5 Ways to Get Thicker Hair Naturally

share on Pinterest We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a belittled deputation. here ’ s our process. Finding natural solutions for adding volume to your ‘ do might have you, slightly counterproductively, tearing your hair out.

There are a distribute of DIY remedies on the internet, and they range from the wholly genius to the, um, wholly weird. We decidedly get it. When it comes to getting results, we ’ ra always willing to give any and every family remedy a try on. however, it ’ s most surely the case that not all remedies are created equal. And ampere significant as your self-image is, you shouldn ’ t blow your economic rent or food budget on herb tea hair’s-breadth products if they ’ rhenium not going to do anything apart from make it smell nice. This is why we decided to cut the BS and dive into what works and what doesn ’ metric ton when it comes to natural hair thickening remedies. It can be hard to tell what will actually give your locks a fiddling extra dynamism. But turning to natural remedies to boost your hair ’ s thickness could be a great, cost-efficient mind — in hypothesis. There ’ s one major question that we have to address beginning : Is it even possible to make your haircloth thick ?

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Can you get thicker hair?

More people experience hair loss and thinning hair’s-breadth than you might expect. It can be familial, but hair passing can actually be caused by stress ( yay ) or nutritional deficiencies. It turns out that the antic to thicker hair is stimulating and supporting natural hair increase. While it might not suddenly ramp up the volume to an 11 overnight, making certain your haircloth follicles are goodly ( and growing ) is a big way to improve your hair ’ south thickness, says Michele Green, MD, of RealSelf. But it ’ south crucial to note that haircloth passing can be caused by multiple issues, so what works for one person might not work for you.

Style over substances: Giving the illusion of thickness

You might not be able to plump up your hair beam permanently to boost very well or dilute hair. however, barely as the sorcerer has their assistant, you can achieve a dexterity of… hair. There are treatments available that plump up the hair shaft until they ’ re shampooed out, explains Sarah Moscato-Goodpaster, co-owner of Witch Hazel Salon in Indianapolis. “ Creating the illusion of thick, fuller haircloth always starts with the products pre-styling, ” Moscato-Goodpaster says. “ I like to use a fiber-based homework product paired with a root booster of some kind. Once the hair’s-breadth is prepped, I always blow dry the hair in the opposite direction from where it would fall naturally. This will cause lift at the settle. ” A sneaky trick ? Most surely. But if it makes your hair expect slurred and you feel better, why not give it a go ? Hair loss can besides happen as a solution of pregnancy — we took a look at what you can do about it .

Turn down the heat

Flouncy hair is not equitable about what to apply — it ’ s besides approximately what to avoid. And nuking it with a hairdryer is a pretty sure way to make your mission evening more impossible. “ Overdrying deflates the hair and not only makes it harder to dash but besides causes frizz and wrong, ” Moscato-Goodpaster cautions. “ When using a curl iron, I besides encourage clients to turn down the heat to create a fluffier wave. They should besides start curling from the lead and work their means down. This will give the hair’s-breadth a more voluminous, modern finish. ” We ’ ve got batch more tips on maintaining goodly hair.

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When it comes depressed to it, the mysterious to thicker haircloth is actually * healthier * hair. While you may not be able to swap the actual strands for something thick or curly, you can prevent any future damage ( or even reverse existing damage ). Plus, taking the prison term to boost your hair health wholly counts as self-care, so it ’ s a double-win for us. Jandra Sutton is an author, historian, and populace speaker. She lives in Nashville with her conserve and their two dogs, and Pluto is even a satellite in her heart. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram .

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