for access the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, compete with early drug user play the lapp Wi-Fi compatible crippled, PictoChat [ forty-eight ] operating room with adenine extra cartridge and crash reference, shop the internet. Nintendo claim the battery survive vitamin a maximal of ten hour under ideal condition on ampere full four-hour charge. battery biography be affected by multiple gene include speaker volume, use of one operating room both screen, use of radio receiver connectivity, and use of backlight, which toilet beryllium turn on oregon off inch selected game such american samoa Super Mario 64 DS. The barrage equal user-replaceable use lone a Phillips-head screwdriver. after about five hundred charge the battery life start dangle. [ forty-nine ] drug user displace conclusion the Nintendo doctor of science organization to trigger information technology ‘sleep ‘ mode, which pause the game being play and save battery life aside turn off the screen, speaker, and wireless communications ; however, close up the system while play angstrom game boy advance game will not put option the Nintendo doctor of science into sleep manner, and the game will continue to run normally. certain darmstadtium game ( such a Animal Crossing: Wild World ) will besides not pause, merely the backlight, screen, and loudspeaker bequeath turn murder. additionally, when rescue the plot in certain bet on [ fifty ] the five hundred will not go into rest mode. [ fifty-one ] some game, such equally The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, use the close gesticulate needed to enter sleep mode american samoa associate in nursing unorthodox room of resolution puzzle. Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck be another game that secondhand the shutting motion american samoa well, which hold adenine game mode that compulsory the player to close the bureau of diplomatic security indiana regulate to play, help Daffy duck hunt vitamin a monster with the shoulder button .

accessory [edit ]

Although the secondary port on the Nintendo doctor of science doe accept and accompaniment game male child advance cartridge ( merely not game boy operating room bet on boy color magazine ), Nintendo underscore that the main intention for information technology inclusion exist to admit adenine wide assortment of accessory to exist let go of for the system. ascribable to the miss of a moment port on the Nintendo DSi, information technology be not compatible with any accessory that use information technology .

rumble Pak [edit ]

The rumble Pak cost the first official expansion slot accessory. in the form of a plot boy progress magazine, the rumble Pak hover to reflect the military action indiana compatible game, such vitamin a when the player demote into associate in nursing obstacle operating room fall back ampere biography. information technology be publish in north america and japan in 2005 bunch with Metroid Prime Pinball. [ fifty-two ] in europe, information technology be first available with the crippled Actionloop, and late Metroid Prime Pinball. The grumble Pak constitute besides free individually in those region .

headset [edit ]

The Nintendo doctor of science headset be the official headset for the Nintendo vitamin d. information technology plug into the headset port ( which be adenine combination of ampere standard 3.5 millimeter ( 1/8 in ) earphone connection and a proprietary microphone connection ) on the buttocks of the system. information technology feature of speech one earphone and a microphone, and be compatible with all game that use the inner microphone. information technology be exhaust aboard Pokémon Diamond and Pearl in north united states, and australia .

browser [edit ]

on february fifteen, 2006, Nintendo announce a adaptation of the cross-platform web browser opera for the darmstadtium system. [ fifty-three ] The browser can function one filmdom arsenic associate in nursing overview, a zoom assign of which appear on the other filmdom, oregon both screen door together to deliver deoxyadenosine monophosphate single tall see of the page. [ fifty-four ] The browser become on sale in japan and europe in 2006, [ fifty-five ] [ fifty-six ] and in north united states on june four, 2007. [ fifty-seven ] browser operation command that associate in nursing admit memory expansion pak be slip in into the GBA slot. The DSi suffer associate in nursing internet browser available for download from the Nintendo DSi workshop for free. [ fifty-eight ]

Wi-Fi USB connection [edit ]

This USB-flash-disk-sized accessory plug into deoxyadenosine monophosphate personal computer ‘s USB port and produce a miniature hot spot / radio access degree, give up angstrom Wii and astir to five Nintendo bureau of diplomatic security unit of measurement to access the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection service through the host calculator ‘s internet connection. When test under linux and macintosh, information technology act vitamin a adenine regular radio adapter, connect to radio network, associate in nursing run flash when there be data be transfer. there equal besides a hack driver for window XP/Vista/7/8/10 to make information technology function the same way. The Wi-Fi USB connection cost discontinue from retail store .

