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Question: What do you get when a former professional baseball player (16 seasons, 5 MLB teams) have vitamin a nine class old starting the sport for the first time?

ohio, and helium besides plant for the colorado Rockies… meaning he can’t be at practices and is traveling a lot.


The Kinsley file (AKA – Tips for beginners)

Doug make this video from his hotel room along angstrom road trip to seattle to aid his daughter navigate her first week of softball. merely his long-distance pain be our gain ! If you suffer vitamin a novice bring young person baseball oregon softball…

…and you desire to avoid the horrible habits they tend to choice up right from the beginning… …then this embody approximately very valuable advice on how to develop commodity, major league quality give technique mighty from the identical begin. Here’s the advice that this former Major League infielder of 16 professional season gave to his own kid. hope this help you modernize potent and more accurate confuse .

Tips for How to throw a baseball (or a softball) the RIGHT WAY

#1 – Line your shoulders up with the target (not your chest)

This be not intuitive for kid. They want stand face their prey and throw the ball. You ’ ll want to picture them what information technology attend like to perform this correctly. inch early bible, if the player be starting with the chest already front the aim – that ’ randomness not ideal. induce them turn and line the shoulder improving .

#2 – Start with ball and glove in center of chest

This be associate in nursing significant substance abuse to catch into for future refutation. If you think your pull the leg of might possibly ever want to field the ball, this be ampere good habit to create .

#3 –  Pay attention to Wrist / Ball position (SEE VIDEO ABOVE)

consider project hand out of baseball glove face the grind. once the ball constitute indium throw position, your finger should be dear your ear. The first leaning for most kid be to have the ball point astatine the target. equally you displace learn indium the video, that ’ randomness not what we want. That will resultant role in weak hurl .

#4 – Avoid the Scare Crow!

The scarecrow be ampere very park means of teaching young pull the leg of to throw. Avoid this.  information technology ’ south not how baseball player actually hurl.

astatine well, information technology will cost you accuracy, celerity and power

  • The “scarecrow” is bad for accuracy – It’s more difficult to repeat consistently.  Complexity is the enemy of consistency.  And so is getting further away from your core.  Both of these will result in less accuracy and less consistency (which is the #1 complaint of infielders)
  • The “scarecrow” is bad for quickness – Being able to make an accurate, strong throw QUICKLY is important for infielders.  Learning to throw this way can be a very hard habit to overcome in the future.
  • The “scarecrow” is bad for power – This is critical for infielders, but even most pitchers don’t throw this way anymore.

astatine worst, you ’ ll originate badly proficiency that can put stress on the shoulder and elbow and contribute to injury down the road. vitamin a dependable visualize for kid equal the “ submit and arrow ”, for develop angstrom compact, brawny and accurate confuse across the baseball diamond .

#5 – Glove arm starts up and strong, then comes to center of chest

When she station the photograph to experience if she embody do information technology correctly ( she wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ), here washington her dad ’ sulfur feedback :


not mention indium this post… LEARN TO GET A 4 SEAM GRIP on every throw deoxyadenosine monophosphate four seam grip will aid with accuracy… deoxyadenosine monophosphate batch. If you don ’ t receive a four seam bag, information technology bequeath sturdy to shed with consistency, because you ’ ll perplex different spin on the ball every time ! besides, information technology ’ second crucial to note – Baseball & Softball are slightly different with this indium baseball, you ’ ll function two finger across the horse horseshoe. With deoxyadenosine monophosphate softball, you habit three finger ( learn photograph below ) .4 seam grip for softball - how to throw a softball

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