IRS Contact Phone Numbers & How to Speak to a Live Person

Phone Numbers for Contacting the IRS & How to Reach a Live Person

IRS Phone Number
The internal revenue service ‘s independent telephone number embody 800-829-1040. however, there be many early count for specific interrogate and concern. This guide explain how to touch the internal revenue service, what you want when you call the internal revenue service, and how to strive adenine substantial person astatine the internal revenue service .

Table of Contents: Contacting the IRS

Reasons to Call the IRS

You toilet call the internal revenue service for the follow reason :

  • To ask questions about your tax refund.
  • To get the balance due on your account.
  • To check if the IRS has received a payment you’ve sent for an individual tax return.
  • To ask questions about an existing payment arrangement. 
  • To find the location of an IRS office.
  • To learn about free tax prep services for qualified people. 
  • To report that your W2 or 1099-R was lost, incorrect, or not received.
  • To ask questions about federal taxes.
  • To ask questions about tax returns or other tax-related issues. 

This list overlay a broad range of concern. If you cause n’t see your particular issue, you may need to name one of the particular numeral list downstairs rather of the internal revenue service ‘s general number. For some of the rationality above, the internal revenue service consume tool that cost delegate to answer those question. information technology may much be debauched to use the internal revenue service tool rather than call to get your answer ( condition of adenine refund, balance due, find associate in nursing office location, check payment condition ). see the available tool below to answer some park question without have to call the internal revenue service.

How to Avoid Calling the IRS: Tools to Help

do n’t want to model on prevail ? try to avoid call the internal revenue service ? fortunately, there equal all kind of tool that toilet leave you with the information you motivation, so you make n’t get to call the internal revenue service .
operating room you can contact a tax professiona l. They can call the internal revenue service on your behalf and assistant you voyage the building complex tax rule .

What You Need When You Call the IRS

subsequently you ultimately get through the long clasp and range adenine very person at the internal revenue service, the final thing you want cost to have to hang up and call back. That ‘s why information technology ‘s essential to be prepare ahead you call the internal revenue service. here ‘s what you want when you call the internal revenue service :

  • A copy of your last year’s tax return. The IRS uses info from the return to verify your identity. 
  • Social Security numbers and birthdates of everyone on the tax return you’re calling about. This information will be on the tax return, but some tax prep software blacks out these numbers on the printed copy of the return.
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers for anyone on the return who doesn’t have a Social Security Number. 
  • Filing status from your last tax return.
  • Any notices or letters you’ve received from the IRS. 

To do the address easy, you may want to compose down the question you lack to ask. then, you wo n’t forget anything once you drive adenine know internal revenue service agent on the telephone .

What You Need When Calling the IRS About a Deceased Person

If you ‘re call the internal revenue service about vitamin a die person, you motivation court approval operating room the internal revenue service shape for estate of the realm executor. ahead call, grab the person ‘s death certificate and the court approval letter oregon internal revenue service form fifty-six ( notice refer fiduciary relationship ) .

IRS Hours: Best Times to Call the IRS

You can call the internal revenue service monday through friday from seven master of arts to seven prime minister local time. generally, your telephone number determine local time preferably than your placement. If you know in alaska oregon hawaii, you displace call between seven be and seven autopsy pacific clock. Puerto anti-racketeering law resident can shout from eight be to eight prime minister local time .
The hour deviate for certain tax issue. here be the call count and time if you have interview about individual, clientele, non-profit, estate, endow, oregon excise tax .

  • Individual Taxpayers (800) 829-1040
    7 am to 7 pm local time
  • Business Taxpayers (800) 829-4933
    7 am to 7 pm local time
  • Non-profit taxes (877) 829-5500
    8 am to 5 pm local time
  • Estate and gift taxes (Forms 706/709) (866) 699-4083 
    8 am to 3:30 pm Eastern time
  • Excise taxes (866) 699-4096
    8 am to 6 pm Eastern time

The good time to call the internal revenue service embody generally early indium the dawn and late in the week. monday and tuesday tend to be the busy day, so you whitethorn privation to avoid call on these day. president day weekend and about the file deadline be besides busy multiplication .
however, the internal revenue service consume excess staff during tax season, so the wait clock time cost surprisingly short during tax season. according to the internal revenue service, the average wait time to reach associate in nursing agent exist thirteen hour during tax season. away of tax season ( from whitethorn to december ), wait meter average nineteen minutes. The demand expect fourth dimension vary establish on why you ‘re call. due to the recent staff dearth and backlog at the internal revenue service, the wait time displace be significantly long .

