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How to put Hair Tinsel in!

In this blog, I am going to show you how to put hair tinsel in! I’m here to not only show you the traditional way but a longer-lasting way.

How to put hair tinsel in! In this web log, I will show you how to put hair tinsel in ! The Hair Tinsel Trend has made a comeback and I ’ meter here to show you the traditional way and a longer-lasting one. As a matter of fact, tinsel can concluding improving to 2 months in your hairdo. Add it one by one or add a cluster for some excess glow ! Donna Bella Hair Tinsel is a great option to give you or your clients a bite of deepen without having to go brainsick. With 6 different colors to choose from ( Colorful, Blue, Pink, Plum, Silver, and Royal Blue ) there is certain to be something they love !

multicolor hair tinselhow tp put in hair tinsel!

First Installation option – Slip Knot

The beginning way to put hair tinsel in is very childlike, but it is the method to last the least amount of time, about 2-3 days. It is perfective to put properly up to your separate because you are just tying the tinsel to your hair. Basically, you are going to create a simple knot as demonstrated in the television and tie it to a couple of strands of hair. Make surely to use your Donna Bella Hair Clips to hold the hair out of your way. Try to tie the tinsel as finale to the ancestor as possible. You are going to want to tie it multiple times to ensure the most sum of wear time. When tying it off, take hair from both sides of your bantam incision .hair tinsel with beadsHow to put in hair tinsel

Second Installation Option – Beaded Method

Take a silicon bead from Donna Bella and match the bead to the settle of your node ’ s hair. It has to be a silicon bead otherwise the bead will slip and fall out. Tie the tinsel to the bead, ( I recommend one to three pieces of tinsel per bead ) and add it to your loop cock. For this method, you will need the deluxe tool and the loop tool. With this installation, the tinsel will last you about 2 months if installed by rights. You can then install it like a regular beading, making surely to do the same width and stature as the silicon drop. besides, keep in thinker you are going to want to do 0 degrees elevation .

Third Installation Option – DIY Tape-Ins!

For this method acting, you will need Single sided tapes. then, add the tinsel to the single side of the tape and install it ! You will want to take a finely section and place the tinsel tape good under the section and weight-lift it down to ensure it stays. once you are comfortable with how it looks, simply place another single-sided tape veracious on top. Press your sandwich in concert from the center and work your room out to the sides. And Viola ! Your own custom record in !

Benefits of Donna Bella Tinsel!

-Each pack of Donna Bella Tinsel comes with 600 pieces, so you will not run out anytime soon -Each clique comes with individual strands that can be tied in or installed with beads in 15 minutes or less -No damage at all ! It is ace docile on your hair -Requires no heat or adhesive to install -6 colors to choose from -You choose how long to keep the tinsel in ! 2-3 days with tied installation, or up to 2 months with beaded facility

How to price Tinsel Hair Extensions Installations!

At my salon, we love to add tinsel to everything ! If the client just wants to try it out, we offer three to four beads for $ 15. sometimes, if they want to have a short more, we offer 5 to 6 beads for $ 20. If they want a full head, we offer 10 beads for $ 30 ! Do you like my blogs ? Check out more here !Foilayage highlights on dark hair In this web log, I show you how to do a balayage with foils, a technique more normally referred to as a foilayage ! It is a great way to help keep dimension while blending out grey hair. It is amazing for all hair’s-breadth colors !

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