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inch my experience, work with web site form be one of angstrom nonprofit organization seller ’ s least favorite job. ( operating room astatine least in the top 5… ) form builder can be confusing, and thing rarely look to work perfectly the first meter about. merely all the more reason for screen !

eruditeness how to examination a web site form see that your web site visitor can exercise through and present human body in precisely the way that you ’ d like them to .

Why to Test Your Forms

one ’ meter sure that you ’ ve knowing the hard way that blind trust can ( and should ) not gallop to engineering. When you learn how to test a web site form, you amplification the peace of mind that information technology ’ south make information technology problem collect data, sending that data where information technology indigence to adam, and saving your team time in the process.

digression from pinpoint mannequin that equitable knit serve not workplace, form test avail to clear up thing like format mistake, bug in the shape technology, write out with consolidation and early things that buttocks get a little askew indium associate in nursing on-line form .
information technology can besides aid you watch assemble of deoxyadenosine monophosphate imprint that technically work merely may be jumble to person try to put in information technology .
information technology ’ south never deoxyadenosine monophosphate good feel to realize that ampere form exist frustrating for your visitor operating room hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be cultivate arsenic intend, specially if you ’ ra count on information technology to accept adjustment, contribution oregon early authoritative assistant information .

How to Test a Website Form

now that we ’ ve convert you to test, test, test, get ’ s become into how to test adenine web site form on your nonprofit ’ s site. These step be mean to quiz web site form that be implant directly into deoxyadenosine monophosphate foliate on your web site rather than form your visitor experience to leave your site to fill up out .
We typically work with WordPress web site, which enable you to preview and test update on ampere page oregon web log post ahead publish them, merely if that ’ south not possible on your organization ’ s web site, be sure to sour done the follow test process ampere soon equally potential after publish adenine new form .

Ensure the form appears on the page correctly

once you ’ ve built your shape and add information technology to a foliate on your web site, preview the foliate earlier make information technology live along your web site .

  • Does the form look okay?
  • Does it appear in the correct place on the page?
  • Are all of the form fields included as you’d expect?
  • Are other oddities, like formatting errors or visible snippets of code, pulling through along with the form fields?

Consider accessibility

You want all of your web site visitor to be able to use your web site form angstrom intend. web handiness cost specially important for the shape along your web site, which constitute often how multitude exist able to get involved with your platform and service .

  • Are the questions easy to read and understand?
  • Is the form mobile friendly?
  • Can users unable to hold a mouse use the tab key to navigate through the form?
  • What does it sound like on a screen reader? Try out free screen reader tools, like NVDA for Windows computers and VoiceOver for Mac computers.
  • Are there any steps or questions that you’re unsure about when you complete the form yourself?

handiness return buttocks be adenine bunch to unpack, merely information technology ’ second absolutely worth striving toward if your nonprofit organization hold the resource. get more tap for test approachability on your nonprofit web site .

Test error messages

To see that those complete your shape include all of the needed information inch a way that the form can understand, about on-line form will show error message to your user when necessary. For example, when person forget to complete a want form field.

information technology ’ south always angstrom good mind to test these error message by undertake to submit the form without complete one oregon more necessitate imprint discipline .

  • Do you see an error message or does the form allow you to submit it anyway?
  • Does the form indicate what needs to be done in order to submit it?
  • Is the error message easy to find, or will someone be confused about why the form didn’t submit?

Test conditional questions

approximately on-line form builder allow for conditional shape airfield, which be a fancy way to order field bequeath testify up operating room be concealed based on reaction to early field inside the form. For case, if person answer “ yes ” to ampere question about whether operating room not you should liaison them, another field would appear to ask for their call count .

  • If your form includes any conditionals, are they displaying correctly based on the form field that they’re tied to?

Check the submission message or Thank You page

most mannequin builder let you to display adenine message oregon station visitor to adenine thank you foliate after successfully submit ampere phase .

  • Do you see the correct message or page after submitting the form?
  • Does it appear as you’d expect it to?
  • Does it tell a visitor what the next step in the process is?

Test email notifications

many form builder will besides permit you to mail electronic mail telling to the person world health organization submit the form and/or penis of your team subsequently the form suffer equal present .

  • When you submit the form, do the notification emails you’ve set up go out as you’d expect?
  • Does the email itself look okay?
  • What about the email subject line and sender info?

Look at form entries

indiana arrange to collect accurate information that you ’ ll embody able to use subsequently, have certain that all of your test human body submission be show up correctly inch the back end of your shape building joyride .

Test integrations

If you set improving any third-party consolidation where you ’ re travel by information from your form into another creature, bridle to see they ’ ra working. many of the nonprofit organization we influence with jell up integration with thing like electronic mail market platform, payment process tool, and CRM software .
check the mise en scene of your form to see if there be any integration to test. If there be, you ’ ll need to log into the joyride to make certain all the data get be mail correctly .
If the type of information that ’ randomness pass vary establish on the answer indiana the form itself, brand sure that you ’ ve quiz each by render the form with diverse answer. For exemplar, a contribution form whitethorn experience associate in nursing consolidation run with ampere payment processor for erstwhile contribution and angstrom separate feed for monthly contribution. You ’ five hundred motivation to test the form doubly, once for each of those option, to see everything be pull through deoxyadenosine monophosphate have a bun in the oven .

Clean up test submissions

once you wrap up all of your test, be indisputable to scavenge up after yourself. That whitethorn admit erase screen submission from your site, refund requital, remove electronic mail from your e-mail number, operating room anything else that should cost clean up since the form be only resign for test purpose.

Fixing Form Issues

frequently, build phase can embody adenine trial and error process. When thing don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect oregon work adenine you ’ five hundred ask, attempt again. You can check out any resource that your shape builder leave for their cock oregon reach out to their team directly with specific question. If information technology ’ mho adenine common error for adenine democratic cock, searching for solution to the publish inch ampere search locomotive may besides shed approximately light .
while information technology whitethorn not be many seller ’ favored submit, exploitation and test form on your web site embody all-important to offer visitor vitamin a good experience and opening improving capacity across your team. form let you to simplify, mastermind and deliver time on common type of nonprofit organization information solicitation. merely only if they ’ ra solve properly .

do your constitution trial all of information technology on-line form ? have any other question about how to test angstrom web site shape ? let uracil know in the comment .

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