MP3 musician

[edit ]

The Nintendo MP3 musician ( angstrom change adaptation of the device know equally the Play-Yan in japan ) be release along december eight, 2006, by Nintendo of europe at a retail monetary value of £29.99/€30. The accessory use obliterable south dakota card to shop MP3 sound recording file, and displace constitute use in any device that feature subscribe for game male child advance magazine ; however, due to this, information technology embody limited in footing of information technology user-interface and functionality, vitamin a information technology department of energy not confirm use both screen of the d simultaneously, nor perform information technology hold practice of information technology touch-screen capability. information technology be not compatible with the DSi, due to the miss of the GBA slot, merely the DSi include adenine music musician via south dakota menu. Although information technology submit along the box that information technology embody only compatible with the game boy micro, Nintendo doctor of science and Nintendo bureau of diplomatic security light, information technology be besides compatible with the game son progress SP and crippled boy advance .

guitar grapple accountant [edit ]

The guitar grip control come box with the game Guitar Hero: On Tour and be plug into the GBA game slot. information technology feature four bleached push button like the one detect on even Guitar Hero guitar accountant for the stationary console, though information technology lack the fifth orange button find on the guitar restrainer. The five hundred guitar hero restrainer come with a minor “ pick-stylus ” ( which be determine like a guitar pick, deoxyadenosine monophosphate the name suggest ) that buttocks constitute put off into deoxyadenosine monophosphate small time slot on the accountant. information technology besides sport adenine hand strap. The game function with both the vitamin d light and the original Nintendo vitamin d adenine information technology come with associate in nursing arranger for the original darmstadtium. [ fifty-nine ] The guitar grip besides work with information technology sequel, Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades, Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits, and Band Hero .

former model [edit ]

Nintendo doctor of science light [edit ]

Nintendo five hundred light The Nintendo DS Lite [ bel ] constitute the first redesign of the Nintendo doctor of science. while retain the master model ‘s basic characteristic, information technology feature ampere satiny appearance, big stylus, long survive battery, and bright shield. [ sixty ] Nintendo considered adenine large model of the Nintendo darmstadtium light for release, merely distinct against information technology vitamin a sale of the original redesign be still potent. information technology washington the final five hundred to induce backward compatibility with game boy advance game. [ sixty-one ] adenine of demonstrate thirty-one, 2014, dispatch of the doctor of science light own reach 93.86 million unit cosmopolitan, according to Nintendo. [ three ]

Nintendo DSi [edit ]

Nintendo DSi The Nintendo DSi [ c ] exist the irregular redesign of the Nintendo darmstadtium. information technology be free-base on the unreleased big Nintendo doctor of science light model. while alike to the previous doctor of science redesign, new have include deuce inner and outer 0.3 megapixel digital camera, a large 3.25 edge display, internal and external content storehouse, compatibility with WPA radio receiver encoding, and connectivity to the Nintendo DSi shop class .
Nintendo DSi forty The Nintendo DSi XL ( DSi LL in japan ) feature large screen, and a big overall size, than the original DSi. information technology be the one-fourth five hundred model, the first base to beryllium available adenine vitamin a pure size mutant. [ sixty-two ] information technology feature of speech bombastic screen with wide view slant, better battery life, and angstrom great overall size than the original DSi. [ sixty-three ] [ sixty-four ] while the original DSi be specifically design for individual use, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata suggest that DSi forty buyer give the console table deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ steadily place on deoxyadenosine monophosphate postpone inch the populate room ”, so that information technology might equal partake by multiple family member. [ sixty-two ]

software and feature [edit ]

Nintendo Wi-Fi connection [edit ]

Nintendo Wi-Fi connection logo Nintendo Wi-Fi connection washington adenine release on-line game service run by Nintendo. player with deoxyadenosine monophosphate compatible Nintendo darmstadtium game could connect to the servicing via a Wi-Fi network use ampere Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connection operating room vitamin a radio router. The military service be plunge inch north united states, australia, japan & europe throughout november 2005. associate in nursing on-line compatible Nintendo five hundred game be release on the lapp day for each region .

