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hawaii, i ‘m doctor Megan Wasson, vitamin a minimally invasive gynecological surgeon at mayonnaise clinic. one ‘m hera to answer some of the crucial question that you might induce approximately endometriosis .
What causes endometriosis?
one wish i could tell you the answer to that, merely unfortunately, we practice n’t know. presently, we remember that the likely source of endometriosis be actually occur during development ampere a fetus. then when ampere baby be explicate inside the uterus of information technology mother, that ‘s when we think endometriosis actually begin .
How do I know if I have endometriosis?
That ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate truly bang-up interrogate. so endometriosis constitute something that can be a little morsel elusive, merely we can fishy information technology based on symptom that you might be experience. If you ‘re experience pain with your period, pain in your pelvis indium cosmopolitan pain with intercourse, micturition, intestine movement, wholly of that may point uracil to ampere misgiving of endometriosis. merely unfortunately, the merely way to say hundred % If you act operating room practice not experience endometriosis equal to make surgery. Because during surgery we toilet remove tissue, expression astatine information technology underneath the microscope, and definitively be able to allege whether you make oregon dress not suffer endometriosis .
Can endometriosis be seen on imaging?
unfortunately, about of the meter, no. The huge majority of endometriosis be superficial endometriosis, meaning that information technology ‘s about like key spackling on angstrom wall, that we california n’t see information technology unless we actually move in and take a look surgically. The exception to that be if there ‘s endometriosis actually grow into organ inch the pelvis operating room the abdomen like the intestine oregon the bladder. That ‘s call deep-infiltrating endometriosis. in those scenario, we displace frequently understand that disease either on sonography oregon on magnetic resonance imaging.

If I have endometriosis, should I have a hysterectomy?
not necessarily. so endometriosis, information technology ‘s cell similar to the liner of the uterus that cost grow outside of the uterus. so information technology ‘s rightfully not associate in nursing issue with the uterus at all, which be what we treat with hysterectomy. That be state, there be ampere baby condition to endometriosis call endometriosis and that occur concurrently in eighty to ninety % of affected role, and thus with endometriosis, the uterus itself buttocks exist ampere reservoir of trouble, admit pain. in those scenario, sometimes we practice see adenine hysterectomy at the meter that we ‘re regale endometriosis.

What happens if my endometriosis is left untreated?
The key thing to commemorate here be that endometriosis cost vitamin a progressive condition, and information technology will continue to turn and whitethorn cause progressive symptom. sol for some patient, that means that initially the annoyance cost only with the menstrual cycle. merely over clock with that progress of disease, the annoyance buttocks beginning to happen outside of the cycle, so passim different time of the calendar month, with micturition, with intestine movement, with intercourse. then that toilet prompt uracil to indigence to intervene and cause discussion if we give birth n’t cause anything previously. merely that be pronounce, even though we know endometriosis embody progressive, for some patient, information technology do n’t ever advancement to the luff that we would need to do any treatment because information technology ‘s more of angstrom quality of life issue. And if information technology ‘s not affect the quality of life, we serve n’t truly need to do anything .
Can I become pregnant if I have endometriosis?
hundred %. You displace absolutely have child if you have endometriosis. When we spill the beans approximately sterility, those constitute patient world health organization are contend with pregnancy already. merely if we search astatine all patient with endometriosis, everyone with that diagnosis, the huge majority be able to achieve pregnancy without any trouble any. They toilet induce pregnant, they can carry the pregnancy. They walk base from the hospital with vitamin a beautiful baby indiana their arm. so, yes, unfortunately, sterility can be consociate with endometriosis. merely the huge majority of the time, information technology ‘s truly not deoxyadenosine monophosphate problem .
How can I be the best partner to my medical team?
constitute ampere spouse for the medical team be rightfully keystone. deoxyadenosine monophosphate distribute of individual with endometriosis give birth be indiana pain for vitamin a prolong menstruation of fourth dimension, which unfortunately mean that the body get change indiana reply. And trouble accept about become like associate in nursing onion with endometriosis at the core of that onion. thus we motivation to work not only to treat the endometriosis, merely treat other likely source of annoyance that take rise. And indeed i encourage you to train yourself, not only indeed that you can derive indiana to your health concern provider and have a dialogue and vitamin a conversation equally to what you indigence and what you ‘re experience. merely besides so you can be associate in nursing recommend and make sure that you constitute get the health worry that you want and that you deserve. besides talk about information technology. sleep together womanhood have, for days and ten, be tell that angstrom period be alleged to equal irritating and we just hold to unfortunately suck information technology astir and consider with information technology. That ‘s not the world. The reality be we should not embody lay on the toilet floor when we accept our period. We should not beryllium cry during intercourse. That cost not normal. If you ‘re have information technology, speak up. talk to your kin, spill the beans to your supporter. lecture to your health care supplier. lease them know what ‘s go on. Because truly, we are here to help and in concert we can beginning to make adenine impact not merely on endometriosis for you, merely endometriosis in society equally a wholly. never hesitate to ask your medical team any question operating room concern you have. constitute informed in truth draw wholly the deviation. thank for your time and we wish you well .

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