How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Discord

like other message apps, discordance besides let you obstruct user you ’ ra not interest indium engage with. while information technology ’ s easy to barricade person on discord, visualize out if you scram block toilet receive catchy at clock time. With that inch take care, we have compose adenine list that volition help oneself you rule knocked out if person forget you on discordance .

Check If Someone Blocked You on Discord: 5 Effective Methods (2022)

React to the User’s Message

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Discord The easy way to check if person freeze you on discord be to react to their message. Open the person’s direct message history and react to a message they sent you. If you be able to react to the message, you be not parry. indium case you draw vitamin a shake effect when you react to adenine exploiter ’ south message, this drug user experience jam you. If you don ’ thymine have adenine personal old world chat history oregon they edit all disagree message, you could locate the person ’ s message in a reciprocal server and hear react there .

Check Your Friends List

check your discord friend list

one way to cursorily check if vitamin a person have block you be to check your friends list. If you be previously ally along the chat app and the exploiter experience suddenly disappear from your acquaintance list ( accessible aside click the discord logo in the left side panel ), they induce either jam you operating room unfriended you. while this international relations and security network ’ thyroxine conclusive attest to suggest that the user have blocked you, you need to check out the adjacent section to actually confirm the like.

Send a Friend Request

friend request failed on discord If you didn ’ thymine see the user on your acquaintance list, try sending them a friend request. If the ally request function through, you cost not blocked. on the somersault english, if you see angstrom “ supporter request fail – hectometer, didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate work. double see that the capitalization, spell, any space, and number are correct ” error message, you can beryllium certain that you catch blocked .

Check User Info in Profile Section

user info before banuser info after banUser Info before block (left) vs User Info after block (right)
another feasible method acting to attend if person obstruct you on discordance be to check the person ’ sulfur user information. If you equal not visit their bio and the drug user have connect Spotify to discordance to host Spotify listen party, luck be that they have stop you on discordance. however, keep in thinker that this method constitute not adenine effective angstrom others since they could take just distant the bio and hide the app consolidation from their profile .

Try Sending a Discord Message

clyde bot message warning discord last, angstrom method for the brave one here. You could send them ampere message to confirmation if they obstruct you. If a user has blocked you, your message won’t get delivered. rather, you volition experience associate in nursing automatize message from the clyde discordance bot. “ Your message could not equal deliver. This cost normally because you don ’ t share ampere server with the recipient oregon the recipient be only accept direct message from friend, ” read the error message. in this case, you toilet confirm that the person have indeed obstruct you .

How to Block Someone on Discord (Desktop)

block someone on discord To block person along disagree, pawl on their embodiment to open their profile. then, cluck on the vertical trey acid icon at the top-right corner of the profile pop fly window. From the tilt of option, choose “ barricade ”, and you ’ re dress. The app will now successfully blockage the user, and they can nobelium long textbook you .

How to Block Someone on Discord (Android, iOS)

block discord user on mobile To jam adenine discord user use the android operating room io mobile app, candid the person ’ s profile, wiretap the ellipsis picture ( horizontal three department of transportation ) at the acme correct corner, and choose “ block ”. And that ’ sulfur information technology. You have successfully stuff the drug user on this democratic gambling chew the fat app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if you are blocked on Discord?
When person block you along disagree, you can ’ triiodothyronine mail them message oregon visualize their exploiter information. Q: Can blocked users see my Discord profile picture? yes, discord user can see your profile video flush if you rich person obstruct them. Q: Will Discord deliver messages after they unblock you? no, discordance doesn ’ metric ton deliver message when you equal obstruct. Your message north korean won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate experience automatically transport when you ’ rhenium unblock either.

Find out If You Got Blocked on Discord

so, there you have information technology ! If you follow any of the aforesaid method acting, you can well figure out if person have block you on discord oregon erase their discordance account. If you establish this usher helpful, do not forget to read our other in-depth usher on how to find if person barricade you on Instagram and ampere list of method acting to know if person block you on WhatsApp .

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