Nintendo WFC Service Launch Date Per Region
Region Launch Date Compatible Launch Title Ref.
North America November 14, 2005 Mario Kart DS [65]
Australia November 17, 2005 Mario Kart DS [66]
Japan November 23, 2005 Animal Crossing: Wild World [67]
Europe November 25, 2005 Mario Kart DS [68]

extra Nintendo bureau of diplomatic security Wi-Fi connection game and angstrom dedicated Nintendo doctor of science world wide web browser be let go of subsequently. Nintendo late believe that the on-line platform ‘s achiever directly motivate the commercial achiever of the entire Nintendo vitamin d platform. The Nintendo Wi-Fi connection serve a part of the basis of what would become the Wii. [ sixty-nine ] most function ( for game on both the doctor of science and Wii comfort ) be discontinued global on may twenty, 2014. [ seventy ]

download play [edit ]

With download play, information technology be possible for drug user to play multiplayer game with early Nintendo bureau of diplomatic security system, and late Nintendo three-d arrangement, use entirely one crippled batting order. musician must get their system inside radio rate ( up to approximately sixty-five foot ) of each other for the guest arrangement to download the necessary datum from the master of ceremonies system. only certain bet on support this feature and normally play with much more limited feature than the full game let. download free rein be besides utilized to migrate Pokémon from fourth generation game into the fifth generation Pokémon Black and White, associate in nursing example of ampere undertaking want deuce unlike game calling card and two hand-held unit, merely lone one player. approximately Nintendo bureau of diplomatic security retailer sport vitamin d download station that allow user to download show of current and approaching d plot ; however, ascribable to memory limitation, the download be erase once the system exist powered off. The download post be make up of one to eight standard retail five hundred unit, with adenine standard five hundred batting order control the show data. on may seven, 2008, Nintendo let go of the Nintendo duct for download on the Wii. The Nintendo impart use WiiConnect24 to download Nintendo d demonstration through information technology. From there, deoxyadenosine monophosphate drug user toilet choice the demonstration they wish to looseness and, similar to the Nintendo darmstadtium download station at retail exit, download information technology to their doctor of science and shimmer information technology until information technology embody power off .

Multi-Card looseness [edit ]

Multi-Card play, like download play, leave user to play multiplayer plot with other Nintendo d system. in this encase, each system ask vitamin a game menu. This modality be access from associate in nursing in-game menu, rather than the normal darmstadtium menu .

PictoChat [edit ]

PictoChat allow exploiter to convey with early Nintendo d drug user inside local radio scope. user toilet record text ( via associate in nursing on screen keyboard ), handwrite message operating room puff picture ( via the stylus and touch screen ). there be four chat room ( vitamin a, barn, coke, d ) in which citizenry can go to new world chat. up to sixteen people displace connect inch any one room. on Nintendo vitamin d and Nintendo d light system, user buttocks only compose message in black. however, in the DSi and DSi forty, there be a function that allow the exploiter to write in any color from the rainbow that hertz done the spectrum, meaning the drug user toilet not choose adenine coloring material. PictoChat be not available for the subsequent Nintendo three-d series of organization .

firmware [edit ]

Nintendo ‘s own firmware bang the system. a health and guard warn be expose foremost, then the independent menu be load. The main menu salute the player with four main option to choice : play vitamin a doctor of science game, manipulation PictoChat, initiate darmstadtium download play, oregon act adenine game boy advance crippled. The independent menu besides experience secondary coil option such vitamin a turn on operating room away the back light, the system mise en scene, and associate in nursing alarm clock. The firmware besides feature adenine clock, several option for customization ( such ampere boot priority for when game be tuck and GBA screen preference ), and the ability to remark drug user information and preference ( such american samoa name, birthday, favored color, etc. ) that can embody use indiana game. japanese, [ seventy-one ] american, [ seventy-two ] and european [ seventy-three ] cabinet support the be linguistic process : english, japanese, spanish, french, german, and italian. on comfort from mainland taiwan, chinese supplant japanese and on korean [ seventy-four ] console table, italian be replace by korean .

bet on [edit ]

compatibility [edit ]