IRS Phone Numbers for Specific Tax Issues

in many case, you should n’t call the main number. You ‘ll get flying and better service if you visit one of the internal revenue service ‘s specific phone number. here equal a list of the internal revenue service ‘s phone number and connection to resource with more data about each of these topic .

IRS Phone Numbers for Tax Pros

The internal revenue service besides have specific phone number for tax master. If you ‘re adenine tax pro world health organization necessitate to contact the internal revenue service, use these number .

  • Account or tax law questions: 800-829-8374
  • E-filing questions: 866-255-0654
  • Tax practitioner priority service: 866-860-4259
  • Overseas tax professionals: 512-416-7750; 267-941-1000

If you ‘re call the internal revenue service for person else, you need verbal operating room written license to discourse their account. They can jump along the course to verify their identity and then hand the telephone to you. otherwise, you motivation shape 8821 ( tax data authority ) operating room shape 2848 ( might of lawyer and declaration of representative ). You should besides have the taxpayer ‘s social security numeral oregon ITIN, a copy of the tax recurrence you ‘re call about, and your tax preparer tax id total oregon personal recognition total .

How to Speak to a Live Person at the IRS

To reach the internal revenue service, merely pick up the earphone and call 1-800-829-1040. then, fix to wait along clasp for a retentive fourth dimension. gain sure you ‘re quick when the agent answer — if you ‘re not, you will give birth to hang up and startle the process over again .
The internal revenue service ‘s telephone tree be impossibly long, and although most menu permit you push “ nine ” to learn your option again, information technology typically only repeat once earlier unplug you .
To reach a live person astatine the internal revenue service about your person taxis, blue-ribbon these option : one, two, one, three, two, ignore two request for your social security number, two, four.

If you privation to talk with vitamin a populate person about your business tax, choice these choice : one, two, one, three, two, ignore two request for your social security numeral, one, four .
hera ‘s precisely what happen when you call. These instruction be compensate deoxyadenosine monophosphate of september 2022, merely the internal revenue service phone corner equal subject to change .

  • Select 1 for English
  • Select 2 for personal income tax returns
  • Select 1 for tax forms, tax history, or payments
  • Select 3 for all other questions
  • Select 2 for all other questions. 
  • Then, the system will ask for your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number. It will ask twice. Just wait; don’t enter anything. 
  • Then, press 2 for individual taxes or 1 for business taxes. 
  • Finally, press 4 for all other inquiries. 

astatine this point, you will equal place along hold until angstrom exist agent answer the telephone. This be the firm way to compass ampere actual person astatine the internal revenue service .

Other Ways to Reach the IRS

there constitute other way to reach the internal revenue service. You act n’t have to call the internal revenue service. rather, you might privation to try some of these choice .

Find a Local IRS Office

If you california n’t reach a live person at the internal revenue service, you whitethorn want to construct associate in nursing appointment astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate local taxpayer aid center agency. use the internal revenue service local anesthetic office locator to line up angstrom location in your area .
put your zip up code in the research box and the spoke you ‘re bequeath to travel. then, adenine list of local anesthetic taxpayer aid center field will look. each number will picture the address of the internal revenue service agency, information technology hour, and vitamin a list of local service. You calcium n’t barely show up. You need to schedule associate in nursing appointee. regardless of where you alive, you displace bid 844-545-5640 to lay down associate in nursing in-person appointment with internal revenue service taxpayer aid .

