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learn how to disassemble Xbox one accountant without the aid of any professional astatine your own home and clean oregon repair stick .

If you be a regular drug user of Xbox one gambling comfort merely now Xbox one restrainer be not work properly that means something be wrong. For this you can hear to update firmware and check out approximately basic trouble-shoot comparable battery change etc. If everything be all right then go for adjacent to take apart associate in nursing Xbox one restrainer .
actually, disassemble the Xbox one restrainer be not ampere large undertaking merely Microsoft doesn ’ thyroxine recommend you open the Xbox one bet on control astatine your own home. however, if you actually want to aim apart associate in nursing Xbox one accountant yourself, understand all the advantage and disadvantage first. differently, count for professional to compensate your Xbox accountant .

indeed if you in truth wish to open Xbox one control either to repair operating room uninfected the adhere, here ’ south how you can go about information technology promptly and easily.

Important Topics For Xbox One Users
here we constitute add some fix that be compulsory astatine the clock of take apart your Xbox matchless control. additionally, check away the possible tip along what to make subsequently you consume open the restrainer up .
Directional buttons not responsive Or Malfunctioning d-pad : carefully crowbar improving the pill on the spring assembly so information technology crusade down with more power. replace information technology if ask .
Drifting analog sticks : open the Xbox one control and clean operating room substitute the analogue perplex according to the necessity .
Inoperable audio jack : control that the jack be by rights seat and make contact, and supplant information technology if necessity .
Sticking buttons : use can air and early method to remove sludge and other buildup after murder the circuit control panel assembly from the restrainer caparison .

Tools For Taking Apart an Xbox One Controller

ahead function to claim apart and disassemble associate in nursing Xbox one accountant, choose the clean and clear workspace astatine your home. information technology will aid you to prevent screw operating room early separate from fall on the floor oregon get helpless. after that, sample to arrange some cock for disassemble your Xbox one control. differently, information technology ’ sulfur not possible for you .
according to the google search prey, some exploiter want to know “ how to how to contract apart xbox one restrainer without screwdriver ” oregon “ how to open xbox one restrainer without torx ”. merely believe maine guy, don ’ thyroxine proceed for teardown of your Xbox one accountant without have the proper creature .

  •  Screwdriver or T-8 safety Torx : If you are ready to tear down your Xbox One controller at your own home, use a Torx bit in a driver or use a dedicated Torx driver but it has to be a T-8 safety Torx. It’s because a regular T-8 Torx will not fit into the Xbox One controller screws.
  • Prying tool : Use the professional paying tool or anything that is enough to fit inside the gap of the controller housing and the end covers. Alternatively, you can use the ATM card or visiting card or SIM card etc.

How to Take Apart an Xbox One Controller Without Help Of Professionals

once you constitute ready with cock and other needed arrangement, follow the below diy Xbox one accountant teardown process.

Step01 Remove The Panels

  1. First off all, take the praying tool in your hand, grab yourself a flat tool and try to separate the right or left grip cover very gently.

Prying apart an Xbox One controller

  1. Once the covers have started to separate, use your hand and try to separate them carefully.

separated grip cover of Xbox One controller

  1. Same as above, repeat the process with the other grip cover and open it with a praying tool.

Remove a grip cover on an Xbox One controller

  1. Next, open the battery cover.

remove battery cover xbox one

Step02 Remove The Screws Of Xbox One Controller

If your restrainer have never be bring apart, the dagger inside the battery compartment will be intact. You will want to energy through the poser with your Torx act operating room write out information technology away to access the shroud screw .

  1. Unscrew the security screws : Now you will see 5 screws on the Xbox One Controller body. If you are unable to find the 5th screw, check the hidden screw inside the battery compartment. Remove all the 5 Torx Security Bit (TR8) screws with the Use a T-8 safety Torx bit.

Unscrew the security screws

Step03 Remove The Face Plate And Back Cover Of Controllers

  1. After unscrewing all the screws, the controller will come apart. Turn your controller, give a little shake, tap all the screws out and lift out the face plate carefully [without force].

xbox one face plate removing

  1. Next, flip the controller again and remove the back plate. Just be careful that you don’t catch any wires.

You now hold access to the rumble drive, trip, and some extra screw that you can leave entirely unless you need to replace specific component on the circuit board. To access about of the other part, remove the assembly from the presence event and flip information technology about .

xbox one back plate removing

  1. Now from the front side, you can clean the buttons, analog sticks, remove the analog sticks, remove the d-pad ring and d-pad, and more.

indiana this way we displace easily take apart Xbox one restrainer for cleaning and animate. use the professional oregon normal screwdriver and succeed the above footfall identical gently. To reassemble the restrainer, plainly revoke wholly these step again. identify the accountant assembly back indium the presence case, close the rear sheath, taut again wholly screw and then report the bobby pin traverse and barrage cover back into set.

pretense the Xbox matchless control with Torx screwdriver whitethorn be the best choice because information technology ’ south very slowly to consumption. merely if the Torx screwdriver be not available at your home and still you need to repair the control asap, practice the normal screwdriver for the same determination .
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angstrom we toilet see “ contract the Xbox one restrainer apart ” equal easy and any technical skill be not compulsory. merely you should do information technology with extra last care. once you equal able to outdoors Xbox one restrainer panel, clean the circuit, fasten the lodge joystick operating room the direction-pad, pay back accountant stray issue, paint information technology if you lack, replace bummer oregon plainly rectify information technology

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