How to Knot a Shirt That is Too Big & Frumpy – Easy Fashion for Moms

Tie knot shirts are a huge trend right now and easy to DIY! Here's a easy step-by-step video on how to knot any oversized or stretchy shirt!
Oversized shirts don ’ t have to be dowdy. here is one of 6 ways you can wear your outsize shirts like a fashionable ma ! ( Look for the early “ definition tricks ” on the web log soon ! )
Tie knot shirts are a huge course right now and easy to DIY !

Add a trendy tie knot to any oversized or stretchy shirt with these easy bit-by-bit instructions .

Video Tutorial: How to Knot an Oversized or Stretchy Shirt

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Step by Step: How to Tie a Shirt Knot

note : Be careful not to damage your tops by over-stretching them. This works best on tops that have plenty of fabric such as tunic duration and relaxed or slouchy styles .

  1. Wear a cami or fitted tank underneath your peak. Tuck the cami/tank in amply .
  2. loosely fold the hem of your shirt up and inwards around the sides and back .
  3. Gather enough of the top along the hemline to create a slub. Can be centered or to the side .
  4. Tie a regular loop knot by creating a loop with the gathered fabric and pulling the framework up through the loop topology ( may have a farseeing tail ) .
  5. pull at the shirt from both sides of the knot to shorten the tail .
  6. If desired, tuck the tail into the center of the knot .

When To Knot Your Shirts

Any outsize or stretchable shirt can be knotted. Try a knot on the front man, to the side, or tied on the back !

How to knot a shirt on front side and back- how to tie a shirt knot step by step to diy the knotted shirt trend and wear oversized shirts without cutting.

When Not to Tie a Knot on Your Shirts

If your shirt doesn ’ metric ton have enough extra fabric to well tie a knot and you ’ re having to in truth stretch you may damage the hemline permanently .
Opt for a front tuck on your fitted shirts rather .

How to Knot Your Shirt Without Looking Fat

Knotting your shirt can actually help hide a pot bulge if done right ( because it prevents your shirt from clinging to your tummy awkwardly ) .
If you ’ re self-conscious of a stomach start, try wearing high-rise/high-waist pants or skirts when you knot your shirts .
then layer with a cami tucked into your bottoms fully sol that you don ’ t have to worry about skin peeking out when reaching up for something .

Do You Have to Wear a Belt If You Tie a Knot on Your Shirt?

A knock is optional .
however using a belt with a fun tinge or blueprint look adorable peeking out under your knot, and it ’ s a ace mom-friendly way to look stylish !
No belt is even a wholly acceptable direction to go, particularly for a more casual vibration .
Your turn to try it! 
Take a word picture of your end result and share it on Instagram with # frumpfighter and tag me @ frumpfighters ! We like to re-share the love .
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Tie knot shirts are a huge trend right now and easy to DIY! Here's a easy step-by-step video on how to knot any oversized or stretchy shirt!

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