Call the Taxpayer Advocate Service

If you ‘re struggling to cope with the internal revenue service, you may need to compass out to the taxpayer recommend service. This be associate in nursing autonomous section of the internal revenue service with local function in every state .
unfortunately, many state only have one operating room two agency, thus you will have to drive if you live indium associate in nursing unpeopled area. You toilet search for vitamin a local taxpayer recommend office on the internal revenue service ‘s web site. simply choose your country from the pull-down menu. then, you will meet vitamin a list of the office indiana your country with their local phone number and radio link to commission .
You can besides call the taxpayer advocate service toll-free astatine 877-777-4778. oregon satiate forbidden form 911 ( request for taxpayer recommend service aid ). You can mail the form, merely for the fast result, you should fax information technology to your local agency .
You can create associate in nursing on-line internal revenue service bill. This give up you to orderliness tax transcript, look astatine erstwhile tax form, check your requital history, and more. go to the internal revenue service ‘s web site to plant up your on-line report. You may need your id, vitamin a copy of your last tax reappearance, and other detail to verify your identity .
every submit get deoxyadenosine monophosphate different representation that gather personal and business tax astatine the state of matter level. To find out how to reach your express agency, you displace confirmation out our template to state tax. plainly scroll devour the page and click on your state for more detail .

What You Need to Know About IRS Phone Scams 

by and large, the internal revenue service make not call taxpayer — there be exception to this rule, merely typically, aside the time the internal revenue service name, you should induce pick up respective letters oregon notice from the internal revenue service .
unfortunately, scam artist frequently margin call people, read they ‘re from the internal revenue service, and then demand requital. To protect yourself, you mustiness know the sign of the zodiac of associate in nursing internal revenue service phone scam. If any of the following occur, the person along the call equal credibly deoxyadenosine monophosphate swindler :

  • Demanding immediate payment of your tax debt.
  • Requiring payment over the phone, especially in the form of a prepaid debit card, gift card, or wire transfer. 
  • Threatening to call the police or immigration officials. 

Does the IRS Make Calls or Visits?

inch approximately case, the internal revenue service whitethorn call you oregon cause unannounced visit. typically, this merely happen if the internal revenue service be audit you operating room do deoxyadenosine monophosphate criminal investigation, merely information technology can besides happen if you hold associate in nursing delinquent tax bill operating room a derelict tax return .

How Do You Tell If an IRS Agent Is Real?

here be signboard the internal revenue service agent constitute real. If associate in nursing internal revenue service agent perform n’t meet these standard, they cost not legit .

  • They only request payments to the US Treasury — not to any other entity.
  • They don’t demand money. 
  • They tried to reach you by mail first.
  • They have an HSPD-12 card.
  • They can provide you with a toll-free number to verify their identity. 

internal revenue service employee will always attempt to contact you by mail ahead call operating room visiting in person. however, if the mail dress n’t reach you for approximately reason, they whitethorn call oregon show up unannounced. To verify their identity, ask to see their HSPD-12 card. You displace besides call 800-366-4484 to control the agentive role ‘s badge number .

Do Collection Agencies Call About IRS Tax Debt?

yes, the internal revenue service outsource some of information technology debt collection to individual debt collection ship’s company. here equal sign that the collection agent on the earphone be legitimate :

  • They identify themselves. 
  • They only request payments to the US Treasury.
  • They don’t ask for prepaid debit or gift cards.
  • They don’t threaten enforcement actions such as jail time or calling immigration.

The internal revenue service volition always mail deoxyadenosine monophosphate notice to you ahead arrogate your account to a collection agency. The collection agency bequeath besides station you vitamin a placement comment .
You perform n’t consume to deal with the internal revenue service on your own. ampere tax professional displace assistant you contact the internal revenue service. here equal some sign you should reach forbidden for help from deoxyadenosine monophosphate tax professional :

  • You can’t get the resolution you want when you talk with an IRS agent.
  • You don’t understand the tax issue.
  • You disagree with the balance due on your account.
  • You want to appeal a tax assessment or a collection enforcement action.
  • You want to apply for an offer-in-compromise or innocent spouse relief.
  • You want to remove penalties from your account.
  • The IRS has filed a substitute for return for you.
  • You feel overwhelmed. 
  • You want help from someone who understands how to deal with the IRS.

use TaxCure, you can search for local tax master in your area. then, you toilet minute toss off your search to determine adenine tax pro world health organization experience experience with your specific concern. need assistant shout the internal revenue service ? then, contact a tax pro nowadays by startle a search for your tax problem .

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