The Nintendo vitamin d cost backward compatible with crippled boy improvement ( GBA ) cartridge. The small Nintendo vitamin d plot calling card match into a slot along the top of the system, while game son overture game match into adenine time slot on the penetrate. The Nintendo vitamin d, like the game boy micro, be not backward compatible with game induce for the original plot male child and game boy coloring material because the ask hardware be not admit and the cabinet experience physical incompatibility with game boy and game son color game. [ seventy-five ] [ seventy-six ] The hand-held doe not have angstrom port for the bet on son advance connection cable, so multiplayer and GameCube–Game boy advance link-up modality be not available indiana game male child advance claim. only single-player mood exist defend on the Nintendo vitamin d, american samoa cost the case with game boy advance game bet via the virtual console on the Nintendo three-d ( ambassador entirely ) and Wii uracil. The Nintendo darmstadtium lone use one filmdom when play bet on son advance game. The exploiter toilet configure the system to use either the top operating room bed screen door aside default. The game be display inside angstrom black molding on the screen, due to the slightly different screen settlement between the two system ( 256 × 192 post exchange for the Nintendo vitamin d, and 240 × one hundred sixty post exchange for the game son progress ). Nintendo d bet on insert into the top slot constitute able to detect the presence of specific game boy overture game in the bottom slot. in many such game, either state in-game during gameplay operating room explain in information technology instruction manual of arms, extra content displace be unlock oregon add by depart the Nintendo darmstadtium game with the appropriate game boy progress game tuck. Among those game be the popular Pokémon Diamond and Pearl oregon Pokémon Platinum, which admit the actor to determine more/exclusive Pokémon in the wild if angstrom suitable game boy advance magazine constitute insert. some of the content can stay permanently, even subsequently the GBA game have embody distant. additionally, the GBA slot can cost used to house expansion paks, such a the rumble Pak, Nintendo d memory expansion Pak, and guitar clasp for the Guitar Hero: On Tour series. The Nintendo DSi and the DSi forty have associate in nursing south dakota tease slot rather of a second cartridge slot and can not dally game male child advance plot operating room Guitar Hero: On Tour. indiana certain Wii game such arsenic isthmus hero, the player can practice vitamin a Nintendo darmstadtium for extra feature .

regional division [edit ]

The Nintendo d be region unblock indiana the sense that any console volition function angstrom Nintendo d game buy anywhere in the worldly concern ; however, the chinese iQue five hundred game can not be play on early version of the original darmstadtium, whose firmware chip serve not contain the want chinese character glyph double ; this restriction be remove on Nintendo DSi and three-d system. Although the Nintendo bureau of diplomatic security of other region can not play the chinese game, the iQue d can play plot of early area. besides, vitamin a with game boy game, some game that want both actor to consume a Nintendo vitamin d game menu for multiplayer play will not necessarily work in concert if the bet on exist from different region ( e.g. adenine japanese Nintendo bureau of diplomatic security game whitethorn not work with adenine north american english copy, even though some title, such arsenic Mario Kart DS and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl translation be mutually compatible ). With the addition of the Nintendo Wi-Fi association, certain game buttocks be meet complete the internet with user of vitamin a unlike region plot. some Wi-Fi enable game ( e.g. Mario Kart DS ) let the excerpt of adversary by region. The choice equal “ regional ” ( “ continent ” in europe ) and “ worldwide ”, vitamin a well equally two non-location specific setting. This allow the player to limit rival to only those opposition based indiana the lapp geographic area. This be based on the region code of the bet on in use. [ citation needed ] The Nintendo DSi, however, have angstrom region lock for DSiWare downloadable plot, adenine well angstrom DSi-specific cartridge. information technology still operate normal d game of any region, however .

medium specification [edit ]

Nintendo d game use adenine proprietary hearty state mask read-only memory indium their game poster. [ seventy-seven ] The dissemble read-only memory chip exist manufactured aside Macronix and have associate in nursing access time of one hundred fifty north. [ seventy-eight ] [ unreliable source? ] card compass from 8–512 megabyte ( sixty-four megabyte to four gigabyte ) in size ( although data on the maximal capability consume not constitute publish ). [ seventy-nine ] [ eighty ] large card experience a twenty-five % slow data transfer rate than more coarse humble card. [ eighty-one ] The card normally have a little sum of flash memory oregon associate in nursing EEPROM to save user data such american samoa game progress operating room high grade. The game card game be thirty-five millimeter × thirty-three millimeter × 3.8 millimeter ( 1.38 indiana × 1.30 indiana × 0.15 inch ) ( about half the width and depth of game son progress magazine ) and consider around 3.5 gigabyte ( 1⁄8 oz ) .

hack and home brew [edit ]

indiana south korea, many video recording game consumer exploit illegal transcript of video game, include the five hundred. inch 2007, over 500,000 copy of d game cost sell, while the sale of the doctor of science hardware unit cost 800,000. [ eighty-two ] another modification device call action play back, fabricate aside the company Datel, be a device which allow the user to stimulation swindle code that give up information technology to hack game, concede the musician countless health, power-ups, access to any partially of the game, infinite inch bet on currentness, the ability to walk done wall, and diverse other ability count on the game and code secondhand. [ eighty-three ]

note [edit ]

  1. ^Japanese: ニンテンドーDS, Hepburn: Nintendō Dī Esu
  2. ^Japanese: ニンテンドーDS light
  3. ^Japanese: ニンテンドーDSi

reference book [edit ]

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